The staff here were very friendly and helpful when I was making enquiries. Their prices seemed reasonable too. I would definitely use their services.


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Colours Computer

The staff here were also friendly and helpful with affordable prices. I would definitely use their computer services too.

Colours Computer KFT

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Where To Get A PC - Phone - Tablet - Fixed In Szeged

Windows - Apple Mac - Android - Mobile Devices Repaired

I recently travelled in and around Szeged looking for Computer, Phone, Tablet and other Mobile Device repair shops in order to gather price information and to test customer service; especially as an 'Englishman Abroad'. I also wanted to locate these repair shops before any of my computer equipment actually failed, such as my laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone.

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In order to get a quote for my laptop I made up a fake story about its Windows 7 operating system not starting up - Boot failure error: "Operating System not found" (white text / black background screen) whereby the Windows 7 operating system might need reinstalling after a diagnosis with the possibility of a replacement 500 MB hard drive - Getting a quote is very difficult these days, even in the UK, with the main reason being "We need to see the laptop first".

In this case I told each shop assistant ("Computer Engineer") that my Windows 7 laptop was currently in the UK but would be delivered to my Szeged apartment by next week, where I then continued to describe my laptop's main problem:

“The screen is black with white text error message on it - Operating System Not Found”

I also pretended I knew nothing about Computers, Hard drives and so on:

“Oh, I don't know? I think it's a 500 megabytes hard drive....”


At this point I would of expected a good shop assistant ("Computer Engineer") to say:

“The hard drive might be ok. It could just be a corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record), but I cannot say for sure until your computer/software has been diagnosed”. Bring the laptop in for a diagnosis.....

Instead, every computer repair shop I visited decided to state their prices for reinstalling Windows 7 only. No mention of a diagnosis at all, which I did not find surprising because obviously they were thinking 'Money', 'Englishman can afford', 'I don't need a small quick-fix job', etc. Exactly the same mentality with bad shop assistants ("Computer Engineers") in the UK.

You could argue/say "Never mind about the lack of a potential diagnosis. They would probably diagnose the problem(s) anyway and didn't think to mention a diagnosis because it is 'taken as said'. It has to be a part of the service/job". This is fine, but they should of mentioned a diagnosis just to put the potential customer's mind at ease and to let that potential customer know they are in safe, knowledgable, hands. Meaning, they should not just offer to reinstall Windows 7; especially when the problem might not require it.

The 'Operating System Not Found' error for example can be fixed with a couple of DOS commands, in many cases, or by using Windows' own diagnostic tools. In other words, a 10-15 minutes diagnosis job that could be performed while you wait, making the shop assistant ("Computer Engineer") appear more friendly, honest and knowledgable.


In the UK a bad shop assistant ("Computer Engineer") is quite happy to spend two hours reinstalling Windows 7 for example rather than spend a few more minutes/hours diagnosing/fixing problems, usually beause they don't know how to diagnose/fix problems on an advanced level. They will say "It's easier and quicker to just to reinstall. There are too many problems to fix.". YES, but not when hundreds of gigabytes of data need backing up and possibly reinstalling.

Files that have taken months/years to organise into folders, Music that takes ages to redownload from iTunes, Software that has cost money on upgraded versions, product keys that cannot be used again or are difficult to locate, installed software that is now obsolete and so on cannot just be wiped out with a new installation. Sometimes you need to sit down with the customer for hours, perhaps over several days, asking them for their software product keys, asking them to login, asking them what files are important and need backing up, etc, etc.


In terms of Customer Service I was looking for a shop assistant ("Computer Engineer") who likes their job, cares about the potential customer and does not mind performing a while-u-wait, on the spot, diagnostic test. If they use their business head they should realise/know that one small money job can easily lead into many bigger money jobs, through 'word of mouth' for example.

Although many of the repair shops I visited had a friendly enough shop assistant ("Computer Engineer"), most of them lacked customer service. I didn't feel any genuine respect or appreciation from them towards the potential customer (me) that had just walked through their door. In some cases their body language and attitude was almost like "Yeah, what do you want". I wasn't expecting to be treated like royality, but a smile would have helped!


It was almost as if they were weary of me and/or afraid/nervous to speak English! Tünde later explained people are fearful of the tax office, because the taxman has a bad habit of doing spot checks. In other words, mention of 'Fake Windows 7' or 'Do you need a receipt' for example would be high risk for the shop assistant ("Computer Engineer"). In the UK we don"t have fear of the tax office. We just tell them to **** off! We can also earn up to £11,500, which is classed as a personal allowance, before anything after that is taxed. So life is easier in the UK tax-wise.

What you have to realise in Hungary is that wages are very low and taxes are very high, which causes people to naturally dislike their workplace whereby they do not feel the need/energy to assert themselves and/or please the potential customer; which is unfortunate because, to some degree, they should still entertain the potential customer.


The quote for reinstalling Windows 7 varied between the repair shops, but was generally between 6,000 (£15) and 8,000 (£20). This was based on reinstallation using your own Windows 7 DVD or a copy the repair shop would install (need I say more!). It was still that price even if you bought a brand new Windows 7 DVD from Media Markt for example.

In all cases the repair shops said they would back-up my data for no extra cost. When I asked about Microsoft Office I got the same reply as the reinstallation of Windows. Again, need I say more.


Tünde and I were recently looking around for someone to fix her Apple iPhone 5. We suspected its battery had died because iTunes was reporting error 21 whenever we tried to reinstall IOS 9, and thereafter try to restore from a backup; all to no avail. The iPhone 5 was previously downloading an update when it died - A black screen with the 'plug into iTunes' message.

I told her in the UK you could go to any mobile phone kiosk/desk (outdoor table, not a shop) and have the mobile phone repairman look at it (diagnose it) for a small fee. They would check the battery, against one of their working batteries or a new battery, before checking the IOS 9 installation/restore problems. This is quite normal in the UK where you can get a mobile phone fixed in the high street (shopping street).

Anyway, luckily we found a similar service (repairman) in Szeged. He did exactly as described above whereby Tünde paid 12,000 HUF (£30) for a new battery plus 2,500 HUF (£6.25) for the reinstallation of IOS 9; so under £40, which is a lot cheaper than in the UK.

Widget Shop (Computer/Phone Repairs)

6724 Szeged, Csongrádi Sugárút 72, Hungary
MOB: 06 30 388 8989
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Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am -1pm

Widget Shop repair services include Apple Mac, Android and Windows operating systems for PCs, Tablets and Mobile Phones. We found this "Computer Engineer" to be very friendly, professonal and trustworthy with excellent customer service. We even left the iPhone 5 with him for an hour or so, because we had other appointments, whereby on return the iPhone 5 was working perfectly again.