Drinking Fountain

If you are feeling dry and hot, there are free drinking fountains around Szeged.

Drinking Fountain

They work in the summertime......

Drinking Fountain

.....but not in the wintertime when their taps are removed.

Drinking Fountain

Water Pumps

If you are feeling hot and thirsty when cycling through the Szeged countryside, there are free water pumps you can use.

Water Pump

Some are easy to pump (with one finger or one hand) while others take some effort (brute force!).

Water Well

Drinking Water Fountains And Water Wells In Szeged City

Do NOT Become Dehydrated In/Around Szeged, Hungary

Szeged becomes very hot in the summertime, especially when walking around the city, sightseeing and cycling in the countryside. Carrying water around might seem like a good idea, but it soon becomes too warm and stagnant to drink.

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In that intense heat feeling thirsty is one thing, because you can always wait until you get home or visit a public toilet for a drink or buy a small drink to quench your immediate thirst, but gasping for a drink when you have no money and no public toilets in the middle of nowhere is an entirely different story. Hence the reason for this article.

As you may or may not know, I cycle in and around Szeged quite a lot whereby I often feel dehydrated. Although I drink litres of water before a trip I still end up in the middle of the countryside thirsty due to Szeged's baking heat and loss of water (sweat). I could bring bottled water with me, but it soon becomes too warm with a stagnant taste; even when it has been kept in a dark bag out of sunlight. Also when cycling I often bring little money or have no money! So how do I manage? Answer: I use free Drinking Fountains and Water Wells (Water Pumps).

Drinking Fountains

Here is a list of drinking fountains (water taps) I have found in and around Szeged so far. As I find more I will update this listing.

Water Wells (Water Pumps)

Here is a list of water wells (water pumps) I have found in and around Szeged so far. As I find more I will update this listing:

As you walk/cycle around Szeged in the summertime you will also notice temporary drinking fountains in certain tourist spots, as well as temporary water sprays ('walk-through coolers'), that are usually attached to or converted from water mains in the street. There is a temporary cooler in Mars Tér and a temporary drinking fountain near the museum for example.