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Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass (1,040 HUF / £2.90) is great for visiting d.i.y shops, tourist spots and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on trolley buses, local buses and trams in and around Szeged city centre. A single ticket costs 320 HUF (89p).

Bureau De Change

The Correct Change Bureau De Change, located at Tisza Lajos Körút 57 (Szeged city centre), has excellent exchange rates. They have branches in Budapest too.

Correct Change

It's worth taking a tram/bus into the city centre because you will still receive more money than outside the city centre.

Móra Ferenc Museum

6720 Szeged, Roosevelt Tér 1-3, Hungary
FAX: +36 62 549 049
TEL: +36 62 549 040
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Every Day: 10am - 6pm
This is due to renovation work.

The Móra Ferenc Museum, otherwise known as the 'palace of popular culture' and 'cultural palace', was named after Móra Ferenc (1879 - 1934); a writer and researcher of ancient history who laid down the foundations of the museum with his own private collection of regional archaeology and other treasures from the Csongrad region. The museum also houses the Municipal Library. Statues of the first two directors of the museum, Ferenc Móra and István Tömörkény, stand in front of the building.

The museum itself consists of three main sections - As you walk into the main entrance: In front of you is the Art Gallery (paintings dedicated to the great flood of 1879), to the right are the Szeged History rooms (Austrian-Hungarian and Russian Empire history and various war memorabilia) and Archaeology/Earth rooms (Fossils and Animal/Insect Taxidermy) and to the left are the current Exhibition Rooms (at this time the World War I exhibition). Upstairs are rooms dedicated to Szeged's Fishing, Farm and Slipper industries. There are also pictures of Aircrafts and War Boats.

Móra Ferenc Museum Szeged

A masterpiece of artwork that depicts the great flood of Szeged in 1879


Many of the exhibitions and exhibits are described in Hungarian and English, but not too many in English. The World War I exhibition for example was lifeless. Not only was it not in the English language (or Spanish, French or German for that matter), even the Hungarian descriptions were scarce whereby the Hungarian visitors looked displeased.

Many visitors were walking bored through the exhibition, passing exhibits as if they were invisible, probably thinking the same as me: "This exhibition relies too much on photos and exhibits and lacks decent descriptions". Many descriptions were one short paragraph only. I have seen better presented websites.

Móra Ferenc Museum Szeged

This World War I exhibition lacked atmosphere, interaction and descriptions

Another thing wrong with the World War I exhibition was that I could see the ceilings in each room. It would of been nice to of been enclosed in fake-ceiling rooms with sound effects, dusty smells and videos showing the atrocities of World War I to give you some idea of how bad those times were, etc. Yes, they had photos and slideshows, but the museum still did not try hard enough.

I did not feel as though I was back in 1918 for example due to the lack of atmosphere. The exhibitions and museum in general also lacked interaction. I know the exhibits are static, but their descriptions lacked that "Did you know....." quiz factor, sound effects and overall room atmosphere. A person dressed in a war uniform, perhaps acting out a scene, would of been good enough.

In the Szeged History rooms for example I did not feel I was back in the days of the Austrian-Hungarian empire because I was surrounded by modern white walled rooms as opposed to the decor (i.e. wallpaper) of those times. If you visit Windsor Castle or Hampton Court Palace in London (UK) for example you feel like you are back in time when viewing the old rooms because they have all their old furniture and decor. It would of been nice to walk in a room here that resembled times/decor of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. They did not even put the costumes on proper manikins. The same with the slippers upstairs, there was no manikin wearing the slippers.

On a positive note: In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions behind the scenes the museum continues to do valuable archaeological, ethnographic, historical science, natural history and numismatic research.


The main art gallery within the Móra Ferenc museum is quite a large room that houses late 19th Century and early 20th Century paintings by leading Hungarian painters such as István Csók (1865 - 1961), László Mednyánszky (1852 - 1919) and Josef Kostka. Along the corridors of the museum you will also see more artwork. And as you enter the museum you will be made aware, via the leaflet you receive with your ticket, of the János Kass (1927 - 2010) gallery and the Black House. As a combination of galleries you will learn more about Szeged's history and its artists.

Móra Ferenc Museum Szeged

'The Hungarian Conquest' painted in 1893 by Hungarian Mihály Munkácsy

With the above said: Unless you are interested in "The Arts" and/or Szeged's History, a lot of the Móra Ferenc museum exhibitions and associated 'Arts & Crafts' galleries will not appeal to you; mainly due to the above said - Lack of language, descriptions, atmosphere and interaction. Of course every now and then they will hold an exhibition whereby description and language for example do not matter, but these would have to be along the lines of 'Marvel Comic' and 'Elvis Memorabilia' exhibitions in order to attract more people and make them interested in the museum.


Many of the History and Archaeology/Earth exhibitions and exhibits have short English language descriptions associated with them (but not French or Spanish for example) whereby the exhibits (i.e. Turkish slippers, fishing tools and farmer's equipment) are quite interesting to look at and learn the history of. These give a real sense of Szeged's past.

Móra Ferenc Museum Exhibits

A nice collection of exhibits from Szeged's past, with English descriptions.

Móra Ferenc Museum Szeged

A fascinating collection of Fossils and Animal/Insect Taxidermy, with descriptions.


NOTE - Unless you have a 'Photography Ticket' (400 Ft) you can NOT take photos within certain exhibition rooms and of certain exhibits. I did not know this until I was asked by an attendant "Do you have a Photography Ticket?" whereby I replied "I don't know" and gave the attendant a look at my Entrance Ticket. She 'let me off' because I then put my camera in my bag, but as soon as she went I started taking photos again - I thought it was cheeky of the museum to be charging. I felt ripped-off! They should of stated the photography rules before I entered the exhibition.


My overall opinion of the Móra Ferenc museum was that it did not try hard enough to make its exhibitions and exhibits exciting enough. It falls into that trap of 'dictating information only' (or in this case, lack of information). Telling you the facts without any real interest, interaction and atmosphere. Boring, in other words. It is the kind of place you see school children being forced into by their history teacher, making everything sound exciting, but then 20 minutes later find the children looking tired of learning about their city's/country's history.


Just visited the museum to see the Dinosaur exhibition whereby I could clearly see an improvement. Descriptions were in English and Hungarian and very informative, the model Dinosaurs were animated with movement and sound and the whole exibition felt like some effort and thought had been put into it. The exact opposite of the War exibition.

Móra Ferenc Museum Dinosaurs

A much better exibition with Engish descriptions

Móra Ferenc Museum Dinosaurs

One of the many large animated dinosaurs


Móra Ferenc Museum (combined tickets)
Adults - 3,490 HUF (£9.76)
Students / Pensioners - 2,490 HUF (£6.96)
Family - 9,990 HUF (£27.95)
English Guided Tour - 10,000 HUF (£27.98)

The above current prices include visits to the Black House and Kass Gallery.

Móra Ferenc Museum (standard museum tickets only)
Adults - 1,990 HUF (£5.56)
Students / Pensioners - 1,390 HUF (£3.89)
Family - 3,990 HUF (£11.16)

Black House
Adults - 1,390 HUF (£3.88)
Students - 990 HUF (£2.77)
Family - 3,990 HUF (£11.16)

Kass Gallery
Adults - 890 HUF (£2.49)
Students / Pensioners - 590 HUF (£1.65)
Family - 2,290 HUF (£6.40)


Móra Ferenc Museum is located on the right-side of Belvárosi Híd (Downtown Bridge) as you come over it into old Szeged. Bus #5 and Tram #2 for example stop near the post office, so it is only a three minute walk towards the bridge and to the museum entrance.