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Szeged Tourist Office

They have paper and online pdf tourist brochures, in English and other languages - Hotels/Leisure and Tourist Sights.

Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass is great for visiting tourist locations and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on the trams, trolley buses and local buses in and around Szeged city centre.

Bureau De Change

The Correct Change Bureau De Change, located at Tisza Lajos Körút 57 (Szeged city centre), has excellent exchange rates. They have branches in Budapest too.

Correct Change

It's worth taking a tram/bus into the city centre because you will still receive more money than outside the city centre.

Szeged Taxis

Taxi companies in Szeged charge more or less the same price per km/mile and can normally be found in the city centre and near Szeged train station.

Radio Taxi SzegedRadio Taxi Szeged

Radio Taxis and Tempo Taxis are the two well known firms.

Tempo Taxi SzegedTempo Taxi Szeged

Tempo's website is in English, details its prices and tells you the whereabouts of its taxi stands. All very important info for the "Foreigner".

Anna Fürdő (Anna Bath)

6720 Szeged, Tisza Lajos Körút 24, Hungary
FAX: +36 62 553 338
TEL: +36 62 553 330
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.368 E 20 09.004GPS Map

Every Day: 6am - 8pm (Thermal Baths)
Monday - Friday: 12pm - 8pm (Wellness)
Saturday - Sunday: 6am - 8pm (Wellness)
Monday - Friday: 6am - 7pm (Health Care)
Saturday - Sunday: Closed (Health Care)
Monday - Friday: 9pm - 12 Midnight (Night Baths)

Anna Fürdő Wiki PageAnna Fürdő is a wonderful 19th century (06.09.1896), Neo-Renaissance styled, Thermal Bath House that focuses on its wellness, fitness and therapeutic benefits via a Thermal Bath, Steam Room, Saunas, Jacuzzis, Swimming Pool, Cold/Warm/Hot Plunge Pools and Lounge Areas (with deck chairs/seating). Services include Medical Examination, Massage and Haircut. There is a Café too.

Located within walking distance of Széchenyi Tér and Reök Palace in the city centre, Anna Fürdő is still relatively unknown by the tourist as a bath house (spa) simply because they just see it as a beautiful building to be photographed, which means those that enter get a relaxing experience due to the bath house not being overcrowded; especially during weekdays.

Szeged Anna Fürdő Spa

Many tourists photograph this beautiful building, but never use its spa.

I visited Anna Fürdő on a Friday in May at 11am and finished at 1pm whereby 2 Hours was more than enough time to experience the various jacuzzis, pools and main sauna and to have a good look around the place. Apart from the medical sections, which are located on the upper floors, everything else is located on the ground floor.

As you enter the building the wellness section is on your left and the thermal section is on your right. One nice touch they had here, in the foyer/lobby/main entrance, was the Stannah stairlifts; because of the few steps leading up to the entrances of the wellness and thermal sections. Many of the clientele are fit/able elderly, local, people who may have slight difficulty getting up and down steps. Hence one of the reasons why they might be visiting the spa; to use its therapeutic pools.

Anna Fürdő Therapeutic Pools

Many elderly locals visit the spa for its therapeutic pools and their healing benefits

The above said does not mean younger people and children cannot visit, of course. When I visited there were some young couples and middle aged people among the elderly. Mothers also take their babies there. So do not think it is a place exclusively for the elder residents of Szeged because it is not. It is for tourists, middle aged and younger people too.

Three reasons I believe Anna Fürdő has a middle to elderly age group associated with it is because it promotes health benefits (young people do not care too much about health because they think they are already healthy), it promotes its medical treatments and overall spa as being about wellness (again, the younger generation think they are okay) and because the younger generation tend to visit Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis (Water Slides Park)Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis instead. In reality Anna Fürdő is not a fun place for young children who want to run around, scream and splash. It is a tranquil place for relaxation.

Anna Fürdő Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is also used at certain times for fitness/exercise programs

Regardless of age, you should be careful of the saunas. The main sauna I used states on its door that temperatures can reach over 80 degrees fahrenheit, which I found too hot. It was like the sun was right over me, baking me, with a heat wave at the same time. I only lasted five minutes!

The locals were talking in the sauna and some almost sleeping as if the heat was not there! Had to be seen to be believed! Meanwhile the sweat was pouring off me every second, as opposed to every minute like in other saunas I have used elsewhere. So it was effective, but at the same time I was cursing the heat and trying to breath at the same time!

Anna Fürdő Sauna

Caution: As the saunas are very very hot inside, take a cold swim first.

The steam room was great, as was the swimming pool and other plunge pools. My favourite had to be the main massage pool (jacuzzi) in the wellness section that comes on every 10-15 minutes for around 5 minutes. The great thing about it is that it goes from slow jets/sprays of bubbling water to fast to really fast, giving the overall effect of a nice relaxing water massage.


In conclusion I would say go there around 11am because that will give you one hour, before the wellness section opens, to use the thermal plunge pools, sauna and swimming pool. The other hour could be used to enjoy the wellness pools, other saunas, manicure service, pedicure service, haircut service and café for example. There are also deck chairs outside in the inner circle of the building for sun lovers to enjoy.

I think the average person might get bored after two hours at the spa, unless they really enjoy lounging around all day! Price-wise, compared to the UK, 1,900 HUF (£5.40) cannot be faulted. Excellent value for money.


Adults - 2,000 HUF (£5.40)
Children, Students & Pensioners - 1,600 HUF (£4.55)
0-4 Years Old - 100 HUF (28p)
Night Bath - 1,200 HUF (£3.41)
10 Adults Session Tickets - 17,000 HUF (£48.47)
Adults Season Ticket - 35,000 HUF (£99.70)


You can take Tram #2, #3, #3F or #4 to the stop called Anna-Kút or you can take Trolley Bus #8 or #10. As Anna Fürdő is in the city centre walking to it will not take long. Even cycling to it from the outer city should only take between 15 and 20 Minutes depending where you live.