OBI WebsiteOBI is the equivalent of B&Q in the UK.


I would say you can get 90% of your d.i.y needs from OBI.


Praktiker WebsitePraktiker is similar to HomeBase in the UK.

Praktiker Homeware

It is great for kitchen, bathroom and d.i.y products. Praktiker shops tend to be outside of a city.

Mold Protection

If you need mold protection paint, perhaps to cover over dried out water damage marks, I can highly recommend Héra Penészgátló.

Mold Protection PaintMold Protection Paint

For my water damage marks I first used a primer and then used Héra Penészgátló as an under coat. It is a little thicker than normal paint (in a good way) and costs 4,299 HUF (£11.46) for 2 Litres.

Useful Property Renovation Materials In Hungary

Material Names - Paints - Mosquito Net - Adhesives - Tiles

On this web page you will find information about useful property renovation materials such as Mosquito Net, Mold Protection Paint, Tile Adhesive, Grout and Polyfilla whereby I have given their Hungarian names and website links; so you know what to look for when inside a d.i.y shop for example.

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The materials listed below are common property renovation materials that you could buy yourself to cut down on renovation costs. They are meant for a medium-to-high quality renovation. You could buy cheaper materials but that would only be ideal if you are planning to do a cheaper renovation.

In general: Do not scrimp on quality or price as you will quickly find out that cheaper materials often lack in quality and/or do NOT do their job properly; compared to medium and higher priced materials that will have a much higher quality and therefore do their job very well. Remember: A tiler for example will charge the same price for laying one square meter of cheap tiles as they would for laying one square meter of expensive tiles.

The list below includes translations and website links to products I have bought and used whereby I know they do their job well and properly.

  1. Floor Adhesive (Cement)Padló Ragasztó
  2. Floor Adhesive (Cement). This is the cement used for wall and floor tiles. It is strong enough to stick to cemented walls and floors and last years, but at the same time will not stick to the point whereby you cannot remove the tiles years later.

  3. Tile Adhesive & GroutCeresit Csempe És Padló Ragasztó
  4. Tile Adhesive & Grout. This comes in many colours. I have used the blue and biege colours for my bathroom and kitchen respectively. After 2 years the grout still looks as new. It has kept its colour and condition. 2,000+ HUF per bag will get you a good quality, long lasting, adhesive/grout; even though you may need five or more bags to complete your tiling jobs.

  5. PolyfillaPrimastěrka Primaglett
  6. Polyfilla. If you need a good equivalent to Pollycell Polyfilla, use Primastěrka Primaglett; available from any OBI d.i.y shop. Glett is the word for plaster or filler. This particular filler has an impressive, versatile, creamy toothpaste texture that is easy to spread and can literally fill any space, hole or gap; making it perfect for renovation jobs. It dries hard within a couple of hours and can be sanded down later like Polyfilla.

  7. Mold ProtectionHéra Penészgátló
  8. Mold Protection. If you need an excellent mold protection paint, perhaps to cover over dried out water damage marks, I can highly recommend Héra Penészgátló. I used it as an undercoat on my apartment's old water damage marks after applying a primer. It is a little thicker than normal paint (in a good way) and costs 4,299 HUF (£11.46) per 2 Litres, which is a little pricey but worth the protection it gives.

  9. Wood GlossTrinát Magasfényű
  10. Wood Gloss. A good wood and metal gloss is the Trinát Magasfényű Zománc range of paints, which come in a variety of colours. A 0.25L tin, costing 2,190 and upwards (depending on the paint colour), can cover 2 square meters (two coats). I have used the brown for the wooden frames around my balcony windows and the white Trinát Radiátorzománc (metal/radiator gloss paint) for the metal around my balcony.

  11. Wall TilesFalicsempe
  12. Wall Tiles. OBI, and other shops, sell a nice selection of wall tiles in various sizes, colours and shapes; many often in-store only, so do not rely purely on their website for ideas and designs. Expect to pay between 2,500 HUF and 3,500 HUF per box of 1 Square Meter for medium quality thick tiles.

  13. Mosquito NetSzúnyogháló
  14. Mosquito Net. If you need the 'raw material' of mosquito netting (not the frame, just the actual netting) OBI sells 1.5 meters x 1.3 meters for 659 HUF (or 338 HUF per square meter) as well as rolls of mosquito net. Visit a smaller d.i.y shop though as they will normally cut mosquito netting to size, for a small fee.

    Beside windows and doors, mosquito netting is also ideal for covering up gaps in balcony railings for example or repairing mosquito nets. If you need to put two pieces together, I find a needle and thread useful.

  15. Wood/Metal Semi-Gloss PaintZománc Festék
  16. Wood/Metal Semi-Gloss Paint. This is known as Semi-Gloss Enamel paint in Hungary, for metal and wood surfaces, but in the UK you would call it Wood Gloss. Festék (Fesh-Take) is the word for Paint.

  17. Interior Wall PaintFalfesték Belső
  18. Interior Wall Paint. Héra is a brand name in Hungary. I would argue it is just as good as Dulux, even though Dulux is about one third more expensive. Like Leyland versus Dulux in the UK. You can buy 8 litres of Héra white emulsion for just under 5,000 HUF (£13.33), which is excellent value for money.

  19. Woodworm Paints & SpraysFavédő És Alapozó Festék
  20. Woodworm Paints & Sprays. Jobeck sell a variety of woodworm paints and sprays in various sizes that treat small and large infestations. Remember to sand down, etc the infected area first, especially if that area was previously treated and/or lacquered, otherwise these sprays and paints cannot do their job properly; just like any treatment paint or spray of this nature.


If you are looking for other words relating to rooms such as konyhai csempe (kitchen tiles) and fürdőszoba csempe (bathroom tiles), paint (festék) and so on, have a look at these Basic Hungarian WebsiteHungarian Property And Renovation Words.