Painter / Decorator

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, English speaking, Painter in Budapest, Zsolt Kotró may be the painter for your project.

Budapest Painter Zsolt Kotró

He charges from 700 Ft per square meter (2 coats of paint) - Prices are towards the bottom of his web page. He also has an Electrician friend: Imre Csak - 06 70 235 4141 - icsak@

Mold Protection

If you need mold protection paint, perhaps to cover over dried out water damage marks, I can highly recommend Héra Penészgátló.

Mold Protection PaintMold Protection Paint

For my water damage marks I first used a primer and then used Héra Penészgátló as an under coat. It is a little thicker than normal paint (in a good way) and costs 4,299 HUF (£11.46) for 2 Litres.


If you need a good equivalent to Polly cell Polyfilla, use Primastěrka Prima Glett. Available from any OBI D.I.Y Shop.


Its impressive, versatile, creamy toothpaste texture can literally fill any space, hole or gap; making it perfect for renovation jobs. It dries hard and can be sanded down like Polyfilla.

Wood Gloss

A good wood and metal gloss is the Trinát Magasfényű Zománc range of paints, which come in a variety of colours. A 0.25L tin, costing 2,190 and upwards (depending on the paint colour), can cover 2 square meters (two coats).

Wood GlossWood Gloss

I have used the brown for the wooden frames around my balcony windows and the white Trinát Radiátorzománc (metal/radiator gloss paint) for the metal around my balcony.


If you are looking for curtain hooks, rods, led lights and blinds for example, ANRO is an online shop to consider.

Curtain Parts

Useful Property Renovation Info And Website Links

D.I.Y Shops - Furniture Shops - Craftsman - Renovation

On this web page is a list of website links and contact details of professionals you might want to consider visiting/contacting for the purpose of property renovation. I have also mentioned some of the decorating materials I have used and highly recommend.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

The website links and contact details concentrate on the professionals/services I used with my renovation, therefore saving you the research time, money and energy it took Tünde and me to find these professionals. Hopefully you will find these resources useful.

OBI (D.I.Y Shop)

1148 Budapest, Fogarasi Út 28-54, Hungary
TEL: 06 40 212 223
E-mail  -  Website  -  GPS: N 47 30.329 E 19 07.235GPS Map

Monday - Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 8am - 6pm

OBI is the equivalent of B&Q in the UK, serving as a D.I.Y Shop, Bathroom Showroom and Household Products outlet. Here you will find wallpapers, paint brushes, specialised paints, showers, sinks, taps, tiles, wooden flooring and various household goods to aid your property renovation needs. They also do a great range of gardening equipment, flowers and plants. Products are affordable and of a very high quality.

OBI D.I.Y Shop Budapest

Their customer service is excellent and they regularly have special offers

Horányi Lámpacenter (Lamps, Lightbulbs, Shades)

1133 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula Utca 67-69, Hungary
MOB: 06 20 262 9954 - Woik Viktória
MOB: 06 30 740 8541 - Fajcsi Márk
E-mail  -  Website  -  GPS: N 47 31.206 E 19 03.463GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Horányi Lámpcenter have a very nice selection of quality, unique looking, lamps, shades and lighting not normally found in the UK. Although a little on the expensive side, especially for the 'average' Hungarian, you will not mind paying an extra £5-£10 (1,875-3,750 HUF) for a unique, beautiful to look at, lamp for example. They also sell cheaper, more basic, lamps, shades and lighting for those just looking to decorate a cheap student/rental apartment for example.

Budapest LampCenter Shop

Horányi Lámpcenter is ideal for basic lamps, shades, lighting and unique designs

You could find similar basic lighting in the UK (i.e. in Argos or B&Q) whereby it would probably be cheaper to import it from the UK via a Hungarian delivery van service, but I do not think you will find some of Horányi Lámpcenter's more unique looking lamps for example in the UK.

A Szőcs és Társa Bt (Water, Gas & Electric Engineer)

1139 Budapest, Gömb U. 28, Hungary
FAX: 06 1 270 2527
TEL: 06 30 970 1380
E-mail  -  Website  -  GPS: N 47 31.802 E 19 04.579GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Kulcskirály Zárszaküzlet (Key Cutter)

1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Út 63, Hungary
TEL: 06 1 312 2064
MOB: 06 70 322 7328
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 47 30.549 E 19 03.326GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

This shop is located on one of the by-streets off Budapest Nyugati train station (within walking distance, next to Lidl). They can cut most, if not all, types of door key and also cut car keys. Multi-Lock door keys range from 3,500 HUF upwards and standard door keys range from 690 HUF upwards. Locks and other security equipment are also sold.

Budapest Kulcskiraly

This shop cuts all types of key and sells quality security equipment too