ESN Card

If you are a Student and your university is part of the Erasmus Student Network WebsiteErasmus Student Network you need the Szeged ESN Card WebsiteSzeged ESN Card.

ESN Card WebsiteESN Card

An ESN Card gives you student discount within Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Hostels and Shops as well as discount at Cultural Events, for Taxis and ESN Trips within many European cities.

ESN Szeged: 6722 Szeged, Petőfi Sándor Sugárút 3, Hungary

Health Insurance

UK Citizens going abroad can apply for the FREE EU Health Insurance CardEU Health Insurance Card that covers many of the common Healthcare treatments when in Hungary and other EU Countries.


The Immigration department likes it when you have an EHIC because it means you are not burdening the Hungarian Health system financially.

Residence Permit

When applying for a Residence Permit you need to download and fill out the Application Form for EEA Nationals.

Residence Permit

The application form is for those wanting to stay in Hungary for more than 90 Days, such as a worker or new property owner.

Address Card

When applying for a Residence Permit you will automatically receive an address card from Budapest within two weeks.

Address Card

The address card allows you to take driving lessons, rent your apartment, join a university course, open a bank account, get discounts and much more.

The Duty Stamp

You need to buy a 1,000 HUF Duty Stamp from the post office before the immigration office can help you.

Duty Stamp

The Duty Stamp (illetékbélyeg) is payment for administration fees. Payment with Cash, Cheque or Card cannot be accepted.

Accommodation In Szeged For University Students

University Of Szeged - Student Life - Finding Cheap Accommodation

On this web page you will find information relating to Szeged Student Accommodation, the University Of Szeged and Szeged Student Life - The Realities! I will start with the University Of Szeged and more precisely highlight some of the ways people become students.


Many young people attending the University Of Szeged are already enrolled as "Foreign Exchange" students (as opposed to Residential Hungarian students) whereby they are on an existing course in their own country's college/university and have been accepted on (as part of) the Erasmus+ Programme (see below).

The above said does not mean you have to be a young student to take a university course. As an individual adult living in Szeged you could take a Language Course for example. Other courses, such as dentistry or doctor, require previous education and degrees before you can join their respective University Of Szeged courses, but as long as you have the brains for those courses there is nothing to say you cannot take them. Age may not be on your side, but.....!


Erasmus+ WebsiteErasmus+ is the seven year (2014 - 2020) European Union programme for education (school, further, higher and adult eduction), training, youth and sport, which evolved from the original Erasmus Programme established in 1987, whereby organisations are invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities. In short, the Erasmus+ Programme allows UK participants to study, work, volunteer, teach and train abroad (within Europe).

As a student you could be on a course with the NHS (UK) whereby they send you on a one year's 'work experience' (internship) course at the University Of Szeged as part of your overall UK degree (i.e. MSc or PhD). Normally the EU pays for the course, by funding the participating organisation first (i.e. by giving a grant to the NHS), either in part or in full depending on the exact nature of the course, length of the course and funding allocated to the participating organisation. Hence why it is important to check with your preferred UK university to see if they are a part of the Erasmus+ Programme, preferably before taking an initial course with them!

More information - Recognised UK UniversitiesUniversity Checklist and the Erasmus Guide DownloadErasmus Requirements Guide. NOTE: Read the Eramus Guide thoroughly because it has valuable student life information and links that will be difficult to find elsewhere.


Erasmus Intern WebsiteErasmus Intern is an organisation that provides a website service for both Internship Providers (Hungarian Businesses) and "Foreign Exchange" Students - It acts a bit like a Job Centre.

An internship provider freely advertises their internship (apprenticeship or work experience program) for potential interns (students) to view whereby in return they can also view a student's created profile for potential interns (apprentices/workers). Internship providers detail their requirements followed by a long description of the actual internship.

The "Foreign Exchange" student creates a free profile, looks through possible internships, finds one and applies for it via e-mail or post whereby they submit their CV and motivational letter. Here is Erasmus Intern - How It WorksMore Information.


The above information is geared towards an existing student, but if you are an individual person looking to take private tuition, such as a Hungarian language course, you need to take a different approach. You need to search the Internet and physically look around Szeged for organisations and private teachers for the course you want to take.

Hungarian Language Studies

6725 Szeged, Tisza Lajos Körút 103, Hungary
TEL: 06 62 544 684 (Agnes Bata)
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 14.839 E 20 08.794GPS Map

The University Of Szeged's (SZTE) has its own department of Hungarian Studies that offers both private lessons and erasmus funded courses (i.e. you join as part of another subject). They hold a 90 minute 'conversation lesson' each week as well as two 90 minute 'grammar lessons' each week, within a 13 week semester (term), whereby each 90 minute lesson costs around £8 (erasmus price). The whole semester (13 weeks) costs €150 (erasmus price) for 'conversation lessons' only or €450 for all lessons (erasmus price). The price if these lessons were private would be at least double - You will need to contact them directly for more information.

Hungarian Studies

Szeged University also teaches "Foreign Exchange" students the Hungarian language

The advantage here is that you can learn basic Hungarian words yourself, in your own time, before taking their conversation lessons and/or grammar lessons. In other words, if you are not interested in the grammar it is good that you can split/avoid those lessons.

To put the courses above into perspective: Private Hungarian lessons found on Internet classified ads for example normally start from £20 per hour or €500 per course.


Regardless of the method you have used to become a "Foreign Exchange" student or private student, if your course is more than three months you will be required to inform the local immigration office in Szeged (within 15 Days) about your intended stay simply because you will need a Residence Card and Address Card from them in order to extend your visit. Furthermore, you will need to fill in their appropriate 'student visa' application form.

More information about the immigration process can be found in the Szeged Immigration ProcessImmigration section of this website.

In short: You will need to have a signed document by the landlord/landlady of your address in Szeged, open a Hungarian bank account, have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), the necessary identification documents (i.e. Passport, Birth Certificate, Etc) and school certificates (if applicable). University Of Szeged WebsiteMore Information.


This section should be called 'Accommodation For Clever Students Only' simply because the 'dumb ass' students always advertise that they want accommodation right next door to the university and then wander why that accommodation is so expensive that they then need to look for up to three or four people to share it with them.

Students get a travel pass and Szeged is a walkable city, so for the 'clever students' they know they can get an apartment in the outer-city, which is only 15-20 Minutes away from the university, and pay half the rent and only share with one or zero people. The 'dumb ass' students have more money than brains. If the native Hungarian students travel to the university and their part-time jobs from the outer-city with no problems then why should it be any different for the "Foreign Exchange" students.....

In terms of looking for an apartment in Szeged (city centre, inner-Szeged and outer-Szeged areas) Erasmus have a Erasmus Accommodation WebsiteStudent Accommodation section on their website. And if you are looking for an apartment to buy, anywhere in Szeged, you should visit the Real Estate Hungary WebsiteReal Estate Hungary website. Alberlet WebsiteAlberlet is also worth a look in terms of rental property.

It might surprise you, but long-term students often buy rather than rent because it works out cheaper - Renting a whole apartment costs €450 per month (approximately £312), so €5,400 (approximately £3,800) per year. Three years is €16,200 (approximately £11,250). One apartment can be bought for around £11,000 - £16,000, depending on its size, condition and so on. If they then rent out that apartment they are getting some of their money back, plus when they sell the apartment it will have gone up in value. This is a no-brainer for long-term medical students.

Another thing that might surprise you is that the Novotel WebsiteNovotel hotel have a student discount scheme whereby if a student stays at their hotel for a minimum of three months they not only get a discounted room price but also get to use the hotel's WiFi, Wellness facilities and Cardio-Fitness room. They currently charge one student a monthly rent of 165.000 HUF per single room, around £412/€532 per month, which is not too bad if you are a student wanting something a little more than 'student digs'.

If you scout around you will find other hotels (i.e. Tisza Sport Hotel WebsiteTisza Sport Hotel) and guest houses doing similar schemes with much cheaper prices, so there are alternative options.


Around this website you will find information about Szeged's Outdoor Activities, Indoor Activities, Festivals and Student Hangouts (Bars, Clubs, Etc). And with Szeged University running its own, themed, activities and events throughout the year, there is plenty going on for the student studying in Szeged.