Train Station

Trams #1 and #2 terminate at Szeged Train Station - Tram #1 departs from Szeged Plaza and Tram #2 departs from Európa Liget.

Szeged Tram StopSzeged Tram Stop

Make sure you have a valid tram ticket as ticket inspectors do travel on these tram routes frequently.

Train Platforms

When you are at Szeged train station you need to watch the timetables for delays and platform changes.

Szeged Train StationSzeged Train Station

Make sure you are on the correct platform. The train to Ferihegy Airport and Budapest normally leaves from Platform 5, but on rare ocassions from Platform 4.

The Bicycle

The Bicycle is great for general exercise and saving money when travelling all over Hungary.

Bicycle bought from HervisNew Bicycle

This bicycle cost 60,000 HUF - A Yearly Travel Pass costs a lot more!

Check Bus Routes

If you want to check other bus routes, and timetables, leaving from Szeged and other parts of Hungary use this 'bus routes checker' website.

Bus Routes Checker WebsiteHungary Bus Routes Checker

It details other bus companies besides Volánbusz, which means you have a wider selection of tourist trips!

Szeged - Budapest

An adult, single, 2nd class ticket from Szeged to Budapest currently costs 3,705 HUF.

Szeged Budapest Train Ticket

Make sure you are in the correct carriage, otherwise you may be fined; if you are not asked to upgrade your ticket.

BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Daily Travel Pass

This 24 Hour travel pass is valid on the metro, tram, trolley bus, bus and boat in and around Budapest city centre.

Daily Travel PassBudapest Daily Travel Pass

It is ideal for visiting residential areas as well as tourist areas.

Metro Entrance

If you need to locate a metro station look for the M sign.

Budapest Metro

The older, inner-city, metro stations use the older sign posts at their entrance.

Budapest Metro

The entrance of an inner-city metro station.

Budapest Metro

Timed Journeys And Short Trips Within Hungary

Timed Public Transport, Driving, Cycling And Walking Trips

Below you will find timed recordings of some public transport trips, driving journeys, cycling trips and tourist walks I have taken over the last year or so. Their routes and journey times were recorded to give you some idea of how far a main tourist attraction, landmark or city/town/village is in relation to a certain Hungarian starting point (i.e. train station or city centre).

Click Here - Cooking In HungaryCooking In Hungary

Some examples: I recently travelled from Szeged to Budapest by car and later by train. I also timed certain tourist walks within Budapest, drove to certain government buildings and took public transport to them as well. I cycled around Budapest too. Here are some Journeys From Szeged.

I did these recordings so you have exact timings, correct directions and up-to-date information in terms of timetables, routes and website links. I did not want to put estimated times on this website because I know it is not nice when someone tells you a journey or distance is "ONLY 5 Minutes/Miles Away" when in reality it is 10-15 Minutes/Miles Away.


Below is an actual time recording from Szeged Train Station to Budapest Nyugati Train Station via Budapest International Airport (Hungary) - By car it took 1 Hour 50 Minutes and by train it took 2 Hours 31 Minutes (with a 7 Minute delay):

  1. Szeged To Budapest (Journey Time: 2 Hours 31 Minutes)
  2. 08:45 - Szeged Train Station - Leaving From Platform 5
  3. 09:01 - Szatymaz (7 Minute delay due to waiting for another train)
  4. 09:20 - Kistelek
  5. 09:38 - Kiskunfélegyháza
  6. 09:56 - Kecskemét
  7. 10:08 - Nagykőrös
  8. 10:19 - Cegléd (Stop for Passengers)
  9. 10:52 - Ferihegy (Budapest Airport Station)
  10. 10:59 - Kőbánya-Kispest
  11. 11:08 - Zugló
  12. 11:16 - Budapest Nyugati


Below are actual time recordings of visiting certain Budapest landmarks via public transport:

  1. City Centre Tram & Bus Trips
  2. 133E Bus - Keleti Pályaudvar to Budapest Immigration Office - 32 Minutes


Below are actual time recordings of visiting certain Budapest tourist landmarks on foot:

  1. City Centre Walks
  2. Budapest Synagogue to Deák Ferenc Tér - 7 Minutes
  3. Budapest Parliament to Margit Híd (Margaret Bridge) - 7 Minutes
  4. Széchenyi Híd (Chain Bridge) to Budapest Nyugati Train Station - 15 Minutes
  5. Hősök Tere (Heroes Square) to Terror House - 18 Minutes
  6. Hősök Tere (Heroes Square) to Opera House - 27 Minutes
  7. Hősök Tere (Heroes Square) to Andrássy Út - 33 Minutes
  8. Andrássy Út to Budapest Nyugati Train Station - 14 Minutes
  9. Budapest Nyugati Train Station to Budapest Parliament - 10 Minutes
  10. Budapest Parliament to Széchenyi Híd (Chain Bridge) - 15 Minutes
  11. Széchenyi Híd (Chain Bridge) - 3 Minutes to walk over it / 1½ Cycle


Below are actual time recordings of visiting certain Budapest landmarks on a bicycle:

  1. City Centre Cycling Trips
  2. Széchenyi Híd (Chain Bridge) to Budapest Nyugati Train Station - 7 Minutes
  3. Andrássy Út to Budapest Opera House - 1 Minutes
  4. Andrássy Út to Terror House - 3 Minutes
  5. Andrássy Út to Hősök Tere (Heroes Square) - 12 Minutes