Mold Protection

If you need mold protection paint, perhaps to cover over dried out water damage marks, I can highly recommend Héra Penészgátló.

Mold Protection PaintMold Protection Paint

For my water damage marks I first used a primer and then used Héra Penészgátló as an under coat. It is a little thicker than normal paint (in a good way) and costs 4,299 HUF (£11.46) for 2 Litres.


If you need a good equivalent to Polly cell Polyfilla, use Primastěrka Prima Glett. Available from any OBI D.I.Y Shop.


Its impressive, versatile, creamy toothpaste texture can literally fill any space, hole or gap; making it perfect for renovation jobs. It dries hard and can be sanded down like Polyfilla.

Wood Gloss

A good wood and metal gloss is the Trinát Magasfényű Zománc range of paints, which come in a variety of colours. A 0.25L tin, costing 2,190 and upwards (depending on the paint colour), can cover 2 square meters (two coats).

Wood GlossWood Gloss

I have used the brown for the wooden frames around my balcony windows and the white Trinát Radiátorzománc (metal/radiator gloss paint) for the metal around my balcony.

Time Your Individual Property Renovation Projects

Unnecessary Costs - Unforeseen Problems - Costly Process

Renovating a property in Hungary is no different from renovating a property elsewhere in the world, even with the language barrier of Hungarian. Walls still need plastering, floors still need tiling and so on. The initial paperwork will be difficult without a Hungarian to help, but with a bit of luck finding help and a bit of google translating it is not impossible.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

Even with a Hungarian at your side as project manager you will still get a certain level of "Red Tape". So although things will happen slowly, at least they will happen. Your only real problem will be the timing of your individual projects in terms of weather, flights and money. Below are some main examples.


Double Glazing, which should be done in a summer month, requires each window and door to be double glazed to be measured, manufactured and fitted. Once measured, it can take up to 5 weeks (if not longer) for the double glazed windows and doors to be manufactured. Fitting them should be a one-day job.


As mentioned in the Payment Schemes Web PagePayment Schemes section, radiator heating in apartment blocks is usually switched on from 1st November to March 31st, but can be earlier or later depending on the bitterness of the weather. This means, although you can have your new radiators connected up at any time of the year, the housing association owning your apartment block and the water company would prefer it if you connected your new radiators in the summer time.

This is so that they do not have to switch off/on the whole water supply in your apartment block during a winter month whereby the other apartment owners have their radiator heating disturbed; causing possible air bubbles, if not other problems.

If you want to test your new radiators only, so not connected permanently (perhaps for decoration reasons), it will cost you a small fee to have the water in your apartment block switched off/on during testing. This extra cost is on top of the standard connection fee the heating company will charge you when you do want your new radiators connected permanently.

Remember: A local plumber can NOT connect your radiators. Only a heating company engineer can perform that job. Read the Payment Schemes web page for more info.


Before you begin your renovation project, it is worth checking with your local council if they do an annual rubbish collection whereby they allow all households to dump furniture, wood, ovens, etc outside their normal dustbin area. In Szeged (Csongrad county) they have this service - The dustbin men take away virtually any household items a few days later.

Also check if you are entitled to a one-off rubbish disposal allowance. I went to a rubbish dump in Szeged where I was told to fill in a form and show my address card and passport in order to dump leftover paints, etc. I was then told the allowance was one square meter; being a property owner in Szeged.

The above mentioned services may be something you are not aware of, especially as a new property owner. In my case I was unlucky with the timing of my renovation in terms of the annual rubbish disposal service, which would of got rid of my old and heavy cast iron bath - I paid around 26,250 HUF (£70) for a container (skip) to dispose of the bath, bathroom tiles, odd bits of kitchen cupboard and so on purely because I missed the annual rubbish disposal by a couple of months.


As airlines such as Ryanair and Wizzair focus their price increases around public holidays and school holidays in the UK whereby they know Hungarians go back home at those times, it is often best to plan certain renovation projects (such as decorating) away from these peak times.

The different between a single £20 trip and a single £120 trip might not seem like much if you are taking a one-off trip to Hungary to overlook a specific renovation project, but when you end up taking 6 to 12 trips for example during your entire renovation project those price differences soon mount up.

In my case: If I was lucky I could get a single (one-way) airfare for £40, but on many occasions I had to pay between £80 and £120 for each single airfare; up to £170 if it was school holidays for example. I could not always book a return ticket because I did not know when a certain renovation job would finish or start. Hence why I had to leave my return dates open/flexible. On top of this I had to pay train and bus fares - London City to London-Luton airport and Budapest airport to wherever. They all mount up.