OBI WebsiteOBI is the equivalent of B&Q in the UK.


I would say you can get 90% of your d.i.y needs from OBI.


Praktiker WebsitePraktiker is similar to HomeBase in the UK.

Praktiker Homeware

It is great for kitchen, bathroom and d.i.y products. Praktiker shops tend to be outside of a city.


Kika WebsiteKika is similar to IKEA in the UK.

Kika Furniture

It is pricey, but does have good quality furniture.

The Cost Of Property Renovation In Hungary

Renovation Costs - Materials - Household Furniture - Radiators

Below you will find information about the general costs involved in property renovation in Hungary. Materials such as tiles, paint and flooring will cost more or less the same anywhere in Hungary simply because the larger, commercial, d.i.y shops such as OBI WebsiteOBI and Praktiker WebsitePraktiker have the monopoly; making smaller shops slightly more expensive. Do not rule out the smaller shops though because they often sell alternative, better quality, materials that the larger, commercial, shops do not sell.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

The cost of bathroom, kitchen and lounge fittings vary slightly between the smaller shops and commercial shops such as JYSK WebsiteJYSK, IKEA WebsiteIKEA and KIKA WebsiteKika simply because there are many small bedding, furniture and bathroom shops that sell mattresses, tables, sinks and cupboards too at affordable, competitive, prices.

The Renovation Costs Of AN ACTUAL RENOVATION

Below are the actual figures from my own apartment renovation in Szeged, Hungary. Although Budapest laborers might charge slightly higher for their labor, with a Hungarian at your side you should get local Hungarian labor rates and not "Foreign" rates.

The materials they buy should be more or less the same as commercial and local d.i.y shop prices, plus a little profit and added petrol prices, but not that much whereby they are ripping you off. Hence why I recommend you buy materials yourself, wherever and whenever possible, or at least check website prices so you have an idea of prices.

Looking at the figures below, even though I got the labor for free (see below), I think the overall cost of my renovation is excellent compared to what it would of cost me in the UK; especially when you consider that at certain times I had three workers on a particular job. And there was not really too much I could of saved on in terms of buying the materials.

Job(s) Description HUF GBP Comments
New Front Door 65,000 Ft £173.33 Priced In The Contract
Initial Rubbish Disposal 15,000 Ft £40 Previous Owner Paid
Rubbish Disposal With Skip 35,250 Ft £94 Skip Company
Rewire Whole Apartment (Labor) 250,000 Ft £666.66 FREE LABOR
Rewire Whole Apartment (Materials) 200,000 Ft £533.33
34 Spotlights 66,300 Ft £170
Replace Broken Toilet Air Pipe 20,000 Ft £53.33
Tiles For Whole Bathroom 58,911 Ft £157.09
Tile Cement + Grout 35,000 Ft £93.33
Tiling Labor 44,000 Ft £117.33 FREE LABOR
Walls And Floor Sanded Down 15,000 Ft £40 FREE LABOR
New Bathroom Sink + Tap 77,990 Ft £207.97
New Shower 81,900 Ft £218.40
New Toilet + Flush 30,500 Ft £81.33
New Toilet Seat 11,000 Ft £29.33
New Kitchen Sink 52,000 Ft £138.66
New Kitchen Tap 17,000 Ft £45.33
Plumber's Labor 225,000 Ft £600 FREE LABOR
NEW Radiators + New Cut-Off Valves 125,400 Ft £334.40
Fit NEW Radiators 45,000 Ft £120 Heating Company
Create Fake Ceilings / Plaster Apartment 130,000 Ft £346.66 FREE LABOR
Custom-Made Kitchen Units 525,000 Ft £1,400
2 Underlays + 2 Carpets Fitted 169,500 Ft £452
Neighbours Electricity 5,000 Ft £13.33
3 New Doors 199,110 Ft £530.96
Double-Glazing (Kitchen, Bedroom and Lounge) 450,000 Ft £1,200
NEW Fridge 119,899 Ft £319.73 Whirlpool
NEW Washing Machine 79,899 Ft £213.06 Hotpoint
NEW Cooker 94,899 Ft £253.06 Gorenje
Bed Frame (Lounge) 28,000 Ft £74.66
Matress (Lounge) 99,750 Ft £266
Bed Frame 28,000 Ft £74.66
Matress 96,000 Ft £256
Computer Desk 19,875 Ft £53
Wardrobe 91,800 Ft £244.80
GRAND TOTAL 3,606,983 Ft £9,618 Rough Estimate

Note: The grand total below is estimated because the renovation in terms of buying new furniture for example is still ongoing at this time.

NOTE WELL - The reason why I got free labor from the electrician, tiler and plasterer was because they were in some way related to my Hungarian girlfriend, Tünde, or friends of those relations.

Furthermore, the labor prices shown on this web page are rough quotations of what a standard client might of paid. In other words, I asked the electrician etc what they would of normally charged a client so that you have a rough idea of labor costs in Szeged and Hungary in general. If you want to get a quote from them and/or hire them please e-mail me for their contact details.

Disclaimer: At the time of renovation, where 1 GBP (Great British Pound) was equal to 375 HUF (Hungarian Forint), the HUF and GBP prices and costs shown in this renovation section were 100% correct - GBP prices and costs were based on and calculated at an exchange rate of 1 GBP to 375 HUF. With exchange rates, prices and costs naturally being variable, you should therefore take the prices and costs shown throughout this website as guidance only.