BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Useful Apps For Use In Budapest, Szeged And Hungary

Tourist Apps - Transport Apps - Leisure Apps - Misc. Apps

Below you will find a basic, small, review of some apps you should ideally use when living in Budapest and other parts of Hungary. Although some are tourist related, they also contain useful information for those living in Hungary too. Many are developed for devices that use either the Android, Amazon Fire, Apple or Windows operating system, but not for all operating systems/devices; which is "normal" these days.

NOTE - Although the apps below were tested on either a BUSH Android Kit Kat mobile phone, Huawei PLite 8 Android Nougat mobile phone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Alba Android Lollipop tablet, Windows 10 computer or Amazon Fire 5 tablet or a combination of those devices, they might also work on other devices. Hence why you should visit each app developer's website for details on their device requirements.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

NOTE WELL - These reviews are purposely not long-winded and purposely do not detail every feature of an app. The reviews are more of an 'overall observation' of how well suited they are, and what they have to offer, for someone living in Hungary. Meaning: No waffle, just straight to the point app PROS and CONS. As the apps are NOT listed in any 'good/bad' order simply read each app review, try the app if need be and then make your own judgement(s) about that particular app.


Although physical books and maps for example still have their place in society, even though many of the major ones have been computerised already, apps have become more interactive than readable books and maps. With apps being pocket-size, more affordable and constantly updated with new features - such as search, up-to-date timetables, history and bookmarks - it makes sense to invest in a few apps prior to you living in and/or travelling around Hungary.

BKK Futár App Review

BKK Futár is the official Public Transport app by BKK WebsiteBKK that displays Bus and Tram routes/stops on an interactive map. Clicking on a particular stop gives up-to-date arrival information. It has other features too. App Downloads: BKK Futár Transport AppAndroid, BKK Futár Transport AppiOS 9+ and BKK Futár Transport AppWindows 10 Phone.

CONS - iOS version not as good as Android version.

PROS - Very easy-to-use app. Has a Search function, lets you know when the next buses will arrive and has an English language option. Other Apps worth considering are - Android: - Mentrendek AppMentrendek, Metro AppMetro and BpMentrend AppBpMentrend / iOS: Menetrendek AppMenetrendek (iOS 9+).


Although many app websites state their app/software works on multiple devices and operating systems, you might find dead links to their associated online app stores. This could be because they no longer sell on those stores and/or for those devices, for whatever reason(s), whereby their own website has not been updated accordingly. The copyright on their website might also state 2014 for example, with contact details missing. These are signs, in my eyes, of lack of support for the app, website and/or you (the potential customer).

Post Office Hunagry App Review

This post office app allows you to track items, see branch opening hours, pay bills, postcode search and price calculator for letters and parcels. App Download: Post Office Hungary AppAndroid. Post Office Hungary AppiOS 8+. Post Office Hungary AppWindows 10 Phone.

CONS - Currently crashes on iOS 7, but works fine on iOS 10.

PROS - This app is good for general information, tracking and calculating prices. Very easy-to-use, written in English, app. It can be used in the UK, and other countries too.

An app working on one device but not on another is not really a concern for me. Mainly due to the fact that many devices are affordable these days, new or second-hand, whereby if you really want an app, you will buy or borrow a device for it.

Budapest Airport App Review

Budapest Airport WebsiteBudapest Airport provides live flight information as well as airport news, shopping, baggage and other service information via this app. App Downloads: Budapest Airport AppAndroid, and Budapest Airport AppiOS 8+.

CONS - No settings option.

PROS - Very easy-to-use, written in English, app. It can be used in the UK, and other countries too.

Főtaxi App Review

Főtaxi WebsiteFőtaxi is the authorised Taxi service at Budapest Airport, which also operates within Budapest City. App Downloads: Főtaxi AppAndroid, and Főtaxi AppiOS 8.2+.

CONS - None.

PROS - Very easy-to-use app. Has language options. Quoted fare can be slightly cheaper with this app.

Bicycle Hire App Review

BKK MOL Bubi Web PageMOL Bubi is the official Bicycle Hire service from BKK. It is similar to London's Barclay bicycle hire scheme, but with amazingly low rates. App Downloads: BKK Bicycle Hire AppAndroid and BKK Bicycle Hire AppiOS8+.

CONS - None.

PROS - Very easy-to-use app. Can be used in the English language.

Hungarian Radio App Review

This app allows you to listen to one of many radio stations within Hungary simply by tapping on a radio station name. App Downloads:
Hungarian Radio AppAndroid, Hungarian Radio AppiOS 6+ and Hungarian Radio AppAmazon Fire 7.

CONS - None.

PROS - Very easy to use, great streaming and clear sound.

NetPincér App Review

NetPincér WebsiteNetPincér is similar to Just Eat in the UK. You search for a type of take-away restaurant, order from their online menu, pay online and wait for delivery. App Downloads: NetPincér AppAndroid, and NetPincér AppiOS 9+.

CONS - Not really a con, but it is in Hungarian only. Google Translate!

PROS - Still an easy-to-use app even with the language barrier.

Sziget Festival App Review

Sziget Festival WebsiteSziget Festival is one the largest cultural festivals in Europe. This app allows you to view information relating to attending artists, ticket info, map of the festival events, camping info, fun and attractions, etc. App Downloads: Sziget Festival AppAndroid, and Sziget Festival AppiOS 9+.

CONS - Has, too many, pop-up messages.

PROS - Very easy-to-use, written in English, app. It can be used in the UK, and other countries too.

NOTE - On some apps, especially those requiring permission to use your phone and/or your location whereby you DENY that/those permissions, the app will purposely shutdown; which begs the question: Why ask for permission in the first place?


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