Train Station

Trams #1 and #2 terminate at Szeged Train Station - Tram #1 departs from Szeged Plaza and Tram #2 departs from Európa Liget.

Szeged Tram Stop

Make sure you have a Szeged Transport Websitevalid tram ticket as ticket inspectors do travel on these tram routes frequently.

Train Platforms

When you are at Szeged train station you need to watch the Timetables Websitetimetables for delays and platform changes.

Szeged Train Station

Make sure you are on the correct platform. The train to Ferihegy Airport and Budapest normally leaves from Platform 5, but on rare ocassions from Platform 4.

Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass (1,040 HUF / £2.90) is great for visiting d.i.y shops, tourist spots and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on trolley buses, local buses and trams in and around Szeged city centre. A single ticket costs 320 HUF (89p).

The Bicycle

The Bicycle bought from HervisBicycle is great for general exercise and saving money when travelling all over Szeged.

New Bicycle

This bicycle cost 60,000 HUF - A Yearly Travel Pass costs 81,600 HUF. You do the maths!

The Bus Station

The ticket office is on the right-hand side as you enter the Mars Tér bus station in Szeged city centre.

Mars Tér Bus Station

Mars Tér bus station is the main starting point and coach terminal for many journeys/routes across Hungary.

Check Bus Routes

Use the Bus Routes Checker WebsiteMenetrendek 'bus routes checker' website if you want to check other routes, and timetables, leaving from Szeged and other parts of Hungary.

Hungary Bus Routes Checker

It details other bus companies besides Volánbusz, which means you have a wider selection of tourist trips!

Local Timetables

If you are going to explore Szeged, you might want to get a copy of the local bus timetables/routes available from the Mars Tér bus station.

Szeged Bus Timetables

They come in the form of a compact A6 booklet that costs 350 HUF. There is also a 900 HUF book that gives national routes leaving from Szeged.

Szeged National Timetables

Szeged Taxis

Taxi companies in Szeged charge more or less the same price per km/mile and can normally be found in the city centre and near Szeged train station.

Radio Taxi Szeged

Radio Taxi SzegedRadio Taxis and Tempo Taxi SzegedTempo Taxis are the two well known firms.

Tempo Taxi Szeged

Tempo's website is in English, details its prices and tells you the whereabouts of its taxi stands. All very important info for the "Foreigner".

Szeged - Budapest

An adult, single, 2nd class ticket from Szeged to Budapest currently costs 3,705 HUF.

Szeged Budapest Train Ticket

Make sure you are in the correct carriage, otherwise you may be fined; if you are not asked to upgrade your ticket.

Szeged Trains, Trams, Trolley Buses And Coaches

Exact Routes And Journey Times Recorded

On this web page you will find timed recordings of sample trips I made, to/from my apartment, when travelling by Aeroplane, Train, Tram, Trolley Bus and Coach. Their routes and journey times were recorded to give you some idea of how far a tourist attraction, for example, is in relation to an average "out of the city centre" apartment such as my apartment.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

Some examples: I travelled on Tram #4 from Rózsa Utca (near my apartment) to Dugonics Tér (in the city centre) recording the time between each tram stop and therefore the overall tram journey time. And when I travelled from Szeged (Hungary) to London (UK) I recorded the entire train and flight journey times. In other recordings I timed cycling and walking journey times.

I did these recordings so you have exact timings, correct directions and up-to-date information in terms of timetables, routes and website links. I did not want to put estimated times on this website because I know it is not nice when someone tells you a journey or distance is "ONLY 5 Minutes/Miles Away" when in reality it is 10-15 Minutes/Miles Away.

Szeged Public Transport - TIMETABLES AND VIDEOS

Before you explore this web page you might want to click on the following links to view/download public transport timetables and/or to watch YouTube VideosYouTube YouTube VideosVideos of entire public transport journeys (one end of a line to the other). Also on this web page are useful links to the various transport websites.

Most entire journeys take 20 minutes or less, with shorter journeys (i.e. journeys from outer city to city centre) taking 5 to 12 minutes. This is because shorter journeys normally consist of 7 to 10 stops with many stops taking 1 minute; 2 minutes maximum. As a tourist you would not really take an entire journey simply because there is nothing to see past the city centre stops. Entire journeys are normally taken by those living outside the city centre and those visiting a big shopping complex for example.

Transport Timetable Journey Length Video
Tram 1 Online (EN) Szeged Pu (Train Station) TO Szeged Plaza 17 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 1 Online (EN) Szeged Plaza TO Szeged Pu (Train Station) 17 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 2 Online (EN) Szeged Pu (Train Station) TO Európa Liget 17 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 2 Online (EN) Európa Liget TO Szeged Pu (Train Station) 17 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 3 Online (EN) Vadaspark (Szeged Zoo) TO Tarján 20 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 3 Online (EN) Tarján TO Vadaspark (Szeged Zoo) 20 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 3F Online (EN) Fonógyári út TO Tarján via Vadaspark (Szeged Zoo) 27 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 3F Online (EN) Tarján TO Fonógyári út via Vadaspark (Szeged Zoo) 27 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 4 Online (EN) Kecskés TO Tarján 20 Mins Entire Journey
Tram 4 Online (EN) Tarján TO Kecskés 20 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 5 Online (EN) Körtöltés utca TO Gyermekkórház 23 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 5 Online (EN) Gyermekkórház TO Körtöltés utca 23 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 7 Online (EN) Bakay Nándor utca TO Gyermekkórház 10 Mins
Bus 7 Online (EN) Gyermekkórház TO Bakay Nándor utca 10 Mins
Bus 8 Online (EN) Klinikák TO Makkosház 17 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 8 Online (EN) Makkosház TO Klinikák 17 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 9 Online (EN) Vértó TO Lugas Utca 27 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 9 Online (EN) Lugas Utca TO Vértó 27 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 10 Online (EN) Tarján, Víztorony Tér TO Klinikák 19 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 10 Online (EN) Klinikák TO Tarján, Víztorony Tér 19 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 19 Online (EN) Makkosház TO Tarján, Víztorony Tér 23 Mins
Bus 19 Online (EN) Tarján, Víztorony Tér TO Makkosház 23 Mins
Bus 20 Online (HU) Petőfitelep (Fő Tér) TO Vadkerti Tér 30 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 20 Online (HU) Vadkerti Tér TO Petőfitelep (Fő Tér) 30 Mins Entire Journey
Bus 21 Online (HU) Új-Petőfitelep TO Személy Pu
Bus 21 Online (HU) Személy Pu TO Új-Petőfitelep

Besides the above public transport links you might want to take a coach trip with Volanbusz WebsiteVolanbusz Coach Company. Their Volanbusz Route 11001100 route for example travels from Budapest (11:30) to Makó (3:15pm) via Kecskemét (12:40pm) and Szeged (2:30pm), which is a nice way to see the countryside and different towns along the way.

Do not forget that you can take many How To Use Bus Websiteshort and long bus/coach journeys from Mars Tér bus/coach station to Travel To Other Places Within Hungaryother places within Hungary simply because Szeged is a terminus and leaving point. And if you want to visit other parts of Europe that border Hungary, such as Romania and Serbia, you might like to travel by Aeroplane, Train and/or Boat.


Below is an actual time recording from my apartment in Szeged to London-Luton Airport (UK) via Budapest International Airport (Hungary):

  1. Apartment To Szeged Train Station (Journey Time: 60 Minutes)
  2. 10:35 - Leave the apartment - Walk to Tram 2
  3. 10:55- Arrive at tram platform and board Tram 2
  4. 11:00 - Tram 2 leaves for Szeged train station
  5. 11:35 - Tram 2 arrives at Szeged train station
  1. Train To Budapest Airport (Journey Time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes)
  2. 11:45 - Szeged pu (Train Station) - Platform 5
  3. 12:00 - Szatymaz (Stop for 5 Minutes)
  4. 12:05 - Leave Station
  5. 12:16 - Kistelek (Stop for Passengers)
  6. 12:36 - Kiskunfélegyháza (Stop for Passengers)
  7. 12:53 - Kecskemét (Stop for Passengers)
  8. 13:05 - Nagykőrös (Stop for Passengers)
  9. 13:17 - Cegléd (Stop for Passengers)
  10. 13:55 - Ferihegy (Budapest Airport Station)
  1. Shuttle Bus To Airport Terminals (Journey Time: 10 Minutes)
  2. 14:07 - 200E - Travel to the Airport Terminals (2A / 2B)
  3. 14:17 - Arrive at the Airport Terminals
  1. WizzAir Flight to London, UK (Journey Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes)
  2. 15:25 - Leave Budapest Airport, Hungary
  3. 17:45 - Arrive at London-Luton Airport, UK

Taking a taxi to Szeged train station would shorten the travel time of course. It only takes around 11 Minutes, depending on traffic, to get from my apartment to Szeged train station for example, which normally costs around 2,000 HUF (£5.33).

Buses #20 and #21 also go to the train station, from my apartment for example, and only take 16 and 14 minutes respectively. However, to wait for those buses might mean adding another 25-30 minutes to your journey time, if not longer (i.e. missed bus, bus full, bus broke down, etc), so it is sometimes better to take the Tram #2 route to be more certain of your journey.

Szeged Train Times

Keep a track of train timetables for possible delays and platform changes


Below is an actual time recording travelling from the Rózsa Utca tram stop (near my apartment) to the Dugonics Tér tram stop (in the city centre) using Tram #4:

  1. Apartment To Rózsa Utca tram stop (Walking Time: 4 Minutes)
  2. 20:25 - Leave the apartment
  3. 20:29 - Wait for Tram #4
  1. Rózsa Utca to Dugonics Tér (Journey Time: 8 Minutes)
  2. 20:34 - Rózsa Utca
  3. 20:35 - Kecskeméti Utca
  4. 20:35 - Brüsszeli Körút
  5. 20:37 - Szent György Tér
  6. 20:38 - Glattfelder Gyula Tér
  7. 20:39 - Anna-Kút
  8. 20:40 - Tisza Lajos
  9. 20:42 - Dugonics Tér

Each tram stop is announced (spoken) via the onboard computer and also displayed on the moving billboard at the front of the tram. Tram stops that take two minutes are normally due to traffic and/or a naturally long route.


Below is an actual time recording travelling from the Árkád Shopping Centre (in the city centre) via the Dugonics Tér bus stop (also in the city centre) to the Rózsa Utca bus stop (not far from my apartment) using Trolley Bus #8:

  1. Árkád Shopping Centre to Dugonics Tér bus stop (Walking Time: 6 Minutes)
  2. 19:26 - Leave the Árkád Centre and walk down Guttenberg Utca
  3. 19:32 - Wait at the Dugonics Tér bus stop for Bus #8
  1. Dugonics Tér to Rózsa Utca (Journey Time: 7 Minutes)
  2. 19:36 - Dugonics Tér
  3. 19:37 - Tisza Lajos
  4. 19:38 - Anna-Kút
  5. 19:39 - Szent István Tér
  6. 19:42 - Gém Utca
  7. 19:43 - Rózsa Utca

When you reach the Rózsa Utca trolley bus stop and get off, look to your right (at the back end of the trolley bus) and you will see the first street on the left is Rózsa Utca. Walk down it until you to come to József Attila Sugárút (the main road near my apartment) and then continue to my apartment. This small walk, from the trolley bus stop to my apartment, takes 9 Minutes and 20 Seconds (Rózsa Utca to József Attila Sugárút takes 5 Minutes and 25 Seconds and József Attila Sugárút to my apartment takes 3 Minutes and 55 Seconds).


Below is an actual bicycle time recording from my apartment (not far from József Attila Sugárút) to Mars Tér. This bicycle ride might be taken when I need to buy coach tickets and/or when I want to visit the large indoor Fruit & Veg market next to the coach station.

  1. Apartment To Mars Tér (Journey Time: 12 Minutes)
  2. 15:57 - Leave the apartment
  3. 16:09 - Arrive Outside Mars Tér
  4. 16:10 - Arrive Outside Árkád Tér

This short journey could easily be a typical weekly shopping trip for someone living outside Szeged city centre, wanting fresh fruit and veg from the local countryside. The Árkád Shopping Centre is only 1 Minute away, by bicycle, from Mars Tér.

Szeged Coach Station

The Mars Tér coach station has a ticket office, info point and waiting room

Mars Tér Market Szeged

The Indoor Market is located on the left-side of Mars Tér coach station


Below is an actual bicycle time recording from my apartment (not far from József Attila Sugárút) to Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis water park (swimming pools). I have also added the Post Office (Posta), which is just over the Downtown Bridge, for those ocassions where you might want to have a swim before going into the city centre to shop and/or pay bills for example.

  1. Apartment To Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis (Journey Time: 16 Minutes)
  2. 11:33 - Leave the apartment
  3. 11:49 - Arrive Outside Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis
  4. 11:54 - Cycle Over 'Downtown Bridge' - Arrive Outside Posta (Pay Some Bills!)

From the post office the major sightseeing stops are literally five minutes away from each other. So to cycle from my apartment for example to Szeged city centre via Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis (via the Bertalan and Downtown bridges) should take you between 26-30 minutes maximum. This journey is really ideal if you want a longer cycling route as part of your exercise.


Below are actual walking-distance time recordings from my apartment (not far from József Attila Sugárút) to tourist sights in and around Szeged city centre. Once in Széchenyi Tér I have then taken walking-distance time recordings from the post office (posta), as Széchenyi Tér is central to so many tourist sights.

  1. Apartment to.....(in Minutes):
  2. 16 - Novotel
  3. 22 - Anna-Kút
  4. 28 - Széchenyi Tér (Diversion/Opposite Way)
  5. 29 - Reök Palace
  6. 32 - Dugonics Tér
  1. Széchenyi Tér to.....(in Minutes):
  2. 01 - Klauzál Tér
  3. 03 - Belvárosi Híd (Downtown Bridge)
  4. 03 - Dugonics Tér
  5. 06 - Anna-Kút (Spa/Baths)
  6. 06 - Reök Palace
  7. 06 - Dóm Tér (Votive Church end)
  8. 06 - New Synagogue (Another 5 Minutes To The Árkád Shopping Centre)
  9. 09 - Szent István Tér (Water Tower)
  10. 09 - Heroes Gates
  11. 10 - Mars Tér (Bus Station / Fruit & Veg Market)
  12. 11 - Árkád (Shopping Centre)
  13. 12 - Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis (Swimming Pools)
  14. 12 - Novotel
  15. 18 - Szeged Train Station
  16. 28 - Szeged Apartment


Below is an actual route recording of the tourist car that looks like a miniature train (known as the 'Little Train') that leaves from Széchenyi Tér every hour (peak times). The whole journey takes 40-45 Minutes, depending on traffic, and has no stops. It is one continuous ride from Széchenyi Tér, back to Széchenyi Tér. The little train costs 990 HUF (£2.77) and is a great way to see Szeged city centre, its back streets, ornate buildings and some of its main attractions.

Always look at the little train's next-day departure time the night before, if possible. Also, on the day itself, ask if the little train is leaving at its stated time - I saw a departure time of 1pm, but was then told the little train would be leaving at 2pm instead because nobody but me was there at 1pm.

  1. Departure From Széchenyi Tér (Journey Time: 45 Minutes):
  2. Szechenyi Tér (Town Hall)
  3. Around Szechenyi Tér (Károlyi Utca - Feketesas Utca - Nagy Jenő Utca - Szechenyi Tér)
  4. Leave Szechenyi Tér (Híd Utca - Deák Ferenc Utca - Victor Hugo)
  5. Kelemen Lásló Utca (Klauzál Tér - on the right)
  6. Zrinyi Utca (Dugonics Tér - on the right)
  7. Aradi Vértanúk Tere (Small square near Heroes Arch)
  8. Tisza Lajos Körút
  9. Boldogasszony Sugárút (pass under Heroes Arch)
  10. Bécsi Körút - Szentháromság Utca - Tisza Lajos Körút (pass by Reök Palace and Anna Fürdő Spa)
  11. Szent Mihály Utca - Szent István Tér (Water Tower)
  12. Go to Novotel (Imre Utca - Lechner Tér - Madách Utca - Vidra Utca)
  13. Go to National Theatre (Tisza Lajos Körút - Kálmány Lajos Utca - Zárda Utca - Tisza Lajos Körút - Dózsa Utca)
  14. Stefánia (Park on left - National Theatre on right)
  15. Híd Utca - (Over The Bridge)
  16. Népkert Sor (Liszt Ferenc Park)
  17. Go to Napfényfürdő Aquapolis / Swimming Pools (Jankovich Utca - Szent Györgyi Albert)
  18. Híd Utca - (Over The Bridge)
  19. Roosevelt Tér (Móra Ferenc Museum)
  20. Vörösmarty Utca (National Theatre)
  21. Széchenyi Tér