Bicycle Lanes

You will find Szeged very cyclist friendly - Its pavements have dedicated cycle lanes, dedicated footpaths and a mixture of both.

Szeged Bicycle Lanes

Beep Beep! Make sure you're on the correct path or bicycle lane.

Bicycle Hire

Szeged also has a bicycle hire scheme like in London (UK), which is great for sightseeing and exercise purposes.

Szeged Bicycle Hire

Bicycle hire is 200 HUF per hour or 1800 HUF per day.

Bicycle Shop

There are many bicycle shops in and around Szeged city centre, but I prefer to use Laci Bike.

Laci Bicycle Shop

The independent owner is very polite, with affordable products and services, and can usually fix small-medium bicycle problems within 30 Minutes.

Segway Scooter

An alternative way to see the attractions, sights and beauty of Szeged is by taking a tour using a Segway Scooter.

Szeged Segway Tours

The tours are with a tour guide and cover sights, off-road and adrenalin. Students, Groups and Residents get discount.

Fishing Shop

If you want to take up fishing, perhaps on the river Tizsa, K-Fish Horgászcentrum is the shop for you. They stock plenty of fishing tackle.

K-Fish, Szeged

6724 Szeged, Kossuth Lajos Sugárút 69-71 - Tel: 06 62 426 735 - E-mail - GPS: 46°15'42.2"N 20°08'15.8"EGPS MAP - Website - Facebook - Open: 8am - 6pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am - 1pm (Sat).

Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass (1,040 HUF / £2.90) is great for visiting d.i.y shops, tourist spots and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on trolley buses, local buses and trams in and around Szeged city centre. A single ticket costs 320 HUF (89p).

Outdoor Leisure, Recreational, Sports Activities

Activities You Can Do In Your Spare Time

These next two web pages have been created primarily with the sporty, leisure active, adventurous person in mind while mentioning relaxing recreations too. This particular web page highlights certain, free and pay-for, OUTDOOR leisure activities you can try/enjoy in and around Szeged such as Cycling, Walking, Running, Swimming, Canoeing, Fishing, Camping and Skydiving.

Some activities have their own web page with more information and photographs that can be seen when you click on their respective "Read More / View The Photos" link.

Szeged Swimming Pools - WATER SLIDES PARK

If you need somewhere to take the kids/family for the whole day and love swimming, water slides, heated pools and saunas you need to visit the Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis Szeged WebsiteNapfényfürdõ Aquapolis water park. It has plenty of indoor and outdoor water slides and swimming pools for all age groups, massage/sauna areas, food areas, a baby crèche and special/seasonal offers.

Water Slides Information Web PageSwimming Water Slides

The indoor water slides can send you around the twist!

Tünde, her children and me have been there plenty of times now and we have enjoyed every visit. Read More InformationRead More / View The Photos...

Cycling Around Szeged - CYCLE ROUTES & LANES

One of the big things you will notice in Szeged is its bicycle culture. Bicycles and bicycle lanes everywhere! Probably due to the fact Szeged is a walkable town and also because not everyone in Szeged can afford a car and/or the petrol prices, making it a great city to cycle in and around whilst keeping fit.

A part from local bicycle lanes Szeged is also part of EuroVelo Wiki Web PageEuroVelo - 14 EuroVelo Cycling RoutesCycle Routes that run through Europe, with two of them running through Szeged: EuroVelo 9 and 11.

Szeged EuroVelo Stopover

Szeged is so bicycle friendly eurovelo cyclists have shower and stopover facilities

Do not worry if you have not got a bicycle because you can always rent one for 200 HUF per hour or 1800 HUF per day, from City Bike Szeged. This is similar to the Santander Bicycle scheme in London (UK).

If you plan on living in Szeged for a while you might be better off buying a bicycle, from Laci Bicycle Shop or Urban Legend Bicycle Shop for example. Alternatively, a better idea might be to import your own bicycle because of Szeged bicycle prices being roughly the same as in the UK.

Laci Bicycle Szeged

Laci Bicycle shop has affordable products and a very good repair service

If you are importing a bicycle you need to bring its receipt and other paperwork to Hungary because, when cycling, the police can stop you at any time and ask for the bicycle's paperwork. When you buy a bicycle in Szeged you will automatically get that paperwork, which you should carry whenever cycling.

Read More / View The Photos / Repair Shops / More Routes...

Walking Around Szeged - RUNNING LANES & PARKS

If you are not a cyclist and prefer a run through the park or a brisk walk you have the choice of using the many cycle lanes that double up as pedestrian/running lanes in Szeged, as well as the use of many local parks and playground areas dotted around the various housing blocks. Liszt Ferenc park, located near the Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis water park (swimming pool centre), is a favourite with dog walkers, walkers, joggers and cyclists alike.

Running Park

Liszt Ferenc Park is where many people exercise, run, jog, walk and cycle

Playground Park

It is has a kids playground with skateboard, scooter, basketball, etc facilities

If you are prepared to travel 15 minutes away from the city centre you can enjoy the two parks below, for example. Although these are two of the better parks outside Szeged city centre you should still find the local housing block parks equally entertaining for your children for example.

Playground Park

Many housing estates have nearby parks and running lanes so you can keep fit

NOTE: Just because each housing block has "its own" park does not mean you can not use it. You can. This is because they are classed as public parks, meaning you do no not need to live in a particular housing block in order to use its park.

In the summer, and winter too but not as often, you will find many people running, cycling, walking (with pets), roller skating and even horse riding alongside the river bank's many pathways that stretch for miles. Long distance cyclists and runners for example have at least 15 miles of pathway to use while enjoying the beautiful countryside. These pathways are only ten minutes away from the downtown bridge (Belvárosi Híd).

Riverside Pathways

The riverside is a great place for clearing your mind, fresh air and exercise


If you want to hire a Kayak or Canoe for one or two people, for 1-3 hours, for example you should try Csónakda Kajak Kenu Kölcsönző (Csónakda Kayak-Canoe Rental). They are located just past the Bertalan Bridge (Szeged 6753, Foka Part 175 FKM - GPS: N 46 15.515 E 20 10.119GPS Map) - Bus 73 goes there. From the bus stop: Simply follow the pathway, from the main road, that leads down to the river bank.

You can contact the rental company on 06 30 280 7648 (Zoltán Varga). Their season is May - October with Kayak Hire being 600 HUF (£1.65 per hour) per hour per person; which is very cheap. A two person Kayak cost 1,200 HUF per hour, a three person Canoe cost 1,500 and a four person Canoe cost 2,400 HUF.

Szeged Canoe Hire

Bus 73 takes you to the entrance gate of the Kayak-Canoe Rental company

I rented a kayak for two and a half hours, so 1,800 HUF, whereby I was told the river is 16 Meters deep and that if I went under Bertalan Bridge and Belváros Bridge I would find the Serbian border just 7 Kilometres away. Hence why I chose to go the opposite way, with more river to explore.

Szeged Canoe Hire

Canoe Hire is very cheap in Szeged. One reason to explore Szeged via river.

When booking a Kayak or Canoe you need to write your Name, Address and ID Number (i.e. Passport Number or Address Card Number) on a short form before hiring the boat. Once in the boat beware of the strong currents and look out for tree debris. Also look out for the miniature beaches along the riverbanks.

Note: Although they only speak Hungarian, I went there and had no problem getting a hire - I just said "How Much Per Hour?" ("Mennyibe Kerül Egy Orá?") whereby I was then shown the price list. When I got back home I asked my Hungarian friend to ring them and confirm what I thought was said to me; hence why you now have the correct information!

Interesting Information - Szeged Olympic Centre.

Hajókirándulás A Tiszán (River Tisza Boat Trips)

Szeged 6723, Felső Tisza-Part 1, Hungary
MOB: 06 20 230 8817
TEL: 06 62 409 302
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.353 E 20 09.397GPS Map

If you fancy a relaxing day out and like boat trips you could take a leisurely sightseeing tour of North Serbia from Szeged via riverboat. Other boat trips, which do NOT leave from Szeged, include Tokaj (Wine Region) and Szolnok (Hungarian History Museums). Depending on the boat trip, prices per adult are normally between 1,200 HUF and 3,000 HUF. A boat can also be hired for events such as private parties and weddings.

Fishing In Szeged - THE REQUIREMENTS

If you want to fish in Szeged, and other parts of Hungary, you will need a State (Hungarian) Fishing License and a Local (i.e. Szeged) Fishing License; regardless if you are a Hungarian or "Foreigner".

A State (Hungarian) Fishing License can be bought from a fishing club, such as the Szeged Fishing Association, once you are a registred member of that fishing club. However, if you already have a Fishing License from your own country (i.e. from England), it can be used in place of a State (Hungarian) Fishing License. Either way, you must then purchase a Local Fishing License; usually from a fishing shop or from the cottage/shed keeper on the lake or river you are interested in fishing on.

Szeged Fishing Lake

The housekeeper shed is where you can buy a daily fishing license

In Szeged, the State Fishing License costs 8,500 HUF (£22.66) per year; which is valid from January 1st until December 31st. Before being granted a State Fishing License you will need to past a small exam about Fishing Regulations and so on - Just take a Hungarian friend along to help with translation, etc.

With the Local Fishing License (bought from K-Fish for example): If you are just using a specific lake or river all year around, you are better off paying for its yearly license. And if you use individual lakes or rivers all year around, you are better off paying for their daily license. A daily license in Szeged (lake Vértó) costs 2,800 HUF (£7.46) and a yearly license costs 16,000 HUF (£42.66). You can take the fish you caught home.

NOTE: As a fishing member you must keep a log book that contains a record of each and every fish you catch throughout the year. The log book needs to be submitted pending renewal of your new State Fishing License.

Szegedi Partfürdő És Kemping (Water Park & Camping)

Szeged 6726, Középkikötő Sor 1-3, Hungary
MOB: 06 20 277 9491
TEL: 06 62 430 843
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.024 E 20 09.459GPS Map

If you are using Szeged as a stop-over point, for whatever reason(s), and/or prefer camping (inside a tent, caravan or chalet) the Parkfürdő is a good place to visit; right in the heart of Szeged city center, on the riverside. There is another well-known camping park, just outside Szeged, that is worth a look; it is called Sziksósfürdő Strand És Kemping WebsiteSziksósfürdő Strand És Kemping.

Szeged Campsite

A campsite in Szeged - It has accommodation and swimming pools

The Szeged campsite has apartments for rent, tenting areas and caravan/mobile home areas with facilities such as swimming pools, bars, eateries, toilets and showers. Prices are reasonable and the swimming pools are heated. They are not deep though. The family pool is roughly 10 metres by 20 metres. The campsite is open from 1st May until 30th September.