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Find out about the Lesbian & Gay Scene in Szeged.

Szeged Lesbians & Gays

The reality might surprise you.

Sex Shops

If you travel out of Szeged city you can find these four Sex Shops dotted around.

Sex Shops

Surprisingly, Szeged sex shops tend NOT to be descreetly located. Many are next to housing estates and local shops.

Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass is great for visiting tourist locations and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on the trams, trolley buses and local buses in and around Szeged city centre.

Bureau De Change

The Correct Change Bureau De Change, located at Tisza Lajos Körút 57 (Szeged city centre), has excellent exchange rates. They have branches in Budapest too.

Correct Change

It's worth taking a tram/bus into the city centre because you will still receive more money than outside the city centre.

Prostitution, Dirty Massage And Online Sex Services

Prostitution Areas In Szeged - Szeged Prostitution Websites

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your view, prostitution services exist in Szeged; as do "Dirty Massage" services. Although it is not as openly advertised in Szeged, compared to the UK for example, if you look long enough on the Internet
(Bad Girls, Szeged Witches, Reports, Country Girls), or visit the Romanian Gypsy 'Street Hookers' who parade alongside GPS: N 46 14.759 E 20 07.329Móravárosi Körút you will find.

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NOTE WELL - It is not for me to judge the rights and wrongs of prostitution services or the people that offer/operate them. People need to survive these days and people without partners have their needs. I am just making you aware that while Móravárosi Körút is the location of 'Street Hookers' it is also the location of the Napfény Park shopping centre and Szeged Zoo whereby you might openly see the prostitutes while visiting that area of Szeged in the summertime.

With the same token I am making you aware of those 'Massage / Prostitution' websites so you can identify them when innocently searching the Internet for 'Szeged Massage' for example.


If you are looking for "Dirty Massage" and/or Prostitution services, for whatever reason(s), or just curious about this article then read on; OTHERWISE I ADVISE YOU TO LEAVE THIS WEB PAGE NOW.


Prostitutes in the Móravárosi Körút region of Szeged (near the Napfény Park shopping centre) tend to be the Romanian Gypies living in the rundown houses on Móravárosi Körút and Cserepes Sor. There are usually only about 2-3 of them in the daytime and 5-6 of them in the evening walking around the Napfény Park shopping centre car park area and down Móravárosi Körút and Cserepes Sor in a "normal prostitute" manner whereby they get flagged down by passing cars, pedestrians and cyclists looking for their services. They are harmless enough though and never approach you.


If you approach them they will tell you their prices, currently 2,000 HUF (around £5) for HR, 3,000 HUF (7.50) for a BJ with HR and 5,000 HUF (£12.50) for Sex. Although these prices may be cheap compared to the UK, it must be noted that while these services are not rushed you need to be quick. If you get more than five minutes you are very lucky.

One important thing to be aware of here is your English (foreign) language and gestures. Once you start speaking in English or do an international HR sign or BJ sign, that is when they know you are foreign. The colour of your skin or hair type might be a factor too!

Anyway, some (not many) prostitutes might see this as a "rip-off" advantage whereby they state expensive Euros and not cheap Forints - They might quote the equivalent of 16,000 HUF (around £40) for 20 minutes of sex in their house instead of the going rate, online rate, of 7,000 HUF for 30 minutes or 10,000 HUF for 60 minutes in an apartment room.


As just stated: The online (prostitutes found on the Internet) rates for sex in a flat are currently 7,000 HUF (around £17.50) for 30 minutes or 10,000 HUF (around £25) for 60 minutes. In some cases 12,000 HUF (£30), but for that you are normally going to get EVERYTHING (i.e. Bareback A-Level, Bareback Pussy, Deep Throat, Rimming, Bareback BJ and CIM). Lesbian Shows tend to be around 20,000 HUF (£50). Knowing, or even getting, the prices and services list is the easy part. Trying to get an appointment is near impossible!


Once you have visited one or more of the above mentioned websites, chosen a prostitute and got her phone number that is when the problems begin to unfold - With no e-mail address or other forms of communication associated with the prostitute, just a phone number, at this point you might think "No problem. I will call her. She's bound to speak English because she is a prostitute". Wrong! Most, if not all, of the advertised prostitutes DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. Look at their profile to see which language(s) they do speak, if they are lised at all.

"Okay. I will text her with help from Google Translate" might be your second thought. Problems? Google Translate is not accurate at all times, but more importantly the prostitute's advertisement more than likely states NO TEXTS! So at this stage she might not even answer your text message(s). As part of this research I texted twenty prostitutes with only six of them answering my texts. And even with answers I still got problems.

Instead of texting one question at a time (my mistake) I decided to ask everything within one text message - Ráérsz Ma? (Are you available today?), Mennyibe Kerül A Szex? (How much for sex?) and Mi A Címed? (What Is Your Address?). The problem here was with the last question, Mi A Címed?. Online prostitutes do NOT like to give out their address (cím) at any cost. They think you are the authority or someone who is going to report them to the authorities, hence why they gave me their cold shoulder treatment.

20 Prostitutes - 3,000 HUF In Texts - 6 Replies - 1 Result

The six that did answer answered that they were available, told me their prices and then asked how long I would like whereby I said 1 Hour. So far, so good. Now I asked them for their address or at least a meeting point (Where Can I Meet You? - Hol találkozunk?).

Two of them never answered. One gave me a street to visit but then never turned up whereby she called me stupid! (Google translations were to blame here I think). When I said to one of the others "Here now" (Itt Most) I got no response. One said my reply was too late (my phone battery died and no credit after so much texting to all these prostitutes) whereby she actually texted back that she had gone to the hairdresser's instead. I texted back on my UK number but she must of thought "I'm not replying to a +44 number". It was only the final one that gave me her exact address.

Points To Note

I later found out that many prostitutes do NOT like to entertain and/or do NOT trust "Foreigners", for whatever reason(s). This is probably more of a language barrier thing than a cultural thing or dislike of "Foreigners". The sexual act is worldwide and human nature of course, so it is probably a feeling that you will ask of something they do not perform whereby they just want to avoid any language misinterpretations altogether. Remember, many prostitutes are generally nervous about meeting new customers, even if they do speak their native language, so what more when they meet a new customer who they totally can not understand; hence their avoidance of "Foreigners".

When texting you have to be patient because the prostitutes rarely reply back instantly, probably because they are working or going to the hairdressers! Either way, I was texting "Hahoo" (Hoy!) all the time with impatience to see their response. I was supposed to be emulating a potential customer, remember, who expects an immediately reply or response within a reasonable time and not have to wait one hour between texts; regardless of them doing their shopping, hair or prostitution business.

The prostitutes who did text their location, be it an exact location or just a meeting point, and those that were able to communicate in broken English told me they tended to rent out, as opposed to live in, their working apartment. Many also texted possible late evening appointments due to them working in a "proper job" in the daytime. Some told me they usually pay their boss/apartment owner a 40% cut of each job, which technically means they might only give each customer a 60% service; depending on their way of thinking of course. So if one prostitute is happy with a 60% wage, their customers might be lucky enough to get a 100% service. Unfortunately, many prostitutes do not like working for 60% and therefore give their customers a shit sevice.

How To Get A Result

So how do you get an actual result with all the problems/challenges of the language barrier? The simple answer is: By Pure Luck! After the above overall disaster I rang a few more prostitutes, even if they also never responded with a text, just to see what would happen. Only one gave me her address after numerous language barrier attempts at requesting her services. I found that once you speak to them, in broken English and Hungarian, words such as Seem (cím - your address), S.M.S Seem (text me your address) and Angol Tourista (English Tourist) they went to have a look at my text. This again was still a disaster because I rang ten prostitutes with only one success.


The massage business in general is a clean business. It is very difficult to find a "Dirty Massage" as most massage therapists work in 'clean' respectable salons during the weekdays and in their private 'clean' apartments at weekends. However, if you look on the above websites you will see that some massage therapists do perform a "Dirty Massage" too.

Calling or texting for a, one hour, "Dirty Massage" follows the same problems and results as above. The going rate for a "Clean/Normal" one hour massage is between 3,000 HUF (around £8) and 4,000 HUF (around £10.66), ranging from Swedish massage to Deep Tissue massage, with a "Dirty Massage" (I.e. a Swedish massage with Hand Relief) costing 7,000 HUF (around £18.66).


Hopefully the above has given you a small insight into prostitution and dirty massage services within Szeged. In hindsight a little more practise with the Hungarian language might have yielded better results, but I wanted to do this research as a "Typical Englishman Abroad" and as someone who does not speak Hungarian. Google Translate, for what it is worth, was helpful 90% of the time.

To end I will give you some sentences that you can text:

If you are in Budapest and looking for an Erotic Massage by someone who speaks English, you might want to try Barbara's Massage; which I found on the internet, but never used (so I cannot rate her services).