Post Office Prices

The post office has a nice Post Office Prices PDFPricelist PDF that details its postage and packaging fees and other services.

Post Office Budapest

The current price of a stamp for a letter or postcard that will be delivered to an EU address, from Hungary, is 370 HUF.

Postage Stamp

To send a postcard or letter within Hungary only currently costs 115 HUF.

Post Office Box

A P.O Box currently costs 2,500 HUF (£6.79) per month or 7,500 HUF (£20.38) per quarter, which is very affordable.

Media Mart

Media Mart is the equivalent of PC World in the UK. It sells household electronic goods.

Media Mart

Check their Store Finder that covers Hungary.

Shopping Centre

The Árkád Centre is a huge shopping centre like Westfield in the UK.

Árkád Centre Szeged

It consists of food, electronic, clothing, shoe, utility and book shops among others.


If you need a one-off laundrette wash whilst in Hungary, try Bubbles Laundrette WebsiteBubbles laundrette.

Bubbles Laundrette

At 1,300 HUF for a 11Kg wash and 1,700 HUF for a 16Kg 37 Min dry, I think their prices are reasonable for one-off ocassions.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Budapest, Szeged And Hungary

Monthly Maintenance Fees - Shopping Prices - General Services

Below and within this website (Utility Payment Schemes, Internet/TV/Phone Package and Mobile Phone Package) you will find information about the cost of living in Budapest, and Hungary in general, in relation to utility bills, maintenance fees, shopping, property renovation costs and general services.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

If you are serious about living in Hungary, you should visit all of the main supermarkets as well as some local shops to get a feel for prices; and to familiarise yourself with basic Hungarian food, drink and shop related words. And if you are thinking of living in Szeged, or have recently moved to Szeged, here are a few Local Cafes, Bars, Restaurants And Nightclubs to try.


If you are a smoker you will love Hungary because the price of cigarettes is more than half the price as those in 'rip-off' Britain.

A ream of 200 Marlboro Gold cigarettes for example are currently 12,500 HUF (£34.19), compared to the UK price of 36,558 HUF (£100+). Better still, you pay the same price in a Hungarian tobacco shop as you do in a duty free shop. A single packet of Marlboro Gold is 1,250 HUF (£3.41) compared to 3,911 HUF (£10.70) in the UK. There is a similar scenario with raw tobacco, which you cannot buy in the duty free shop for some strange reason. 50g of WEST tobacco currently costs 1,810 HUF (£4.95).

Tobacco Shop

Tobaccos and Cigarettes are only sold in Tobacco Shops, NOT Supermarkets.

Tobaccos and Cigarettes are not sold in Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and so on because they can only be sold in a designated Tobacco Shop (Dohány Bolt) whose windows and entrances must be covered up so that the general public cannot see any Tobaccos/Cigarettes through them.

Affordable DENTAL WORK

Just in case you are wandering how much private dental treatments could cost in Hungary, or in Szeged at least, here are prices taken from a real private dentist (as advertised in their waiting room, on their “services pricelist” board).

Treatment HUF GBP Comments
Metal Filling 8,000 Ft - 14,000 Ft £21.33 - 37.33 Dependent on the size of the hole, etc
White Filling 12,000 Ft - 20,000 Ft £32 - 53.33 Dependent on the size of the hole, etc
Gold Filling 24,000 Ft £64 Dependent on karat, size of the hole, etc
Extraction 5,000 Ft - 8,000 Ft £13.33 - 21.33
Root Canal 14,000 Ft - 18,000 Ft £37.33 - £48 Dependent on difficulty/position/number of treatments/etc
Cap/Crown 28,000 Ft £74.66
Denture 21,000 Ft - 26,000 Ft £56 - £69.33 One initial denture
Extra Teeth 7,000 Ft £18.66 Extra teeth on denture


Driving in Hungary can be expensive for a worker, tourist or expat for example if travelling most of the week - Example: It costs roughly 3,500 HUF (£9.33) to travel from Szeged to Budapest (roughly 175 Km), travelling an average 120 Kph on the M5, taking roughly 1 Hour 47 Mins; dependant on traffic, etc. If you were working whereby you needed to do that return trip five days a week, it would cost you 35,000 HUF (£93.33).

Expense HUF GBP Comments
Petrol 353 Ft 94p Per Litre
M.O.T 19,000 Ft - 25,000 Ft £50.66 - £66.66
Car Insurance 40,000 Ft - 62,000 Ft £106.66 - £165.33
Car Tax 140 Ft - 300 Ft 37p - 80p Per Kilowatt - Example: 11,000 HUF
Driving Lessons 3,300 Ft £8.08 In Szeged - Per hour (based on 30 Hours or less)
Driving Lessons 3,500 Ft £9.33 In Szeged - Per hour (based on 31+ Hours)
Driving Lessons 4,500 Ft £12 In Budapest - Per hour
Car Wash 500+ Ft £1.33+ In Szeged - Manual, Quick, Spray Wash
Parking Ticket 480 Ft £1.28 In Szeged - Up To 4 Hours
Car Hire 84,000 Ft £224 2 weeks with free motorway trips
Motorway Ticket 4,780 Ft £12.74 Monthly Ticket - Autópálya Matrica

Just like in the UK, car insurance depends on a number of factors to do with the driver (i.e. age and years of experience) and car (i.e. age, make, model and parking locaion).

Eating Out - TAKE-AWAYS

Burger King Small Meal - Cheeseburger: 449 HUF (£1.19). Small Fries 100 HUF (26p). Small Cola 1 HUF.

Burger King Medium Meal - Double Whopper: 1,599 HUF (£4.26). Medium Fries 1 HUF. Medium Ginger Ale 120 HUF (32p).

Pizzatorony - 10" Pizza: 1,299 HUF (£3.55). 12" Pizza: 1.520 HUF (£4.15).


Below is a breakdown of the monthly maintenance fees I pay for my apartment in Szeged, Hungary. 29,699 HUF (£74.24) in total, without adding Gas, Electric and Digi TV costs yet. With Gas, Electric and Digi TV costs I normally pay around 38,869 HUF (£97.17) per month.

The costs should give you a general idea of average bills plus what to charge a tenant, as a tenant normally pays the rent plus all bills when you rent out your whole property to them. Any renovation fees might be considered yours though!

As an example: If the 'average' person pays 88,000 HUF (£220) per month to rent an outer-city centre apartment, which includes rent and bills, your profit (based on my maintenance fee + bills: £97.17) would be £122.83 per month (£220 minus £97.17) or £1,473.96 per year. Hence why many people buy two or more apartments in order to live off the profits.

Expense HUF GBP Comments
Hot Water 1,380 Ft £3.45 Per Unit - 1-2 people normally use 2 Units
Cold Water 480 Ft £1.20 Per Unit - 1-2 people normally use 2 Units
Power (Hall/Stairs) 650 Ft £1.62
Rubbish Disposal 2,751 Ft £6.87
Bank Cheques 350 Ft 87p
Home Insurance 562 Ft £1.40
Cleaner 600 Ft £1.50
Renovation Fee 9,914 Ft £24.78 For the next 8 Years
Heating 13,012 Ft £32.53 Basic Radiators Fee / Usage Discount -40%
Maintenance Fee 29,699 Ft £74.24 Includes Other Fees Not Itemised Here
Gas 1,180 Ft £2.95 Ridiculously cheap!
Electric 3,000 Ft £7.50 Variable Prices - Variable Usage
Digi TV/Net/Phone 4,990 Ft £12.47 Does NOT include phone calls

Weekly / Monthly SHOPPING ITEMS

Below is a snapshot of some basic, common, food and drink items you might buy at Tesco within a weekly or monthly shop. The prices below are nationwide in Tesco shops. As other big brand shops (such as Coop and Lidl) have very similar prices, you should take the prices below as guidance only; especially as in the summertime Fruit & Veg prices for example can drop as much as half price to the prices stated below.

The larger Tescos in Hungary sell pots, pans, stationery and household products amongst other things and is a great 'all-in-one' shopping complex.

NOTE - Although the snapshot was taken in September 2018, at an exchange rate of 364 HUF to 1 GBP, the forint prices below (which hardly change that much in a year) should give you an idea as to how much it might cost you to stay in Hungary, shopping at Tesco. Obviously, the GBP prices can be slightly higher or lower depending on the exchange rate. I will snapshot the prices again in March 2019.

Item Quantity Amount HUF GBP Keyword Search
Coffee 1 Jar 200g 1,599 £4.38 Nescafé Classic Instant
Milk (Magyar) 2.8% Fat 1 Carton 1 Litre 299 82p Magyar Tej
Milk (Tesco) 1 Carton 1 Litre 189 51p Tej
Brown (Koronás) Sugar 1 Bag 500g 399 £1.09 Barna Cukor
White (Koronás) Sugar 1 Bag 1 Kg 219 60p Cukor
Bakery Bread (50/50) 1 Loaf 1 Kg 220 60p Kenyer
Butter (Lurpak) 1 Packet 200g 899 £2.46 Lurpak, Vaj
Butter (Mizo) 1 Packet 250g 739 £2.02p Mizo Vaj, Vaj
Rama Margarine 1 Tub 500g 469 £1.28 Rama, Rama Margarin
Rama "Olive Oil" Margarine 1 Tub 400g 499 £1.36 Rama, Rama Margarin
Strawberry Jam 1 Jar 300g 619 £1.69 Ribizli, Ribizli Dzsem, Lekvár
Tesco Marmalade 1 Jar 340g 599 £1.65
Quaker Oats 1 Box 1Kg 1,229 £3.38 Quaker
Cheerios 1 Box 425g 949 £2.61 Cheerios
Lettuce (Iceberg) Whole 350g 399 £1.09 Saláta, Friss Saláták, Jégsaláta
Cucumber Whole N/A 199 54p Uborka, Kígyóuborka
Vine Tomatoes (Organic) 5 Pieces 1Kg 429 £1.18 Paradicsom, Fürtös Paradicsom
Eggs (Free Range, Medium) 10 Eggs N/A 449 £1.23p Friss Tojás, Tojás
Mushrooms 1 Box 500g 449 £1.23 Gomba, Csiperkegomba
White Potato 1 Bag 2 Kg 299 82p Burgonya, Sárga Burgonya
Fusilli Pasta 1 Packet 500g 199 54p Tészta, Colavita Tészta
Rice (Basmati) 1 Packet 500g 599 £1.64 Riceland, Basmati, Rizs
Broccoli Loose 500g 399 £1.09 Brokkoli
Cauliflower 1 Loose N/A 599 £1.64 Karfiol
Runner Beans 1 Frozen Packet 450g 259 71p Zöldbab
Cabbage 1 Large 1.43Kg 357 98p Fejes Káposzta
Carrots 1 Bag 500g 190 52p Sárgarépa
Onions Small 1Kg 249 68p Hagyma, Vöröshagyma
Garlic 1 Bulb N/A 66 18p Fokhagyma
Mince Beef (10% Fat) 1 Packet 500g 879 £2.42 Darált Marhahús
Mince Pork (10% Fat) 1 Packet 500g 829 £2.28 Darált Sertéshús
Mince Pork-Beef (10% Fat) 1 Packet 500g 879 £2.42 Sertés-Marha Darálthús
Granny Smith Apples Loose 1Kg 649 £1.78 Alma, Granny Smith
Bananas Loose 1Kg 379 £1.04 Banán
Pears Loose 1Kg 499 £1.38 Körte
Lemons Loose 500g 499 £1.38 Citrom
Heinz Baked Beans 1 Tin 415g 459 £1.27 Heinz
Chopped/Plum Tomatoes 4 Tin 400g 1,099 £3.04 Paradicsom
Chopped/Plum Tomatoes 1 Tin 400g 479 £1.32 Paradicsom, Cirio
Hellmann's Mayonnaise 1 Jar 400g 849 £2.35 Hellmann's
Black Pepper Refill Seeds Only 20g 209 57p Bors, Fekete Bors
Black Pepper Grinder With Seeds 36g 769 £2.12 Bors, Fekete Bors
Rock Salt 1 Grinder 92g 489 £1.35 Só, Kősó
Table Salt 1 Packet 1Kg 89 24p Só, Asztali Só
Ready Salted Crisp N/A 70g 299 82p Lays, Chips
HP Brown Sauce 1 Bottle 285g 959 £2.65 HP, HP Barnamártás
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1 Bottle 450g 699 £1.93 Heinz
Heinz Mustard 1 Jar 240g 599 £1.66 Mustár
Marmite 1 Jar 125g 1,099 £3.04 Marmite
Large Gerkins 1 Jar 680g 235 65p Csemegeuborka
Red Cabbage 1 Jar 710g 419 £1.16 Vöröskáposzta
Pickled Onions 1 Jar 320g 339 93p Pickles
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) 1 Jar 500ml 1,799 £4.98 Olivaolaj, Bertolli
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) 1 Jar 500ml 1,379 £3.82 Olivaolaj, Filippo
Dolmio Pasta Sauce 1 Jar 500g 599 £1.65 Dolmio
Venusz Sun Flower Oil 1 Bottle 2 Litre 1,099 £3.04 Napraforgó Olaj
Chicken Drumsticks 12 Pieces N/A 1,120 £3.10
Whole Chicken 1 Large (2.4Kg) 1,318 £3.65
Szalami 1 Packet 70g 455 £1.26

In general I find most international brand name products to be the same price as in the UK, sometimes 50p to £1 more expensive but very rarely cheaper, which soon becomes expensive when buying a few extra products; regardless if you think in pounds or forints. Example: Nescafe Gold Blend coffee (200g) in the UK is currently £5 whereas in Szeged 100g is £4.98, so £9.96 for 200g.

Although fruit, vegetables, bread and pasta tend to be affordable, I do find Coffee, Packaged Fish, Meat, Cereals and Jars (i.e. Coleman's Mustard and Branston Pickle) to be expensive. Hence why I try to import certain products from the UK, via a Hungarian courier service, when ever I find it cheaper to do so and/or can not find a certain product in Szeged. The average price to pay a Hungarian courier is currently £1 Per KG.


You can half a lot of the above prices if you are prepared to buy local brand name products and the supermarkets own brands, but then you have to adjust to the taste and quality; or lack of them, depending on your perspective. The milk and mineral water are examples.

NOTE - Jam is known as Dzsem (Pronounced: Gem), Marmelade is known as Narancs Marmelád (Pronounced: Mohr-Meh-Lad) and Lekvár (Pronounced: Leck-Vahr) is a spreadable gel (i.e. Peanut Butter, even though it is classed as a cream!).

Compare Prices - DOWNLOAD THE FILE

If you want to compare prices between supermarkets and/or local shops, download my Hungarian_Food_Prices.xlsx comparison file. You can change the exchange rate and calculations are done for you.