Shooting Range

Erva Shooting Range is an indoor shooting range at the Erva Shooting Club.

Budapest Shooting Range

It has 4 Gun Packages priced between 28 and 60 Euros, with guns ranging from pistols to an AK47 machine gun.

With excellent TripAdvisor Reviews it should make a great leisure alternative.


Budapest Parapark WebsiteParapark is like the Crystal Maze UK TV programme whereby you have 60 Minutes to get out of the park, solving puzzles along the way.

Szeged ParaPark

You must be in a group of 2-5 People to solve the puzzles - 2 people cost 6,990 Ft (around £19.74).

Indoor Leisure, Recreational, Sports Activities In Budapest

Leisure/Sports Activities You Can Do In Your Spare Time

This web page has been created primarily with the sporty, leisure active, adventurous person in mind while mentioning relaxing recreations too. It highlights certain, free and pay-for, INDOOR leisure activities you can try/enjoy in and around Budapest such as Swimming, Fitness/Gym, Roller Skating, Massage, Billiards and Skydiving.

Click Here - Cooking In HungaryCooking In Hungary

Some activities have their own web page with more information and photographs that can be seen when you click on their respective "Read More / View The Photos" link.

B4 Fitness (Gymnasium/Wellness)

1134 Budapest, Dózsa György Út 128-130, Hungary
MOB: 06 30 586 9892
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 47 31.172 E 19 04.264GPS Map

Monday - Thursday: 6am - 11pm
Friday: 6am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 10pm

Budapest gyms tend to be too commercial (overpriced and profit hungry) and too social (embrassing the lazy with coffee, snacks and massage) to the point it is difficult to find a "proper gym" that focuses on building the strength and fitness of your body via good quality, modern, gym equipment such as pulley-system machines that help the upper and lower body.

Too many gyms focus on the money whereby they only supply manual weights (i.e. dumbells) and lower body gym equipment; such as running machines and stair masters only. Manual weights are great for younger and middle aged people, but as you get much older you need pulley-machines for safety.

In other words: Budapest gyms cater more for the middle-aged, upper-class, who "like to be seen in the gym" (possibly with a coffee!) who rarely do a great workout. Put another way, gyms for social show-offs. Some gyms even put off students from attending by limiting their time to daytime; when they are supposed to be studying!

Budapest Fitness Gym

Friendly Staff/Trainers - Many Machines - Reasonable Prices - Open Long Hours

Depending on the particular Budapest gym you visit and its services and equipment: A daily ticket can range from 1,500 HUF to 2,400 HUF with some gyms doing a morning only or afternoon only ticket for around 900 HUF. A monthly ticket can range from 9,500 HUF to 22,000+.

Another gym worth trying is the Life 1 WebsiteLife 1 Corvin Wellness Club (Budapest 1082, 48-50 Futó Utca - Monday-Friday: 6am - 10pm. Saturday-Sunday: 8am-8pm - TEL: 06 1 951 1789 - MOB: 06 70 331 3133).


The National Lottery game in Hungary is called Lotto 5/90 - You pick five numbers out of a possible ninety for your chance to win millions of forints. Simply visit a Lottozó Shop, put five Xs on the 5/90 paper, take it to the counter and pay 225 HUF (around 60p).

Hungarian National Lottery

Pick 5 numbers out of 90 numbers for your chance to win millions.....of Forints!

There is also a Joker tick box if you want to play the separate joker game whereby you need to match the joker balls with your normal lotto balls; similar to the bonus balls in the Euromillion and UK Lottery games.

You can check if you have won the Saturday draw by visiting the Official Hungarian Lottery WebsiteOfficial Hungarian Lottery Website. You can also check the Previous Draws Web PageKorábbi Sorsolások (Previous Draws) web page - Click on the Előző Hét (Last Week) or Következő Hét (Next Week) button/link if need be.