OBI WebsiteOBI is the equivalent of B&Q in the UK.


I would say you can get 90% of your d.i.y needs from OBI.


Praktiker WebsitePraktiker is similar to HomeBase in the UK.

Praktiker Homeware

It is great for kitchen, bathroom and d.i.y products. Praktiker shops tend to be outside of a city.


Kika WebsiteKika, which is similar to IKEA, has a nice, unique, quality range of furniture and lighting.

Kika Furniture

Many Kika products are pricey because they are meant for long-term use.


JYSK WebsiteJYSK is where you can buy mats, cupboards, towels, chairs, cups, tables, decorations, mattresses, pillow cases and more.


Goods are reasonably priced and quality is medium level.

Beds / Bedding

Csikós Imréné is where you can buy bed frames, pillows, mattresses, pillow cases and sheets.

Csikós Imréné

They sell the larger Hungarian pillows as well as cornered bed sheets.

Electronic Goods

If you are looking for a kettle, fridge, tv, pc, toaster and so on, visit MediaMarkt WebsiteMediaMarkt.

Media Markt

MediaMarkt is similar to PC World in the UK.


The big Tesco sells an excellent range of affordable, good quality, crockery, cutlery, glassware, bowls, jugs, towels, utensils and more.

Szeged Tesco

They sell affordable electrical goods and garden plants and equipment too.


If you are looking for Bed Frames, Bedside Lockers, Wardrobes, Cabinets and Desks, visit Karnis.

Szeged Karnis

And if you are looking for lounge cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen tables and chairs, visit Pappbutor.

Szeged Pappbutor


If you are looking for carpet, underlay, rugs or wooden flooring, visit Diego - Szeged. Budapest. Others.

Szeged Diego

They also sell curtain rails and rods and plastic protective floor coverings.


Context is a company known for its textiles, including its huge range of curtain fabrics and designs; all at reasonable prices.

Szeged Context

With their curtain outlets (in Szeged), they can visit your home for curtain measurements and fitting for a small fee.

£1 / €1 Shops

The Goods Market and Euro shops are chains of £1 / €1 type shops, similar to Poundland in the UK.

Goods Market

They sell cleaning materials, kitchen and bathroom utensils, fragrances, food, childrens toys and more.

Where To Find Furniture And Household Items

Furniture Shops - Household Item Shops - Advice & Tips

At some point before, during and/or after your initial renovation you may ask yourself "Where do I buy a new Cooker from?", "Where do I buy a Wardrobe from?" and so on whereby the easy, quick, answer would be to visit the larger, more commercial, shops (listed on this web page). However, what happens when you cannot find what you are looking for; regardless of its size, price or use?

Click Here - Cooking In HungaryCooking In Hungary

When I moved to Hungary, I could not find basic cooking utensils. For example: After a long search for some decent weighing scales, I was presented with two choices once I had found them. Either buy "cheap and just about useful" plastic scales or buy very expensive metal, professional, digital scales. There was nothing priced in-between, even though many people in Hungary cook to save money.

It was like "There should be a demand for scales, but because everyone bought their scales 20 years ago when they were built to last 50 years.....!". In other words, some items are common items but not sold everywhere because of the Hungarian mentality of making sure "It will last a lifetime"!


With the above said: Unfortunately, with many household items being plastic and disposable these days, you have to pay more for the better quality, durable, household items; which is very true when it comes to buying a custom/unique design and not finding what you are looking for in the commercial shops. A bed frame and mattress are perfect examples, as are room lights and doors.


One thing to note with a traditional Hungarian bed is that its base (frame) is made of wood with wooden planks across its mattress area. Although you initially get a gap between every other plank, you can buy extra planks separately. The base (frame) and mattress can also be bought separately, from the same shop or from a separate shop; which can sometimes work out cheaper.

I have a traditional double sized Hungarian bed (180cm wide), with a Mattress Web PageCalypso mattress (160cm wide) and two large Billerbeck WebsiteBillerbeck pillows (slightly larger than UK pillows) where two years ago I paid 28,000 HUF (£74.66) for the pine base and 96,000 HUF (£256) for the mattress. In 2017 a similar base costs 32,000 HUF (£85.33) upwards with the Calypso mattress costing 80,000 HUF (£213.33) upwards. I bought my bed from Csikós Imréné bed shop in Szeged.

I mention the bed and mattress sizes because Argos in the UK only sell UK sized double bed sheets (140cm) and pillow cases.

Although I class the above frame price as average and the mattress price as 'medium quality mattress', which is very comfortable, I recommend you use the above price ranges as your starting point for a medium property renovation (for yourself to sleep in) and for a rental property renovation. Buying cheaper for rental purposes for example might mean not getting tenants and/or replacing the cheaper bed sooner than later.

Let's Talk About ROOM LIGHTING

If you want modern spotlights around your home (i.e. built into a fake ceiling) they cost between £10 and £20 each (frame and bulbs) and lighting in general costs the same as in the UK.

One way to get spotlights cheaper is to buy them from EBay for example. You will need to use your UK EBay account though as there is no EBay in Hungary. And if you buy spotlights in bulk and then have them shipped to Hungary via a transfer company for example, it should still work out cheaper than buying bulk spotlights from Hungary.

For a more unique, alternative, lighting look I would recommend LampCenter as well as IKEA and Kika.


With designer doors from a showroom for example, it normally works out the same price or just slightly higher to have designer doors made; unlike in rip-off UK.

Example: You could go to OBI for example and buy three separate wooden doors, locks, handles and hinges and have a local carpenter/locksmith fit them for you, but with a showroom you get to mix and match designs, handles and locks, choose the thickness of the doors and so on; all for roughly the same price, which includes measurement taking, door manufacture, delivery and fitting.

If you need a locksmith, regardless of what doors you currently have and/or will have fitted, try Popradi Robert or Vitál pajzs (both local). There is no point getting someone who works all over the county as they will be too busy, especially if self-employed, and may not be able to visit in a real emergency.


A Hevederzár (strap lock) might look ugly, but it protects your property.

If you are leaving your property empty for months, consider having a Hevederzár (strap lock) fitted. It may look ugly, but does help protect your valuables. A Hevederzár is basically a thick metal bar or set of pin bars that locks and unlocks when used with a uniquely cut key (laser key). The Hevederzár can be locked and unlocked from the inside and outside of the door. They come in a variety of fittings to suit older door frames and newer door frames.

Let's Talk About DELIVERY

On top of the just said: One thing you have to remember with Hungary is that it is still in that era of having self-employed carpenters, plumbers, tilers and so on carrying out the work whereby the commercial shops sell the products only; which is slowly changing.

In other words: The commercial shops sell the doors, showers and so on and the carpenters, plumbers, etc fit them. So on one hand a shower might be delivered straight to your door when bought from a commercial shop, but might not get fitted, whereas a shower bought from a d.i.y shop by you or your plumber might mean you carrying it up your stairs (or tipping the locals) whereby your plumber then fits that shower.

NOTE: The self-employed person normally gets 10% off the price of products, being a discount member of the wharehouses and d.i.y shops they use for materials, which they may pass back to you if you look after them and/or was the one who paid for the products/materials. This is something to be negotiated with your tradesman.