Train Station

Trams #1 and #2 terminate at Szeged Train Station - Tram #1 departs from Szeged Plaza and Tram #2 departs from Európa Liget.

Szeged Tram StopSzeged Tram Stop

Make sure you have a valid tram ticket as ticket inspectors do travel on these tram routes frequently.

Train Platforms

When you are at Szeged train station you need to watch the timetables for delays and platform changes.

Szeged Train StationSzeged Train Station

Make sure you are on the correct platform. The train to Ferihegy Airport and Budapest normally leaves from Platform 5, but on rare ocassions from Platform 4.

Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass is great for visiting tourist locations and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on the trams, trolley buses and local buses in and around Szeged city centre.

The Bicycle

The Bicycle is great for general exercise and saving money when travelling all over Szeged.

Bicycle bought from HervisNew Bicycle

This bicycle cost 60,000 HUF - A Yearly Travel Pass costs 81,600 HUF. You do the maths!

The Bus Station

The ticket office is on the right-hand side of the front of the bus station in Mars Tér, Szeged.

Mars Tér Bus StationMars Tér Bus Station

Mars Tér bus station is the main starting point and coach terminal for many journeys/routes across Hungary.

Check Bus Routes

If you want to check other bus routes, and timetables, leaving from Szeged and other parts of Hungary use this 'bus routes checker' website.

Bus Routes Checker WebsiteHungary Bus Routes Checker

It details other bus companies besides Volánbusz, which means you have a wider selection of tourist trips!

Szeged Taxis

Taxi companies in Szeged charge more or less the same price per km/mile and can normally be found in the city centre and near Szeged train station.

Radio Taxi SzegedRadio Taxi Szeged

Radio Taxis and Tempo Taxis are the two well known firms.

Tempo Taxi SzegedTempo Taxi Szeged

Tempo's website is in English, details its prices and tells you the whereabouts of its taxi stands. All very important info for the "Foreigner".

Szeged - Budapest

An adult, single, 2nd class ticket from Szeged to Budapest currently costs 3,705 HUF.

Szeged Budapest Train Ticket

Make sure you are in the correct carriage, otherwise you may be fined; if you are not asked to upgrade your ticket.

How To Use The Bus Website

Find Local Bus Route Information - Visit Szeged Towns And Villages

On this web page you will find a small tutorial on how to find information about local buses that travel from the Mars Tér, Szeged bus terminal to an outer-city town such as Kecskemét or Forráskút using the bus website. The example below demonstrates finding information about Forráskút.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

The reason for this small tutorial is because, at present, there is no English version of the website; which is a shame because all the important information is on it. And with more Hungarians making "Foreign" friends while living abroad Menetrendek and other important Hungarian companies, institutes, associations and organisations should no longer assume that only Hungarians want to travel to other cities, towns and villages from Szeged.


Begin your search by visiting the (Timetables) bus website and click on the link called CSAK VOLÁN JÁRATOK (Only Volán Journeys), located directly above the search boxes.

Menetrendek Options

Click on the link called CSAK VOLÁN JÁRATOK (Only Volán Journeys)

Now click inside the HONNAN (Where From) edit box and enter the name of the city, town or village you will be leaving from.

Menetrendek Honnan

Click inside the HONNAN (Leaving From) edit box to begin your search

As you type: the city, town or village name may appear as a suggestion whereby you can either continuing typing the name or simply click on the name to autofill the HONNAN edit box. In this case I am leaving from Szeged.

Menetrendek Honnan

Enter the name of the city, town or village you are LEAVING FROM (Honnan)

Once you have entered the name of the city, town or village you are leaving from, the next step is to click inside the HOVÁ (Where To) edit box and type the name of city, town or village you are going to. In this case I am going to a village called Forráskút.

Menetrendek Hova

Enter the name of the city, town or village you are GOING TO (Hova)

With the departure city, town or village entered and the arrival city, town or village entered, the next step is to choose your departure date. If you are leaving today and at anytime from this point onwards, just leave the calendar and time details as they are - Your search will look for available leaving times from now and onwards - Otherwise, if you want to leave on a different date/time, you will need to change the calendar and time settings accordingly.

In this case I will leave 3 days from now, from 9am onwards, and will therefore need to change the calendar and time settings. This is done by clicking on the CALENDAR icon and then on the number 27 to change the departure date from Friday 24th February 2017 to Monday 27th February 2017. When I do this, the time will automatically change to EGÉSZ NAP (ALL DAY); meaning buses that leave from anytime now and for the rest of the day will be searched for.

Menetrendek Hova

Click on the CALENDAR icon to change your preferred departure date

To change the time to 9am-Tól (9am and onwards) I need to click on the number 13 to highlight it and then type 09. After that the 40 will be editable (become highlighted) whereby I can type 00 over it.

Menetrendek Time

Click on the time digits to highlight them and change them

Now that the date and time have been changed, clicking on the KERESÉS (Search) button will perform a search for buses that leave in accordance to the current date and time settings - Your preferred/chosen date and time settings.

Menetrendek Search

Click on KERESÉS (Search) to begin a search for possible bus timetables


When the search results are displayed you will see a list of possible bus journeys that MIGHT match your specific search criteria. I say might because your journey's start point might not be what you entered. For example: Here I can leave from Szeged Mars Tér (Szeged City Bus Terminal) or from Kiskundorozsma (a town that is a few miles away from Szeged City).

To view more information about a specific bus journey simply click on the blue expansion ÚTVONAL RÉSZLETEI (Route Details) button to the left of its listing.

Menetrendek Search Results

Click on the ÚTVONAL RÉSZLETEI button to expand the bus journey information

After clicking on the ÚTVONAL RÉSZLETEI button you can see more information about the bus route (including transfers (Átszállás) and the name of the bus/route) as well as print the information by clicking on the blue NYOMTATÁS VAGY MENTÉS FÁJLBA (Print Or Save A File) button.

Menetrendek Search Results

Look out for words such as ÁTSZÁLLÁS (Transfer/Change-Over) in the listings

That's it! Now that you have the information you need to pay for your ticket by visiting a bus terminal, paying on the bus itself or visit a website selling the tickets. Either way, Menetrendek is only a timetable website; Hence its name Menetrendek (Timetables).