BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Daily Travel Pass

This 24 Hour travel pass is valid on the metro, tram, trolley bus, bus and boat in and around Budapest city centre.

Daily Travel PassBudapest Daily Travel Pass

It is ideal for visiting residential areas as well as tourist areas.

Check Bus Routes

If you want to check bus routes, and timetables, leaving from Budapest and other parts of Hungary use the Volan Busz website.

Volan Busz Routes

Volan Busz is a part of the Eurolines co-operative. You buy tickets from them.

How To Travel From Budapest Airport To Budapest City

Via Shuttle Bus & Train, Shuttle Bus & Metro Or Taxi

When you arrive at Budapest International Airport WebsiteBudapest International Airport (Terminal 2B) you have at least three ways to reach Budapest city centre.


With this option you first need to buy a 350 HUF (93p) bus ticket from the newsagent called RELAY - located within the airport, to the left of the SPAR supermarket and just before you exit the airport building - which will be valid on the 200E Shuttle Bus service (daytime: 4am - 11pm) or 900 Night Bus service (starts at: 1am). Do not entertain the 900 option though as it involves changes for the 950/A.

NOTE - You can also buy a ticket from BKK (the official public transport booth) as you come from Border Control, next to the Tourist Information desk.


Once you have your bus ticket: Walk outside the airport building, turn left, and you will see the Fő Taxi WebsiteFő Taxi firm and a smoking area in front of you. A few meters ahead, between the entrances of Terminals 2A and 2B (which are side-by-side), you will see the 200E/900 Shuttle Bus stop.

Fő Taxi

Things to look out for when you come into the airport lobby and exit the airport

Assuming you are travelling in the daytime: Get on the 200E Shuttle Bus, validate your ticket by inserting it into the orange ticket machine, and then travel 10 minutes to the bus stop called Terminal 1 (Ferihegy-Airport Train Station).

NOTE WELL: If you are unable to buy a ticket from within the airport (RELAY or BKK), for whatever reason(s), you can use the ticket machine at the 200E bus stop. And if that is not working, for whatever reason(s), you will need to buy a ticket directly from the bus driver onboard the 200E; which will cost you 450 HUF (£1.20) instead of 350 HUF (93p).

When you get off the bus at Terminal 1 (Ferihegy-Airport Train Station) you will see an orange/rusty coloured bridge that goes over the main road whereby its steps lead to both Platform A and Platform B of the train station.

Ferihegy Orange Bridge

The orange/rusty coloured bridge at Terminal 1 (Ferihegy-Airport train station)

Go over the bridge (main road) and down the steps leading to Platform A. As you come off those steps, underneath them is a ticket kiosk (cabin) with an Englsh speaking assistance and further down Platform A is a ticket machine with an English option. Use either to buy a ticket to Budapest Nyugati Train Station.

Ferihegy Platform A

The ticket kiosk and ticket machine on Platform A of the Ferihegy-Airport train station

If you want to travel on the National Rail Company WebsiteMÁV START train that departs from Szeged and terminates in Budapest Nyugati, you need to buy the standard 370 HUF (98p) train ticket to Budapest Nyugati (as shown below) plus an additional 150 HUF (40p) Supplementary train ticket; so you pay 520 HUF (£1.38) in total. And if you want to travel to Budapest Nyugati on a Zonázó commuter train instead, you only need to buy the standard 370 HUF train ticket.

Budapest Train Ticket

This standard 370 HUF ticket alone is only valid on a Zonázó commuter train

People who work in Cegléd for example normally buy the 370 HUF train ticket only, to travel on the Zonázó commuter train only.

Once you have purchased a ticket to Budapest Nyugati cross over the orange bridge again to Platform B and then wait for the next MÁV START train, or Zonázó commuter train, going to Budapest Nyugati. The MÁV START train journey normally takes 25 minutes and Budapest Nyugati will be the last (terminating) train station. So for 870 HUF (£2.32) you have reached Budapest in 35 minutes plus a little waiting time for the bus/train.

You cannot miss the máv-start trains - They are built like tanks and blue in colour with some closed-door compartments like the classic British Rail trains of the 1970s. Their InterCity Line trains for example are normally split between InterCity, open aisle, first class carriages and Non-InterCity, closed-door compartment, second-class carriages.

Máv Start Train

The Hungarian (MÁV START) InterCity Train is like the classic British Rail sleeper train

Budapest International Airport (BUD), formerly called Budapest Ferihegy International Airport but now called Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, has two main terminals: 1 and 2 - Terminal 2, which is split into 2A and 2B, serves flights to/from Schengen (borderless) countries (2A) and flights from Non-Schengen (border controlled) countries (2B) such as USA and UK; as well as other International Flights. Terminal 1 is no longer in use/open as an airport. It only serves as a shuttle bus stop for the 200E passengers wanting to catch a train from Ferihegy-Airport Train Station.


Look out for discounts. They are not well publicised, but do exist. For example: People who are 26 years old or under are entitled to a 33% discount, on weekends only, as are adults who accompany a child of 18 years old or under. Children under 14 years old (travelling without adults), full-time students and pensioners are entitled to a 50% discount whereas children under 6 years old can ride the public transport for free; So always check the MÁV START website and at a train station for latest prices and special discounts.


With this option you first need to buy a 350 HUF bus ticket from the RELAY newsagent, as described above, and then catch the 200E Shuttle Bus whereby you get off at its very last (terminating) bus stop called Kőbánya-Kispest Wiki PageKőbánya-Kispest, which is a bus terminal, shopping centre and train station area. The 200E shuttle bus ride normally takes around 24 minutes.

When you get off the 200 shuttle bus at Kőbánya-Kispest, follow the signs (stairway or escalator) that lead you to the metro station. You need to take the blue M3 metro line towards Újpest-Központ (towards Budapest) to get into the city centre of Budapest. Taking the blue M3 metro line to the inner-city metro station called Deák Ferenc Tér for example, which is 10 metro stations away from Kőbánya-Kispest, will normally take 17-19 minutes; making the entire journey from Budapest Airport to Deák Ferenc Tér (Budapest) around 1 hour 10 minutes with waiting time for the 200E shuttle bus and M3 metro train.

Travel Via FŐ TAXI

As mentioned above: As you exit Budapest Airport you will see Fő Taxi, the officially licensed taxi firm in partnership with Budapest Airport, in front of you. If you want to get to the city centre of Budapest quicker, a 30-40 minute taxi ride from Budapest Airport to Budapest Central for example will currently cost you between 7,500 HUF (£20.53) and 8,000 HUF (£21.90), depending on the traffic, route taken and final destination.

You can order a Fő Taxi directly from the Fő Taxi kiosk (cabin), which I highly recommend, whereby you get allocated (given a receipt for) a specific taxi or you can take a Fő Taxi from the taxi rank/stand. Either way, you pay at the end of your journey.

NOTE WELL - You will be paying for one entire taxi journey only and NOT for each person. So if you are one, two, three or four passengers in one taxi, you will still pay for one taxi journey in that one taxi. Five passengers is a different story (you may have to pay extra). Up to four passengers' luggage will be free as long as it all fits comfortably in the taxi.

NOTE WELL - By Regulation: Taxi firms in Budapest are only allowed to charge a one-off Basic Fee ('just got into the taxi' fee) of 700 HUF (£1.91) plus a Mileage Fee of 300 HUF (82p) per kilometer. If they have to wait for you, for whatever reason(s), they can also charge a Waiting Fee of 75 HUF (20p) per minute.

These fees have been standardised by Budapest city council, so every taxi firm charges the same fees. More information can be found on my Taxi Information Web PageTaxi Information web page.


Budapest now has an Airport Shuttle Bus service, the 100E, that travels from Budapest International Airport to Budapest city centre; and back. The exact route, which should take 30-40 Minutes, is: Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2) - Kálvin Tér (Metro station) - Astoria (Metro station) - Deák Ferenc Tér (Metro station). The stops at Kálvin Tér and Astoria are to drop passengers off only.

The first bus leaves Budapest airport at 5am, with other buses leaving every 20 Minutes from then. The last bus leaves Budapest airport at 1:20am (the following morning). The return journey is: Deák Ferenc Tér (Metro station) - Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2). It is also expected to take 30-40 Minutes. The first bus from the city (Deák Ferenc Tér metro station) leaves at 3:40am and the last bus from the city leaves at 12:40am (the following morning).

A single, one-way, ticket currently costs 900 HUF (around £2.46) and can be bought from a BKK Ticket Machine (Card or Cash), A BKK Customer Service Centre (Card or Cash) or On-Board The Bus itself (exact change needed).

NOTE: The Kalvin Tér bus stop is actually on the main road called Üllői Út.

NOTE: With the return journey from Deák Ferenc Tér (Metro station) to Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2), the first two buses (4am and 4:30am) stop at the Astoria metro station for boarding purposes only; and at the Kalvin Tér metro station as standard for boarding purposes only.