Daily Travel Pass

The daily travel pass is great for visiting tourist locations and other places of interest.

Budapest Daily Travel PassBudapest Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on the trams, trolley buses and local buses in and around Szeged city centre.

Digi TV (Internet, Landline And Cable TV Package)

How To Pay Digi TV, Internet, Phone Bill Online

Below you will find information about how to pay a 'Digi package' bill online, such as a bill for a Digi TV, Internet & Landline package; which is good if you are not living in Hungary for a while.

Before paying a bill you need to set up an online account with Digi, using your Digi contract number and the reference number on your latest Digi paper bill.


To set up an online Digi account you first need to visit the Register With DigiDigi Registration web page. From there, scroll down that page and fill out its registration form (REGISZTRÁCIÓ).

Digi Online Registration Form

Fill out the registration form and then click on the REGISZTRÁCIÓ button

The registration form requires an E-Mail Address (E-mail Cím) and Password (Jelszó), that both need repeating (Jelszó Ismétlése and E-Mail Cím Megismétlése), so that Digi can send you receipts of bills paid. The form also requires you to fill out a Google Recaptcha (click on relavent photos), to prove you are a human and not a scamming robot, before clicking on the REGISZTRÁCIÓ (Register) button.

After clicking on the REGISZTRÁCIÓ button an activation web page appears whereby you need to enter the Activation Code (Aktiváló Kód) that Digi has just e-mailed to you before clicking on the AKTIVÁLÁS (Activate) button.

Digi Online Account Activation

Enter your Activation Code and then click on the AKTIVÁLÁS button

At this point you now have a registered and activated online Digi account, that has automatically been logged in for you as part of the activation process; which is fine, but below I am going to show you how to login to your online account from scratch in order to show you how to pay existing, outstanding, Digi bills. So close any open Digi windows now, to logout, and then proceed with the example below.


Begin by visiting the Digi HU WebsiteDigi Website, click on the ÜGYFÉLKAPU BEJELENTKEZÉS (Client Login) button, fill in your Digi online account e-mail address and password and then click on the BEJELENTKEZÉS (Login) button to continue.

Digi Online Account Login

Click on the ÜGYFÉLKAPU BEJELENTKEZÉS (Client Login) button to continue

Digi Online Account Login

Enter your login details and then click on the BEJELENTKEZÉS (Login) button to continue

Once you are logged into your Digi online account click on the ÜGYINTÉZÉS (Administration) Tab, located near the top-right corner of the web page, and then click on the SZÁMLA EGYENLEG ÉS FIZETÉS (Account Balance & Payment) link to get to the Ugyintése (Administration) web page.

Digi Pay Bill

Click on the ÜGYINTÉZÉS Tab and then on the SZÁMLA EGYENLEG ÉS FIZETÉS link

The Ugyintése (Administration) web page will show recently paid bills as well as outstanding/unpaid bills. In this case I have four paid bills (denoted by a IGEN (Yes) status) and two unpaid bills (denoted by a NEM (No) status). Ignore this web page though and just click on the middle button instead; called SZÁMLA KIEGYENLÍTÉSE (Settlement Of Accounts).

Digi Unpaid Bills

Ignore this web page and click on the SZÁMLA KIEGYENLÍTÉSE button instead

Clicking on the SZÁMLA KIEGYENLÍTÉSE button (above) takes you to the web page that actually allows you to make payment for any unpaid bills (below). In this case I have put a tick next to the two unpaid bills to denote I want to pay them now. To actually pay them I need to click on the BANKKÁRTYÁS FIZETÉS INDÍTÁSA (Start Credit Card Payment Process) button.

Digi Pay Bills

Click on the BANKKÁRTYÁS FIZETÉS INDÍTÁSA button to continue

After clicking on the BANKKÁRTYÁS FIZETÉS INDÍTÁSA button you need to fill out the credit/debit card form. Put your bank's name inside the Kártyát Kibocsátó Bank Neve (Bank Name) box, your card's 16 Digits inside the Kártyaszám (Card Number) box, your card expiry date inside the Lejárati Dátum (Expiry Date) box and your card's security code inside the Érvényesítési Kód (Validation Code) box. The other information is self-explanatory (exact name as embossed on your card and card type).

Digi Card Payment

Fill in the credit/debit information

When you have completed, and checked over, the credit/debit card information you need to scroll down the web page and click on the green TOVÁBB (Next) button to continue.

Digi Pay Now

Click on the TOVÁBB button to continue

Do not touch the keyboard and mouse after clicking on the TOVÁBB button because your payment will be processing.

Digi Processing Payment

Do not touch the keyboard and mouse - Your payment is being processed

When the payment process has finished, each paid bill will then have an IGEN status next to it and you will also receive a confirmation e-mail stating your successful payment. That's it!

Hopefully the above has given you the confidence, and possibly more confidence, to pay other Hungarian bills online regardless if you are in Hungary at payment time or not.