BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Monthly Maintenance Fees And Utility Bill Accounts

Accounts - Required Info - Meter Readings - Maintenance Fees

After reading the previous two sections you should be aware that buying a 48-65 m2 apartment in Budapest, or anywhere in Hungary, is going to mean a monthly expense of between 33,192 HUF (£95) and 45,442 (£130) that will be made up of various utility bills and apartment block maintenance service charges.

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Your monthly apartment block and own apartment expenses as a whole will primarily be made up of utility bills (gas, electricity, water and heating), a caretaker/cleaning services fee, rubbish disposal, digi package (tv/internet/phone), home insurance and a possible renovation fee; based on 1-3 people living in your property. This monthly expense will be reduced if nobody is living in your apartment of course, but not by that much simply because most monthly fees/bills have a fixed price.

When you buy an apartment in Hungary, it is your responsibility to inform the housing association (or nominated housing representative) of that fact. You need to visit them to discuss rubbish disposal (which outside dustbin you use and what day the rubbish collection (dustbin) men visit), the pin number to get into your apartment block (every owner is given a unique entry door pin number) and how much water you will probably use in one month (calculated in units) among other details and explanations.


When you are serious about purchasing a property in Hungary, get yourself a Hungarian lawyer; if you have not done so already by that point. Why? Apart from the obvious advantages, some lawyers will offer to set up your utility bills for you; in your name of course. They will visit the office of each utility company in order to set up your Electricity Account, Gas Account and so on.


A few weeks will pass by whereby it appears as though nothing is happening. However, be patient. Once a utility account has been fully activated its service should begin (i.e. the electricity should come on in your property). When that happens and you start using that utility (i.e. electricity) for one month or so, you will receive your first monthly bill; which may include connection charges and/or miscellaneous set up fees.


If you have used the property seller's lawyer or estate agent's lawyer to do all the property purchasing paperwork whereby you then need to set up your own utility accounts, you will need a Hungarian by your side if a utility company does not have English speaking staff; mainly because the application form(s) will be in Hungarian. The utility bills themselves are very straight forward. Either pay online, by direct debit or at the post office.


With most, if not all, utility companies you will be asked to provide the following - Your proof of property ownership (i.e. your Property Contract or Title Deeds), proof of your "Foreign" Address (i.e. UK Driving License), details of the person/company you bought the property from (including their personal name and company name, if bought from a company) and the meter reading(s).


NOTE WELL - On the day of buying a property, make sure photos of all meters in the property are taken on that day; preferably with the current owner there to witness and sign a letter that actually states the current meter readings. Make sure the identification and current address details of the current owner are on the letter too.


Give a photocopy of the letter to your Hungarian lawyer and to the relevant utility companies whereby you also show, but keep for yourself, the original letter. This is so that the utility companies know on what date and from what points of each meter reading to start charging you; as the new owner. Just like in the UK, you are not legally responsible for any payments or debts left over from any previous owners/occupiers.


In cases where there is no Gas meter, because gas is used for cooking only whereby there is no separate gas meter, it is enough to fill out the handover (property ownership) form without meter details and put a tick at the point ‘Mérőnélküli (Átalánydíjas) Felhasználási Hely’.

If the meter was installed outside the property (i.e. It is placed in a common area such as the staircase, close to your apartment), you need to write its meter reading and serial number on the handover form together with the date.

The gas company will need to inspect the point of use to ensure safe and uninterrupted gas service in the case of ownership (user) change. During this inspection the integrity of the meter and the pressure controller (the visible part of the gas pipes connecting the meter to the distribution network) are checked, the meter is read and photographed and the presence and integrity of the seals are checked. That inspection is free of charge. If the meter was damaged by the previous owner/gas user, it is their responsibility; in which case the meter will be repaired or changed if necessary.


NOTE WELL - According to statutory requirements: Change Of Ownership should be reported to the relevant utility companies within 15 days following the event. This is done by sending them a signed handover document (signed by both old and new owners) that detail the address, serial number, meter reading and date of handover.

With NKM Földgázszolgáltató WebsiteNKM Földgázszolgáltató, the gas utility company operating in Budapest, you should send your signed handover document to Customer Services, PO Box 700, 1439 Budapest or e-mail a scanned copy to customerservice@nkmfoldgaz.hu.

With Elmű-Émász WebsiteElmű-Émász, the electricity utility company operating in Budapest, you should send your signed handover document to Customer Services: Haller Utca 32-40, 1096 Budapest or e-mail a scanned copy to elmu@elmu.hu.

If you live in Szeged the electricity company is NKM Áramszolgáltató (National Power), the gas company is GDF and the heating company is Szetáv (Szeged Heating Company). Simply visit their office in person to set up utility bills, if your property lawyer has not done so for you. Here is an explanation and example of how you would pay an NKM Áramszolgáltató electricity bill online.

Other areas of Hungary include: NKM Földgázszolgáltató WebsiteNKM Földgázszolgáltató (Gas - Debrecen), Elmű-Émász WebsiteElmű-Émász (Electricity - Miskolc) and E.On WebsiteE.On (Electricity - Debrecen / Pécs / Gyor).


If you visit the relevant utility company websites you can download, or at least request, their Application Form(s).

Download the Gas Registration documents from the Főgáz website - Handover Document PDF FileHandover Document and New Ownership Document PDF FileNew Ownership Document. If your permanent address is not in Hungary you will also need to download a Foreign Address Ownership Document PDF FileForeign Address Ownership Document. Visit the Documents Web PageDocuments web page for more documents and help.

Download the Electricity Registration documents from the Elmű-Émász website - You need to visit their Elmű-Émász Documents Web PageDocuments web page, scroll down to the bottom of it and then download the Átadás-Átvételi (Handover Document) and Nyilatkozat Villamos Energia Vásárlási Szerződéshez Lakossági Felhasználó Esetén (Ownership Document).