Tax Office

The Tax Office in Szeged is located on the corner of Bocskai Utca and Kossuth Lajos Sugárút.

Szeged Tax Office

It the place you get your Tax Code from among other things.

TAJ Office

The Kormányhivatal (Government Offices) building in Szeged is where you apply for a TAJ Card/Number.

Szeged TAJ Office

Kormányhivatal buildings in Hungary are like local council buildings in the UK.

How To Get A TAJ Card And Tax Code In Hungary

Residency - TAJ Card - Tax Code - Working In Hungary

If you are UK citizen living and working in Hungary for 183 Days or more, you may need a Tax Code and/or TAJ Card/Number depending on your circumstances. Below I will explain the procedures to follow in given circumstances.

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The information below has been gathered through Hungarian experience (i.e. through Tünde's and her family's experiences of settling down in the UK and settling back in Hungary on occasions) and also by Tünde and I visiting the TAJ office and Tax Office in Szeged (Hungary) to enquire the information below; so you get it "directly from the horse's mouth".


If you are going to Hungary either with a "Job Offer" already or will look for a job when you get there, one of the first things to do is get a Tax Code; as all potential Hungarian employers will need you to have one before employing you. In Hungary YOU CAN NOT WORK IN HUNGARY UNLESS YOU HAVE A TAX CODE simply because any work you do in Hungary means its wages/earnings are taxable Hungarian income.


Getting a Tax Code is really easy and is given to you instantly after visiting your local tax office and filling out form 17T34. You can take that 17T34 application form home to fill out, but as it will be in Hungarian you may need help from Google Translate or from a Hungarian friend. Accountants can also help you, but they charge of course. I was recently quoted 60 Euros, in which case it would be cheaper to hire a local Hungarian "off the street". Saying that, the form only asks really basic details from you.


If you are going to work in Hungary (as a self-employed person for example) or just want to pay national insurance contributions, you need to apply for a TAJ Card/Number; especially prior to working. You can NOT work in Hungary as a self-employed person or as an employee without a Tax Code AND Taj Card/Number.

A Hungarian TAJ Card, which has a unique TAJ Number on it, is similar to a UK National Insurance Number/Card; known to the older generation and citizens from other countries as a Social Security Card/Number. It is the card (if you already have one) you show to potential employers (to prove you are eligible for work and national insurance contributions), the number you put on doctor application forms and so on.


NOTE - A part of the TAJ application process used to be that YOU contact HMRC for a E104 certificate, now known as the S041 application form, which stated you were no longer paying any N.I Contributions in the UK. However, that process has since changed whereby it is now the Hungarian TAJ office that has to contact HMRC directly in order to request a S041 application form. This means you NO LONGER HAVE TO deal with this part of the TAJ application process. So if the TAJ office tells you differently, tell them they are wrong and they must be the one's to correspond with the HMRC on your behalf.


If you have been in Hungary for 9 months or more with a Residence Card & Address Card, getting a TAJ Card/Number for paying national insurance contributions will be as easy as getting a tax code - Simply visit your local TAJ office, fill out form NYT.53.K and then wait 8 Days for your TAJ Card/Number to arrive in the post - The TAJ office in Szeged is actually the ground floor area of the Kormányhivatal (Rákóczi Tér) building.

If you are going to work in Hungary whereby you do not have a TAJ Card/Number at all (i.e. your first time working in Hungary), your employer has to apply for a Taj Card/Number for you. They should help you, by filling out form NYT.52.K, especially as they should assume you may not have a Residence Card & Address Card yet (see below). Remember, they will be paying your N.I Contributions and it is in their interest to make sure everything is done properly and legally.

For all other matters relating to the TAJ Card/Number, you should visit your local TAJ office (Kormányhivatal) and/or your Hungarian accountant.


If you plan to live and work in Hungary for 183 Days or more, you must inform the Immigration office of this; in order to live and work longer in Hungary. If your application is successful, they will either issue you, straight away, a temporary Residence Card that last five years or a temporary Residence Card that lasts the length of your work contract. Either way, you then get an Address Card that arrives in the post two weeks later. You can read more about the immigration process here - Immigration Process.

The advantage of a residence card is that it allows you to come in and out of Hungary as often as you like, within its valid period (i.e. 5 Years). So if you want to work in Hungary for a constant three years for example, you can. Likewise, the address card allows you to have a contracted mobile phone for example.


If you decide to live in Hungary as an unemployed person, perhaps through choice as a self-sufficient property owner, whereby you still wish to pay Hungarian National Insurance Contributions, you can do so by getting a TAJ Card/Number.

If you do NOT have a Residence Card & Address Card, for whatever reason(s), you will pay around 69,900 (£188.199) per month in National Insurance Contributions. But if you DO HAVE a Residence Card & Address Card, that is at least 12 months old, you will only pay 7,500 HUF (£20.19) per month. With this knowledge it is better to get a Residence Card & Address Card, if possible, 12 months before applying for a TAJ Card/Number and working.

NOTE WELL - If you have an EHIC Card, it will only cover your tourist/medical accidents whilst in Hungary. It has nothing to do with Hungarian National Insurance Contributions and the TAJ Card/Number, which means you will still need a TAJ Card/Number if you plan to privately pay National Insurance Contributions and/or work in Hungary.


If you are travelling to Hungary as a tourist your children are automatically covered by the EHIC card in cases of emergency treatment and general accidents, as long as you got them an EHIC card before travelling of course. However, if you are going to live in Hungary with your children and/or work in Hungary, which means not using yours and theirs EHIC cards, you should register your children with your local TAJ office.


As a UK citizen living and working in Hungarian, paying towards your own TAJ (National Insurance), it means your children get free gp treatment; covered by your own TAJ (National Insurance) contributions.

As a side note to the just said: Tünde's 4 year old Hungarian son, who resides in the UK, recently had a fever in Szeged whereby she took him to the local childrens gp only to be asked for his TAJ number (because of him being Hungarian). In this case his EHIC card covered him, but if he was living in Szeged permanently he would of had to use his TAJ number - All Hungarians get a TAJ Card/Number and Tax Code at birth.

Szeged Pharmacy

The night time medicine hatch is on the left-side of the building

Tünde visited this 24 Hour (open every day) pharmacy - Vasas Szent Péter Gyógyszertár, GPS: N 46 15.710 E 20 08.188 6724 Szeged, Kossuth Lajos Sugárút 62. Tel: 06 62 558 150 - Medicines were 1,000 HUF each. The childrens' emergency clinic is just around the corner on Szilágyi Utca. Weekdays: 4pm - 7:30pm and Weekends 24 Hour.

Regardless of where you are in Hungary, ALWAYS CHECK BEFOREHAND the locations and opening times of childrens' hospitals and emergency clinics. Do not leave it until something serious happens.


In Hungary, gp surgeries are split between adult gp surgeries (Háziorvas) and child gp surgeries (Gyerekorvas) - Child gp surgeries are specialist in child sickness and treatment. Therefore, NEVER send your sick child to see an adult gp as they will not know specific child problems like a child gp. They will diagnose to some level but then send you to a child gp, in which case you may have lost vital time getting your child to the proper gp in the first place. Hence why you should know beforehand where your local child gp is and more importantly where your local child emergency centre is.

Gyerekorvas Szeged

A childrens' gp (gyerekorvas) surgery and waiting room in Szeged


It would also be worthwhile getting a statement of your N.I Contributions (CA3916) before visiting the Hungarian TAJ Office.