Lesbian Assoc.

Labrisz is a lesbian assoc. that promotes self-acceptance and visibility of lesbian and bisexual women in Hungary.

Labrisz Lesbian Association

It also organises conversation evenings and other community programmes as well as having educational programmes. It also has a Forum.

Budapest Pride

Read all the news and see the photos from this year's LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) March.

Budapest Pride

The Budapest Pride website also contains LGBTQ related topics and interests.


LMBT Közösségér is a LGBTQ assoc. formed by young members of the LGBTQ society and their hetero-sexual friends.

Szegedi LMBTQ Közösségér

Their aim is to help young people face their sexuality while educating the public, via high school and university lectures, about the LGBTQ community in terms of questioning the stereotypes transmitted by the media and tackling the taboos.

In the past they have organised coach trips to the Budapest Pride Parade. A similar project is run by Meleg Vagyok who organise programs for LGBTQ people.

Meleg Vagyok

Meleg Vagyok (I Am Gay) is a website that showcases the variety of activities, meetings and help they have for LGBTQ cultures; via their Szimpozion association.

Meleg Vagyok

It is packed with help and information.

Pink Budapest

Pink Budapest is a website full of info about Gay Bars, Cafes, Night Clubs and more.

Pink Budapest

It is definitely worth a look around. Plenty of useful info to be read.

The Szeged Lesbian & Gay Scene

Gay & Lesbian Bars, Clubs, Communities And Meeting Points

On a quest to find out where Lesbians and Gays (Leszbikusok És Melegek) hangout (meet up for a drink for example) in Szeged I started researching the Internet, physically looking around Szeged and asking lesbians/gays in the street "Where do you go?". Below are my findings.

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

Coming from London, UK where you are free to express your sexuality in public (i.e. same sex couples can publicly kiss each other, hold hands, show affection and talk about sexual content) whereby the average, educated, heterosexual person does not and will not find it offensive I found the 'Szeged Scene' slightly strange, but understandable.


Let's start with the older generation. Unfortunately they were born during World War II or just after with that stupid Victorian mentally - Children should be seen and not heard - which in today's age interprets as - Children who are gay or lesbian should be seen (by a doctor) and gay/lesbian issues should never be heard of again.

For them to have a gay/lesbian child or relative is a stigma for them and their entire family; especially if they come from a religious upbringing and live in a village. In many cases they either send for a doctor, and/or a priest, to cure their child or relative or simply disown/outcast them.

The older generation in Szeged are exactly the same as the older generation in the UK from the 1970s and before. They more or less only tolerate gays and lesbians today because they have to in order to be seen as tolerant and polite, but never speak of gay/lesbian issues or educate themselves to understanding that gays and lesbians are "normal people".

They easily forget that many of their favourite movie stars from the 1920s for example were gay or lesbian. But then again, they tend not to notice or when they believe they say "Yes, but he/she was a great actor". The problem with the older generation is that they are 'set in their ways' where ignorance is bliss for them. You can not teach an old dog (dinosaur!) new tricks.....


With the younger generation you might think they are better educated, which many of them are, but there are still many who just tolerate gays and lesbians (as not to look homophobic) but feel that gays and lesbians should not make a song and dance about their sexuality. They think that the Gay Pride march in Budapest for example is not needed because it closes the whole of Budapest for the day.

In other words, they do not have a problem with gays and lesbians but feel gays/lesbians should not be interrupting their lives on a Saturday for example just to celebrate their sexuality and/or to protest about gay/lesbian rights.

They do not understand why gays and lesbians have to protest for equality, against discrimination and so on. This mentality is usually down to them growing up with their older generation parents'/relatives' beliefs and values. If they ever visit London, UK their eyes will be opened wide!


In time Hungary as a whole will become more tolerant, understanding and educated. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your mentality Hungary will become like London, UK as it is now in 2019. Change takes time, so do not expect traditional Hungarians to adapt easily to change. Also remember you are a guest in their country and should therefore respect their old ways, traditions and beliefs; within reason!

With the above said: Gays and Lesbians should avoid 'dinosaur cities and towns' (and especially villages) such as Miskolc, Debrecen, Győr and Kecskemét. Budapest, Pécs and Szeged are much more gay and lesbian friendly, perhaps due to them having international students at their universities.


So now you have an insight into the mentality of Hungarians in terms of gay/lesbian sexuality it will come as no surprise to you that the Gay & Lesbian Scene in Szeged is virtually non-existent. No "special" pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants or public meeting points (hangouts) for gays and lesbians to visit.

The above means gays and lesbians have to act "normal" in Szeged and therefore visit local pubs, bars, hangouts, etc whereby they do not show their gay or lesbian affections too much. They may have the odd holding of hands or kiss in the street, but nothing over the top.

There used to be a place called NOT CAFÉ, located at 6723 Szeged, Római Körút 38, Hungary, but it has since closed down (around 2011/2012).


As part of my online research I have contacted various Budapest lesbian/gay forums to ask if there are any Szeged lesbian/gay hangouts/websites. I even set up a lesbian/gay Facebook page for those also searching for Szeged lesbian/gay information, searched Facebook for lesbian/gay user names and search endless days looking for snippets of information; all to no avail, bar the links in the right-side column of this web page.

Many of the forums I found were either out-of-date, had broken links to websites that no longer existed and/or only focused on Budapest and not Szeged. This was without the added problem of translating their Hungarian text! Luckily I had Tünde to help me.

I will do a little more research offline as to exactly where lesbians and gays can be actively found in Szeged and more importantly what they feel is the story regarding Szeged's lack of a Gay & Lesbian Scene.....watch this space! In the meantime I will leave you with this funny Funny video about: Gay MarriageYouTube Video.


Although Budapest is much more tolerant than other Hungarian cities, towns and villages, it does NOT mean you can be more affectionate or show your gayness to the full in public (i.e. no snogging and no touching each other with sexual gestures in public). It not all bad news though! You can easily find hotels that allow you to book a double room as a gay couple, hold hands in public, give your gay partner the occasional affectionate kiss and enter many of the gay bars, clubs and saunas available in Budapest.

In other words: If you do NOT purposely look to aggravate the general public with your gayness by thinking you are making a point that Hungary should come out of the dark ages, you will just be met with hate whereby a confrontation may arise. So just be yourself, but at the same time give respect to the Hungarians by following their laws/regulations and ways of life; if you want a better experience of Hungary.

To put the above into perspective: The police are currently wanting the Budapest Pride March to be fenced off. And just like many gay pride marches around the world, they will always have their anti-gay protestors.

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