BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Emergency - 112

104 is the telephone number of the HU http://www.mentok.hu/home/Ambulance service. The Fire/Rescue WebsiteFire Brigade use 105 and http://www.police.hu/Police 107. These services might not speak and/or understand English though.

EU 112 Emergency ServiceEU 112 Emergency Service

The EU has provided 112 for you to dial in an emergency. It works anywhere within Europe and is free to call.

Living In Hungary - Frequently Asked/Answered

Property - Immigration - Money - Will - Travel - Lifestyle

On this web page you will find common F.A.A.Q about the property processes, renovation processes and general lifestyle costs as explained and exampled throughout this website. This web page may give further information and/or elaborate on answers to vital questions that could not be asked, exampled and/or explained in greater detail, due to lack of space on a particular web page.

DISCLAIMER - The information on this web page and throughout this website, regarding Property, Rental Income and Taxation comes from government websites, advice given to me via various authorities both in the UK and Hungary, and through my own 'actual experiences'. With this said, I still advise you to confirm information wherever and whenever necessary just to make sure it is up-to-date and correct in your particular case; as your circumstances, requirements and 'actual experiences' may differ from mine. In other words, treat the information below as guidance only.



Can a UK Citizen buy an APARTMENT in Hungary?

YES, because the UK is a part of the EU. As an EU Citizen you have the right, and the freedom, to live in any EU Country and therefore buy an apartment in that EU Country, just the same as a Hungarian Citizen can live in the UK and buy an apartment (flat) in the UK. Contrary to Internet belief, you do NOT need the following requirements in order to buy an apartment in Hungary:

- You do NOT need to be married to a Hungarian.

- You do NOT need to be a resident in Hungary.

- You do NOT need a visa or work permit.

- You do NOT need to set up a LTD Company or be Self-Employed.

Can I rent my apartment?

YES - As a private individual of the EU you can only buy one property in Hungary, looked upon as a private home. If you rent out that private home (i.e. an apartment) as a private individual (private landlord) or self-employed person (small business) to local people and/or students you then have a taxable rental income that you have to declare to the tax office whereby you then have to complete the equivalent of an annual tax return each year. You can also rent out property to tourists, but only as a self-employed person (small business) or ltd company.

Besides declaring your rental income to the Hungarian Tax Office you also need to declare it to HMRC in the UK as part of your self-assessment for example. If your private home is not rented out or sold, and really lived in as a private individual, then there is 'NOTHING TO DECLARE'. For more information you should make enquires with your accountant, country's tax office and government websites, if only for piece of mind!

Can a UK Citizen buy 'Other Types Of Property' in Hungary?

A UK Citizen can not buy a farmhouse, countryside house, or house outside a village or town’s official boundaries unless it has been classified by the land/property registry as a residential property (i.e. private home). Wine Houses and their Accompanying Vineyards not originally intended as Holiday Homes or Permanent Living Accommodations, and Agricultural Land, also cannot be bought by a UK Citizen. Basically, a property has to be classified and registered as a residential property before it can be bought by a UK Citizen. Furthermore, the land cannot exceed 6,000 Square Meters.


Is a WILL written in one country recognised in another?

It depends! If you have a valid/legal WILL written in the UK, written in Hungarian and/or English, it should be valid/legal in Hungary. I say "should be" because International Laws are a quagmire at the best of times and dependent on your particular circumstances, property, family member rights and so on. Hence why you should make a WILL, via a lawyer, when you have bought Hungarian property.

Hungarian WILL - If you want to make a WILL in Hungary, written in Hungarian and/or English, you can do so via a Hungarian lawyer. They will submit your WILL for registration via a notary who will then electronically register it with the National Register of Wills (VONY), managed by the Hungarian National Chamber of Civil Law Notaries. Although registration is free, your lawyer will have their own administration fees of course. NOTE WELL - The content of a WILL is not registered. Only the information that enables it to be found is registered. The WILL itself should be kept by your lawyer.

More Information - The European Network of Registers of Wills AssociationRegisters of Wills AssociationInformation Sheet for HungaryInformation Sheet for Hungary

UK WILL - If you want to make a WILL in the UK, written in Hungarian and/or English, you can do so yourself whereby you should then get it notarised. In the UK you can keep the WILL in your house or with a lawyer for example.

More Information - Government WILL Web PageGOV Will Web PageGovernment Inheritance Web PageGOV Inheritance Web PageGOV Marriage Web PageGOV Marriage Web Page


Can I open a Hungarian Bank Account?

YES - As a property owner in Hungary you will need to show your current passport and proof of residency in Hungary (i.e. a property contract or land registry paperwork) whereby you will then be asked to deposit a small cash amount to officially open the Hungarian Bank Account. You might also be asked to provide Proof Of UK Address and any change of name documents such as your Deed-Poll papers or Marriage Certificate, depending on the bank.


What papers will I initially, normally, be asked to show?

Common documents normally required when applying for a residency permit and address card are:

CURRENT PASSPORT - Although your nationality may make a significant difference, I would still suggest having at least 5 Years remaining on your current passport.

LAND REGISTRY PAPERWORK - Title Deed to prove property ownership. Although it is not necessary, I would still bring along your FINAL PROPERTY CONTRACT just in case it is asked for.

CURRENT BANK STATEMENT - A current Hungarian, or British, bank statement showing at least £1,000 (375,000 HUF) should be okay. That is the rough equivalent to one year's maintenance fee; depending on your property of course.

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) - To prove you can support yourself health-wise. An EHIC Card is issued free of charge by the NHS.

Additional documents you should consider are:

BIRTH CERTIFICATE - To prove Change Of Name and/or Mother's Maiden Name for example.

PROOF OF UK ADDRESS - TV License, Phone Bill and so on. Just in case they are asked for.

DEED-POLL PAPERS / MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE - To prove Change Of Name, if asked for.

In addition to these requirements you will also need to buy a 1,000 Ft Duty Stamp (illetékbélyeg) from the post office, prior to visiting the immigration office, as payment towards the immigration office administration fees.

Surrender Your Residency Card & Address Card

Q) How Do I Surrender My Residency Card & Address Card?

A) Go to your local Government Office (Kormányhivatal) and tell them you no longer need your Residency Card & Address Card. Take the Residency Card & Address Card with you (to surrender) along with your passport (for ID purposes only) and any other documentation that you feel may be needed.


Monthly Tram/Train Pass

Q) Do I need to write my Name and/or Passport Number on a non-transferable monthly pass that enables journeys via tram and train?

A) If you only travel within Szeged, all you need to write on the monthly pass is your Passport Number. If you are travelling outside Szeged then you will need to write both your Name and Passport Number on the monthly pass.

Pensioner Pass / FREE Travel On Public Transport

Q) Do I need 'Special ID' to get free travel as a pensioner?

A) NO. If you are an EU Pensioner, you do not need a Pensioner Pass Certificate (Photo ID Card) or a Pass Coupon (Ticket) as a Passport or ID Card will be sufficient enough 'Proof of Age'; therefore giving you free travel (without the need for a ticket).

A Travel Pass in Hungary (Budapest) consists of a Pass Certificate (Photo ID Card) and a Pass Coupon (Ticket). You MUST write the pass certificate's number (i.e. your Pensioner Pass Certificate's number or Student Card number) in the empty box on the back of the pass coupon (ticket).

As said above: If you are an EU Pensioner, you do not need a Pensioner Pass Certificate (Photo ID Card) or a Pass Coupon (Ticket) to travel on public transport. A Pensioner Pass Certificate (for Hungarians for example) is issued by BKV whereas a Student Card is issued by the government via the Education/University Application you fill out upon enrollment, usually with help from an administrator.

A Budapest Card is basically Tourist Pass, issued by the Budapest Tourist Office, that allows you to travel on Budapest transport and get discounts to leisure/tourist activities and events.

NOTE: As a pensioner travelling between Szeged and Budapest Airport (and vice versa) you can also travel for free, on the Non-Intercity Carriages only, on the MÁV START train using your Passport or ID Card only. However, you MUST pay the compulsory Fast Train fee (tax) of 295 HUF (around 73p) for each journey. And if you want to travel First Class or Second Class on a MÁV START Intercity Train (Carriage) you need to pay the compulsory Inter-City Reservation fee of 595 HUF (around £1.48) and therefore book a date/time of travel.

Further clarification/reading - BKV Travel ConditionsBKV Travel Conditions (Section 3: Use of the tickets and passes.), BKV F.A.QBKV F.A.Q (Section 6: EU citizens of age 65 and above.) and Local Transport DiscountsLocal Transport Discounts.

Luguage On Budapest Public Transpport

Q) Is there a charge/fee for luguage on Budapest Public Transport?

A) The short answer is NO. You are allowed to carry two pieces of luguage free of charge. However, read the public transport Budapest Public Transport Terms & ConditionsBudapest Public Transport Terms & Conditions about Bicycles and extra luguage.

Driving License - Exchange For Hungarian Driving License

Q) How long can I drive in Hungary on a British driving license?

A) This question, among others, is answered on the Exchange a British driving license in HungaryCentral Office For Administrative And Electronic Public Services web page. You can normally drive on Hungarian roads for one year before the need to exchange your British driving license for a Hungarian driving license.

Purchasing A Second-Hand Hungarian Car

Q) How Do I purchase and register a Hungarian car?

A) Follow these steps:

Step 1 - With the car you want to buy: Check its engine number matches the engine number recorded in its current logbook. If they do not match, either enquire further or just walk away.

Step 2 - You (the buyer) and the current owner (seller) should sign a 'new owner' contract, witnessed and signed by two witnesses, prior to you (the buyer) handing over any money. In many cases the money is counted out and witnessed beforehand. Either way, the two witnesses should represent one witness for the buyer and one witness for the seller.

Step 3 - After purchased, get a certificate from your local garage - https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/vehicles/registration/formalities/hungary/index_en.htm - The garage basically signs a certificate that states engine number and other parts of the car match up with the logbook. Thiis certificate is needed for government (dvla equivalent) purposes, so that they can create a new logbook in your name.

Step 4 - Call your insurance company to setup insurance for your newly purchased car.

Step 5 - Visit your local Kormányhivatal with your garage certificate, sellers details, purchase receipt, etc to get a new logbook, in your name, for your newly purchased car. Although you might pay 12,000 HUF for your new logbook, it should be ready for collection on the same day.

Step 6 - Visit your local government office (i.e. Kormányhivatal or Documents Office) for car tax.


If your Hungarian wife/husband/partner needs an Hungarian Embassy London (UK)Emergency Travel Document (otherwise known as an Emergency Passport), perhaps because they have had their original passport stolen while staying in London (UK), they can apply for an Emergency Travel Document at the Hungarian embassy in London (UK). It will cost them around £26 and can take up to 5 days to process their application whereby they will need to fill out a special form with the following requirements:

Photo ID - Such as their Driving License or Hungarian ID Card.

Police Statement - Stating their passport was stolen.

2 Passport Sized Photos - 2 current photos of themselves, for application purposes.

Embassy Statement - They will need to fill out an embassy statement (declaration) about the stolen passport (details of how it happened) that is then sent to Hungary as evidence/declaration.

Police Statemnt Reference Number

Plane Ticket(s) - To prove they are flying and therefore need an emergency travel document.

NOTE WELL - This 'Emergency Travel Document' process is normally reserved for those who have had their passport stolen. However, many Hungarians use this process when their Hungarian passport has naturally expired whereby they are stuck in the UK with no valid Hungarian passport to travel back to Hungary on.