Bicycle Lanes

You will find Szeged very cyclist friendly - Its pavements have dedicated cycle lanes, dedicated footpaths and a mixture of both.

Szeged Bicycle Lanes

Beep Beep! Make sure you're on the correct path or bicycle lane.

Bicycle Hire

Szeged also has a bicycle hire scheme like in London (UK), which is great for sightseeing and exercise purposes.

Szeged Bicycle Hire

Bicycle hire is 200 HUF per hour or 1800 HUF per day.

Bicycle Shop

There are many bicycle shops in and around Szeged city centre, but I prefer to use Laci Bike.

Laci Bicycle Shop

The independent owner is very polite, with affordable products and services, and can usually fix small-medium bicycle problems within 30 Minutes.

Road Signs

This road sign means you are entering the village Újszentiván.

Enter Village Sign

This road sign means you are leaving the village Újszentiván.

Exit Village Sign

Zebra Crossings

Zebra Crossings in Hungary can be on their own or combined with a cycle lane (usually on their left side).

Zebra Crossing

Always press the button and wait. If there is no cycle lane and no cycle light on the zebra crossing, you must walk your bicycle across as a pedestrian.

Szeged Leisure - Long Distance Cycling

Cycling In And Around Szeged City And The Countryside

This web page has been created primarily for those who like to cycle long distances, who want to explore and enjoy Szeged's outer-city routes and countryside towns and villages. And for those who just like the piece and quiet of the countryside lanes; perhaps stopping off for a bite to eat and a beer or two!


One of the best things about Szeged, in terms of its cycling, is its vast amount of cycling lanes; located on pavements, away from the traffic. Not only are these cycle lanes in cities, towns and villages, they are also on the side of E-roads (like A and B roads in the UK) whereby they allow you to connect (travel) from one city, town or village to the next without the fear of being hit by traffic. Szeged really is a bicycle-friendly place to live.

Watch Out!.....Pothole!

Although Szeged is great for cycling, you need to watch out for potholes in the pavements; especially those outside of the city, as many pavements are worn out whereby they have uneven/pot-holed areas that can easily damage your bicycle and you! So make sure your bicycle has thick mountain bike wheels, and ALWAYS CARRY A REPAIR KIT as there are not many bicyle shops between towns and villages.

Many of the potholed pathways tend to be around the housing estates and poorer areas, simply because they are used more by the cyclists and people living there, with the public footpaths and pathways (main streets) being okay.

Potholes Szeged

Warning! Potholes outside the city can seriously damage your bicycle and bones!

Szeged Riverside - Cycling Routes

In the summer, and winter too but not as often, you will find many people cycling alongside the river bank's many pathways that stretch for miles; into towns and villages such as Tiszasziget WebsiteTiszasziget, Térvár, Újszentiván WebsiteÚjszentiván, Szőreg WebsiteSzeged-Szőreg, Kübekháza WebsiteKübekháza and Szeged Tápé. Long distance cyclists have at least 15 miles of pathway to use while enjoying the beautiful countryside. The start of many of these pathways are only ten minutes away from the downtown bridge (Belvárosi Híd).

Riverside Pathways

This is a great place for clearing your mind, exercising and enjoying the freedom of life

Cycling Around Szeged - ROUTES & TIMINGS

Below I have listed some cycling routes you can take from Belvárosi Híd (Downtown Bridge), one-way; so just double the time if coming back the same route. Some routes are short-ish while other are long distance. Where two times are given, the first is a fast speed (usually on a Mountain Bicycle) and the second is a standard/leisurely speed (usually on a Folding Bicylcle or Budapesti Bicycle).

Going To Journey Time
Szeged Tápé 25-30 Minutes
Algyő (via Szeged Tápe) 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Hódmezővásárhely (via Szeged Tápe) 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Tiszasziget 39 Minutes
Újszentiván 50 Minutes
Szeged-Szőreg 53 Minutes
Szeged (via Tiszasziget, Újszentiván and Szeged-Szőreg) 1 Hour 11 Minutes
Belvárosi Híd (via Tiszasziget, Újszentiván, Szeged-Szőreg and Szeged) 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Kübekháza (via Tiszasziget, Újszentiván and Szeged-Szőreg) 1 Hour 28 Minutes
Röszke (via Szeged-Gyálarét) 55 Minutes
Röszke (via Szentmihály) 47 Minutes
Kiskundorozsma 37 Minutes
Forráskút (via Kiskundorozsma) 1 Hour 5 Minutes / 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Szatymaz (via Kiskundorozsma) 1 Hour 5 Minutes
Sándorfalva (via Kiskundorozsma) 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Sándorfalva To Szeged (Direct) 35-45 Minutes

Szeged Countryside

The Szeged countryside is worth exploring with children too (animals, architecture, etc)

Cycling Around Szeged - BICYCLE REPAIR SHOPS

Below is a list of bicycle repair shops found in and around Szeged.

Website Area Address GPS Phone E-mail Opening Hours
Drótszamár 6721 Kálmány Lajos Utca 2 GPS: N 46 15.423 E 20 09.383Map 30 973 2732 E-mail MON-FRI: 9am - 5pm
SAT: 9am - 1pm
Heavy Pedal WebsiteHeavy Pedál 6723 Brüsszeli Körút 12 GPS: N 46 15.677 E 20 09.314Map 62 314 778 E-mail MON-FRI: 10am - 6pm
SAT: 9am - 12pm
Kerekpar-Sziget WebsiteKerekpar-Sziget 6723 Szilléri Sugárút 41 GPS: N 46 15.880 E 20 09.954Map 62 319 324
30 981 7246
E-mail MON-FRI: 10am - 6pm
SAT: 10am - 1pm
Keró 6723 Rókusi Körút 12-14 GPS: N 46 16.300 E 20 08.621Map 30 380 2000 E-mail MON-FRI: 10am - 6pm
SAT: 10am - 1pm
Prolog Bike WebsiteProlog 6723 Csongrádi Sugárút 31 GPS: N 46 15.814 E 20 09.074Map 62 499 857 E-mail MON-FRI: 10am - 6pm
SAT: 9am - 1pm
Roncs Abroncs 6723 József Attila Sugárút 77c GPS: N 46 16.048 E 20 09.477Map 20 478 8714 E-mail MON-FRI: 9am - 4pm
Urban Legend WebsiteUrban Legend 6723 József Attila Sugárút 47 GPS: N 46 15.762 E 20 09.475Map 62 738 489 E-mail MON-FRI: 9am - 6pm
SAT: 9am - 1pm
Canga Bike Shop WebsiteCanga 6724 Kálvária Tér 31 GPS: N 46 15.149 E 20 08.031Map 62 442 643
70 632 4906
E-mail MON-FRI: 8:30am - 5pm
SAT: 8:30am - 12pm
Laci Bike WebsiteLaci Bike 6724 Csongrádi Sugárút 43 GPS: N 46 15.888 E 20 09.082Map 70 403 5751 E-mail MON-FRI: 9am - 5pm
SAT: 9am - 12pm
Maniac WebsiteManiac 6724 Kosuth Lajos Sugárút 57 GPS: N 46 15.660 E 20 08.342Map 62 543 370 E-mail MON-FRI: 10am - 6pm
SAT: 9am - 12pm
Szeged Bike WebsiteSzeged Bike 6724 Vásárhelyi Pál Utca 16 GPS: N 46 15.495 E 20 07.595Map 20 822 8476 E-mail MON-FRI: 9am - 6pm
SAT: 9am - 1pm
Lendulet WebsiteLendulet 6726 Derkovits Fasor 94 GPS: N 46 14.190 E 20 10.582Map 62 401 424 E-mail MON-FRI: 9am - 6pm
SAT: 9am - 1pm

Cycling Around Szeged

In the Szeged countryside you can find unique statues, artwork and structures