How To Make A Hungarian Tészta Saláta (Pasta Salad)

Tészta - Saláta - Frankfurter - Tejföl - Tojás - Paradicsom - Uborka

Below I will be showing you how to make a Hungarian Tészta Saláta (Pasta Salad). As the salad part is obviously easy to make, I will be concentrating more on the ingredients.


How Tünde Makes Tészta Saláta (Pasta Salad)

STEP #1 - Prepare the ingredients. Slice and then chop the tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper and frankfurter before mixing (folding) them into a bowl. With the frankfurters, slice them lengthways before then chopping them into 1cm (or less) chunks.

Pasta Salad

Dice/Slice the tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and frankfurters

STEP #2 - Shred 8 hard boiled eggs into pieces. They will be mixed into the pasta.

STEP #3 - Boil some pasta and when cooked, mix the eight shredded boiled eggs into it. You can let the pasta cool down first, but the eggs stick to the pasta better when the pasta is still hot or warm.

Pasta Egg

Mix the 8 shredded boiled eggs into the freshly cooked pasta

STEP #4 - Mix in the salad ingredients. Mix the sliced/chopped tomato, cucumber, yellow pepper and frankfurter into the egg pasta (see middle photo below).

STEP #5 - Make the Pasta Sauce. Mix (Beat) the 400g of Sour Cream, Lemon Juice and Mayonnaise together to form a kind of creamy, fluffy, paste. After that, fold it into the egg/salad pasta whereby all of the pasta sauce is thoroughly mixed in, making the whole thing a little oily/watery (in a good way). That's it. Finished!

Pasta Sauce

Mix the pasta sauce into the pasta and salad mix to complete this meal

This dish is normally served on its own or with fish or chicken for example. It can be quite filling on its own due to the pasta.

Pasta Salad

The pasta salad is ready to serve warm or cold, on its own or with chicken.