Crumble Mix

Crumble Mix from Morrisons is very affordable and tastes very nice.

Apple Crumble Mix

Sprinkle the crumble mix over your stewed apples and bake in the oven. It's that simple.

Pastry Mix

Pastry Mix is simply a case of adding water and kneading the dough, which is excellent for pie bases and tops.

Pastry Mix

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar (Barna Cukor) is used to make a recipe moister and softer.

Brown Sugar

You can substitute brown sugar for white sugar if you have no white sugar available and vice versa.

How To Make A Basic Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble - Apples - Brown Sugar - Water - Butter

Below I am going to show you how to make a basic apple crumble. Although the crumble will be ready-made from a packet, I will be making the stewed apples myself.

When it comes to buying apples for stewing purposes, you need to consider (experiment with) their firmness and sweetness in terms of cooking time and the amount of brown sugar to add. In this example I am using firm red apples with 250ml of brown sugar whereby the apples take 30 minutes to stew. So the key thing with apples, and other fruits, is experimentation through Trial & Error.



STEP #1 - Take the core out of each apple using an apple corer (for an easier life) as opposed to using a knife and then chop each apple into 2 or 4 chunks (rectangles). Do NOT chop/dice them too small though, otherwise they will become too slushy. Chunks are better because they take longer to cook (stew) and stay firm enough, but also soft enough, without becoming too slushy.

If you want to peel the apples first (skin them), you can do so but I prefer to leave the apples with their skins on (unskinned); for added/full flavour.

STEP #2 - Put 500ml of Cold Water, the chunks of cored apples and 250ml of brown sugar into an empty 7-10 Litre saucepan.

STEP #3 - Light up a gas hob, to a medium-high heat and then put the 7-10 Litre saucepan on it; with the lid/cover on it. A lid/cover with a hole in its glass is better.

What is a Medium Heat? - Medium Heat is when the gas flames circle the half-way point between a saucepan's dead centre (middle) and a saucepan's edge.

What is a High Heat? - High Heat is when the gas flames circle the edge of a saucepan without going over the saucepan's edge.

What is a Medium-High Heat? - Medium-High Heat is when the gas flames circle between Medium Heat and High Heat; which is usally about 1 CM away (small saucepan) or 1 Inch away (large saucepan) from a saucepan's edge, depending on the size of the saucepan.

Apple Crumble

The apple stewing process involves boiling water at the bottom of the saucepan

STEP #4 - Boil the water (and ingredients) on the medium-high heat for up to 30 minutes, if using hard red apples for example. After 15-20 minutes the apples should then become soft whereby you can press a wooden spoon against them and their skins deflate slightly; making the apples soft but still slightly firm. Around 70% to 75% soft.

Apple Crumble

After 15-20 minutes of cooking the apples, they should have become 70% to 75% soft.

After another 5 minutes the apple skins should be totally deflateable, to a point where the apples themselves are soft enough to be crushed by the wooden spoon and made into a thick mush (NOT a watery slush). There should still be around 10% of water (now apple juice) in the saucepan.

Apple Crumble

Do NOT stew the apples until they become too dry - They still need to be oven baked

Another 5 minutes later the stewed apples should be ready for the crumble bake - Spread the hot stewed apples into a baking tin and then evenly sprinkle 400g to 600g of ready-made apple crumble mix over the hot stewed apples.

Apple Crumble Mix

Evenly sprinkle some ready-made apple crumble mix over the hot stewed apples

STEP #5 - Oven bake the stewed apples and crumble mix at a temperature of Gas Mark 6 (200 Celsius / 400 Fahrenheit) for up to 30 minutes until the crumble is golden brown in colour.

Apple Crumble

A nice golden-brown crumble should be what you are trying to achieve

Apple Crumble is normally served with custard, but double cream (or carnation milk) is also nice! Here I have added broken bits of cinnamon to the custard. Hence the small brown bits showing in the custard.