Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice is so versatile that it goes with almost any secondary ingredient.

Tilda Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice goes with Minced Meat, Pork Chops, Spam Meat, Rib Meat, Chicken, Spring Rolls and Fish; among other things.

Minced Meat

Tesco sell a coarse (thick) minced meat as well as traditional thinner minced meat. Either way, always buy the most red meat (i.e. 70%-85% meat).

Sertes Marha

Supermarkets and local shops in Hungary tend to sell minced meat that is 50% fat, which is not worth buying and has a vulgar fatty taste.

Side Garnish

Malt Vinegar, Rock Salt, Black Pepper, Chopped/Sliced Cucumber and Chopped/Sliced Tomatoes.....

Vinegar Garnish

..... in a bowl, cooled in the fridge, makes a perfect wettener for rice dishes.

Cooking In Hungary With Hungarian Ingredients

Soup - Cakes - Cabbage - Bread - Roasts

Welcome to this cooking side of Living In HungaryLiving In Hungary - Whether you are a beginner cook, student, bedsitter, person on a food budget and/or someone who considers cooking certain foods difficult (such as making a soup, baking a sponge cake, baking bread and roasting a chicken), I, John Cairns, will show you how to prepare ingredients and make meals out of them by giving you clear, easy-to-follow, instructions and explanations.

As I live (off/on) in Hungary and London (UK), with my Hungarian wife Tünde, I have included a few of her Hungarian dishes together with their Hungarian ingredient names.


Although many of the meals shown on this website use international ingredients (such as rice, pasta, lentils and potatoes), some meals use ingredients more readily found in Hungarian supermarkets and local Hungarian shops within Hungary. Hence why I have given Hungarian ingredient names and shown packaging where possible/needed, so you can easily identify them when living in Hungary or shopping in a Hungarian shop within your own country for example.


NOTE WELL - The ingredients, meals and cooking methods on this website are NOT about Quick Meals, Food Presentation, The Science Of Cooking or Healthy/Diet Food but ARE about Preparation, Cooking Method and Taste whereby a meal can easily take between 30 Minutes and 1 Hour to complete on average; with simmering soups and oven roasts taking up to 2 Hours to complete.


One thing you will notice on this website is that I like attention to detail in terms of how to prepare something, how long something takes to cook, how much ingredient is needed and the reasons behind some of the cooking methods (in a non-scientific way). These may include photos of what something should look like before, during and/or after its various preparation and/or cooking stages.

In other words: I like to see clear, step-by-step, easy-to-follow, instructions in a cookbook and on a website; and hopefully you do too. Hence why I have tried to make sure that whatever you cook from following this cooking website, you hopefully cut out many of the 'beginner mistakes'.


The photographs on these cooking web pages, showing the various preparation and cooking stages of a meal, were taken by me, John Cairns, to show exactly what the ingredients and/or its particular meal should look like at a particular point in time - Photos that show the textures and consistencies you should realistically be aiming to achieve.


Although I used to work in a large commercial kitchen in London (UK) where I made many chef friends, whose cooking advice has been invaluable over the years, I, John Cairns, am NOT a chef of any kind. I am just an 'everyday' person who has grown up with a necessity to cook for himself over the decades (in a bedsit and then in various flats) and now for my Hungarian wife and her family and friends whereby I have acquired the ability to cook edible meals! Hence the confidence to make these cooking pages.