Mold Protection

If you need mold protection paint, perhaps to cover over dried out water damage marks, I can highly recommend Héra Penészgátló.

Mold Protection PaintMold Protection Paint

For my water damage marks I first used a primer and then used Héra Penészgátló as an under coat. It is a little thicker than normal paint (in a good way) and costs 4,299 HUF (£11.46) for 2 Litres.


If you need a good equivalent to Polly cell Polyfilla, use Primastěrka Prima Glett. Available from any OBI D.I.Y Shop.


Its impressive, versatile, creamy toothpaste texture can literally fill any space, hole or gap; making it perfect for renovation jobs. It dries hard and can be sanded down like Polyfilla.

Wood Gloss

A good wood and metal gloss is the Trinát Magasfényű Zománc range of paints, which come in a variety of colours. A 0.25L tin, costing 2,190 and upwards (depending on the paint colour), can cover 2 square meters (two coats).

Wood GlossWood Gloss

I have used the brown for the wooden frames around my balcony windows and the white Trinát Radiátorzománc (metal/radiator gloss paint) for the metal around my balcony.

Effective Hungarian Household Cleaning Materials

Kitchen Cleaner - Sink Unblocker -

When in Hungary it can be difficult to find UK brand name cleaning materials, especially if you are living in the Hungarian countryside. And even when you find them, they can be double their UK price.

Click Here - Cooking In HungaryCooking In Hungary

One way around this scenario is to import them from the UK using a transfer company, as part of your initial transfer of household items to Hungary. The problem with this though is that once you have transfered all your household items, doing a monthly transfer thereafter just for cleaning materials is not cost effective.

Another solution is to use equivalent Hungarian cleaning materials, if you know what you are reading and buying of course, but even then you still need to test those various Hungarian cleaning materials before finding the ones you like. To help save you some valuable testing time, below I have mentioned some common Hungarian cleaning materials I use on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.


Kitchen Cleaner

Flóraszept Konyhai ZsíroldóFlóraszept Konyhai Zsíroldó is a Kitchen Degreaser, sold as a 750 ml spray, for around 670 HUF.

Oven Degreaser

Hideg ZsíroldóWell Done Hideg Zsíroldó is a Oven Degreaser, sold as a 1,000 ml spray, for around 1,000 HUF.

Wood Cleaner

Pronto Extra CarePronto Extra Care is a 5-in-1 Aloe Vera Wood Furniture Cleaner, sold as a 500 ml spray, for around 1,200 HUF.

Sink Unblocker

Kék CsodaKék Csoda is a Plug Hole Unblocker for your sink, shower and bath that is sold as granules for around 810 HUF.

EXTREME WARNING - The Kék Csoda contains a very powerful acid whereby, depending on how much you use, it can literally smoke up; as if the plug hole is burning.

You basically sprinkle the Kék Csoda granules into the plug hole of your blocked sink, bath or shower until the granules come level to the top of the plug hole. As the granules make contact with the water at the very bottom of the plug hole and/or in the pipework itself, the acid in the granules begin to do their job. You should see black frothing and a hissing sound. If you see smoke, do not panic. It means the soda is really working! A good result is when you run water afterwards and get that burping (unblocked) sound.

If you have small children in your property, put your Kék Csoda in a high cupboard; well out of reach of those children. If they swallow some granules.....

Cleaning Materials LOCAL SHOPS

If you just need a simple everyday domestic cleaner the local shops, which resemble a £1 shop, have plenty of various cleaning materials for you to try. Here are the cleaning materials I use: