Pizza Take-Away

Pizzafutár is more than a pizza take away service. It also offers Pastas, Soups, Salads, Roasts and Drinks for example. Their Sándor pizza is worth a try.

Pizzafutár Szeged

Email - Website - Facebook - GPS: N 46 16.354 E 20 09.610Map - Open 7 Days A Week - TEL: 06 30 600 1222 - MOB: 06 62 493929.

Where Event?

Wherevent is a website that lists regular music events, among other event types, around the world.

Wherevent Website

Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen and Pécs are the most active places in Hungary for events.

Open 24/7

If you are need of emergency late-night drinks! the Korzó food shop opposite Mars Tér market and bus station is open 24/7 (NON-STOP in Hungarian).

Late-Night Shops Szeged

The national tobacco shop in Széchenyi Tér is also a NON-STOP shop for emergency cigarettes and drinks.

Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass is great for visiting tourist locations and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on the trams, trolley buses and local buses in and around Szeged city centre.

Bureau De Change

The Correct Change Bureau De Change, located at Tisza Lajos Körút 57 (Szeged city centre), has excellent exchange rates. They have branches in Budapest too.

Correct Change

It's worth taking a tram/bus into the city centre because you will still receive more money than outside the city centre.

Szeged Evenings And Nights

Cafés - Pubs - Bars - Restaurants - Nightclubs

Below you will find information about frequently visited student 'hangouts' (cafés, pubs/bars and nightclubs), tourist 'hangouts' (cafés, restaurants and pubs/bars) and local hangouts; some with a short description, contact details (where possible) and photos; with others just being linked. This information was supplied with help from Hungarian friends and actual university students, and me visiting the hangouts to try them out; hence exact GPS Maps.

I have purposely highlighted places that local people use, for four good reasons. 1) Locals do NOT eat at expensive places. 2) Local places tend to serve 'Homemade', native food. 3) Tourist places get enough exposure. And 4) You will more than likely bump into the tourist places and/or get to know of them through word-of-mouth.

In Szeged there is a mixture of "Foreign" students and pure Hungarian students whereby the poorer students tend to be pure Hungarian and the wealthier students tend to be "Foreign", but can also be made up of pure Hungarian students with good part-time jobs and/or students that receive money from a family member working abroad for example. The poorer students usually visit pubs in their local apartment area only and maybe visit the cheaper 'hangouts' once a fortnight (buying one drink that lasts all night!) whereas the wealthier students tend to visit the more expensive 'hangouts' once a week.


Unfortunate to say, but it has to be said - In Szeged, and Budapest for example, the younger staff can be rude and arrogant towards "The Foreigner". They are afraid when someone speaks English for example (in a kind of panicky/nervous way), which results in them saying "WHAT" very sharply. So instead of "Excuse me, I don't understand" or "Can you repeat that please" you get "WHAT". I experienced this in the Budapest 'John Bull' Pub - See my John Bull Pub - BudapestTripAdvisor Review and had similar experiences when asking for a menu in some of the Szeged bars and cafés. So be aware!

With the above said: Unless otherwise stated, I have left it up to you to decide whether or not a place is worth visiting and more precisely eating/drinking in and/or having a take-away from. You should therefore treat the information on this web page as an overview rather than an indepth review simply because what I like and do not like might not be of your opinion.

Another thing to be aware of is that many 'hangouts' (Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Etc) do NOT accept credit/debit cards, unless you spend 2,000 HUF (around £5) or more, simply because Hungarian people and businesses are still in that phase/era of not trusting the banks, credit/debit cards, online banking, etc. So know where the Szeged ATM Cash MachinesATM Cash Machines are located!

Jate Club (Café / Events / Nightclub)

6720 Szeged, Dugonics Tér 13, Hungary
TEL: 06 62 544 703
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 14.984 E 20 08.754GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 10am - 4am
Saturday: 10pm - 5am

This basement nightclub, popular with university students, is located in the heart of Szeged city centre. Established in 1973 as a university club, it know operates as a café during the day and an events venue in the evening - Faculty Parties, Cultural Programs, Theatre and Poetry.

Szeged Jate Club

This nightclub can hold concerts and theatre projects as well as serve coffee!

On a Friday night and Saturday night between 10pm and 5am the club operates as a Nightclub whereby it can accommodate up to around 600 people, with concerts being held throughout the months - Visit their Facebook page for more information or visit the club personally, like I did, to get their current leaflet of 'up-coming concerts'. The staff member I spoke to was really friendly and even helpful enough to take timeout from his stock-taking to answer my questions.

Középfölde (Music Events)

Szeged 6726, Népkert Sor 3, Hungary
MOB: 06 30 701 2952
GPS: N 46 14.992 E 20 09.608GPS Map

Friday - Saturday: 4pm - 2am
Sunday: 11am - Midnight

Középfölde is an outdoor music stage with food bar (drinks and burgers), surrounded by a fence and wall, located within Liszt Ferenc park. It holds a wide variety of live music events such as Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Jazz, Indie Pop and 80's Night.

When I visited there was a Scottish and German band playing R&B and Jazz music (sung in English) as well as local Hungarian talent also singing in English. Live guitars, drums, amps, harmonica and singers all added to the electric atmosphere for the age group of 25-45 (on average). I found the visitors there all got into the party spirit, enjoying themselves and the beer. I made friends quite easily with a few people, even talking to the band members later.

Középfölde Szeged

The Középfölde: Great for 25 to 45 year olds who like Live Music events

Although the actual stage area is small, the venues can be concert size because Középfölde can utilise the park for space/visitors and be fenced off if need be; so some weeks might be intimate events while other weeks might be concert sized events. Music normally starts after 9pm, but usually around 10pm until 2am.

NOTE: This place has since closed down and the Liszt Ferenc park has been redeveloped. This review still shows though what a good time you can have in Szeged. I will keep you informed as to what happens to this venue, if anything at all happens.

Troja Café (Café / Food Bar)

Szeged 6720, Kölcsey Utca 4, Hungary
MOB: 06 30 627 9056
E-mail  -  Website  -  -  GPS: N 46 15.066 E 20 08.812GPS Map

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 12 Midnight
Sunday: 11am - 11pm

Troja is classed as a Café and Food Bar (Snack Bar) but has the look and feel of a Restaurant. What us English call a restaurant (i.e. foreign cuisines with expensive/catered meals such as vegetarian, seafood and steaks served by a waiter) is often called a food bar in Hungary when the establishment is serving snacks, cold meals, simple foods and take-aways only. Hence why the prices are cheaper than a restaurant.

Szeged Troja Café

Troja's main cuisines are Chinese, Indian/Pakistani and Middle Eastern

Troja, located on the left-side of the University Of Szeged in Dugonics Tér (next to the Piano Club) has an outdoor seating area and welcomes bookings and walk-in customers alike. Its main eat-inside, eat-outside and take-away services include Chinese, Indian/Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisines. Unfortunately they only accept cash.

Super Hamburger (Restaurant)

6725 Szeged, Kálvária Tér 20, Hungary
TEL: +36 62 555 765
Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.192 E 20 07.763GPS Map

Every Day: 24 Hours

This is a very nice hamburger place, with friendly staff (many speaking English), not far from the city centre. I have tried many hamburger places in Szeged and find most of them have a bland taste with a raw meat type of burger, but with Super Hamburger you actually get a cooked and well presented hamburger with delicious sauces and cooked meat.

The Antenna Mester (Mesh-ta) is a perfect example of the just said. They also do a nice fruit salad and other desserts. Highly recommended and affordable.

Super Hamburger

Visit Super Hamburger if you want a traditional Hungarian hamburger

Csepp A Tengerben (Restaurant)

6723 Szeged, Szamos Utca 4, Hungary
TEL: +36 30 369 7478
Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 16.077 E 20 09.738GPS Map

Monday - Sunday: 11am - 9pm

I had to mention this restaurant as it was recommended to me by Tünde on my first visit to Szeged - We went there for fish soup, goulash and chocolate dessert! Both of us really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. The place was really clean, with a pleasant waitress and food worth waiting for. I will definitely be back with Tünde for sure.

Drop In The Ocean

This is a great place if you are celebrating a special occasion

Update 2015: Tünde, friend Ildikó and me went there recently (about a year later from our last visit) and the place has not changed. Still excellent food, great customer service and affordable prices. The place is also known for its size, which can accommodate quite a few people (around 100 people I would imagine) for events such as wedding, funeral, anniversary and party occasions - When we were there this time some senior citizens were holding a party!

Pizzatorony (Restaurant)

6723 Szeged, Szamos Utca 4, Hungary
TEL: 06 62 436 914
MOB: 06 20 548 5480 / 06 30 259 6267 / 06 70 567 2709
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 16.077 E 20 09.738GPS Map

PUB - Monday - Thursday: 9am - 11pm
PUB - Friday - Saturday: 9am - 12 Midnight
PUB - Sunday: 10am - 10pm
PIZZA - Always Open

Next door to Csepp A Tengerben is Pizzatorony, a Pizza Restaurant and Café Bar that also do take-away and pizza delivery services. They can hold special events for you such as Birthday Parties, Childrens' Parties and Family Events.

Szeged Pizza Restaurant

Pizzatorony has a great range of pizzas, to eat-in, take-away or have delivered.

The 12" pizza I had recently was excellent value for money, tasty and filling. Expect to wait slightly longer (i.e. up to 40 Minutes) for a take-away pizza due to them being busy with restaurant orders. The wait will be worthwhile. They also accept credit/debit cards. I will eat-in when I next go there with Tünde.

Gulyás Csárda (Restaurant)

Szeged 6722, Mars Tér 15/B, Hungary
MOB: 06 20 327 9835
TEL: 06 62 445 551
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.329 E 20 08.434GPS Map

Every Day: 10am - 10pm

Went here with Tünde and her family - The food and customer service were excellent; could not be faulted. For 1,600 HUF (£4) the chicken, mushroom, chips and sauce meal I had (Number #35 on the menu) was really delicious and the portion was filling (bloating, but in a nice "I felt full afterwards" way). Tünde said the same about her traditional Hungarian meal (Number #23 on the menu). We both left with a full stomach!

Gulyás Csárda Restaurant Szeged

Gulyás Csárda's affordable, large, portions will definitely leave you full

Tünde was telling me that her father took her to this place about 30 Years ago. Definitely a hidden gem of Szeged. Excellent value for money and highly recommended.

Pulzus Café (Café / Events)

Szeged 6720, Tisza Lajos Körút 109, Hungary
MOB: 06 30 466 2048
E-mail  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 14.770 E 20 08.933GPS Map

Every Day: 10am - 12pm

The Pulzus (Pulse) Café House is located within the hospital grounds, at the very top end of Tisza Lajos (just before you reach the river embankment). It is a little hard to find at first, but just go down Semmelweis Utca and the gate entrance is on your right-hand side. It is well known by the medical students, so just ask a doctor or someone who is passing by. From the city centre it is a 7 minute walk. Buses #8 and #10 go there (bus stop: Klinika).

Szeged Corso Café

As well as being a 'hangout' for medical students it welcomes tourists and locals

The Pulzus Kávéház has various programs, student parties, institution gatherings, wine evenings, concerts, board games and free wi-fi to keep you satisfied. The morning and afternoon serves as a 'chill out' coffee bar for stressed out medical students and the late evening serves as 'Party Time'! They do an excellent Cappuccino by the way.

Főzelékmegálló - Gyorsétterem (Café / Eatery)

Szeged 6723, Csongrádi Sugárút 61, Hungary
MOB: 06 30 934 4591
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.986 E 20 09.087GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 3pm

If you are looking for real local Hungarian food, which is really affordable with good portions, you should try this place.

Főzelékmegálló - Gyorsétterem

Főzelékmegálló - Gyorsétterem is a place the real locals visit for real Hungarian food

Tünde and I visit this place each time we stay in Szeged. Although this place is cheap, it is the taste, quality and portion size of the food that people love.

Törpe (Café / Bar)

Szeged 6720, Tisza Lajos krt 41, Hungary
MOB: 06 70 418 1279
Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.354 E 20 08.863GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 11am - 04am
Saturday - Sunday: 2pm - 04am

Törpe Café & Bar is located on the right-side of the small Tesco supermarket on Tisza Lajos Körút. The Anna Fürdő bath house (spa) can be seen around the corner. Trams #1, #2, #3F and #4 go there (on tram stop: Anna Kút).

Szeged Törpe Café Pub

I saw nothing special here even though it supposed to be a student hangout

Apart from being affordable I did not see anything special about this place. If it was not in the city centre I would of mistaken it for a standard, local, bar. Aparently they have electronic/house music during the early hours of the morning, but when I spoke to the bar tender she implied it is just a bar; which leads me to believe they just have a DJ and Decks playing as opposed to be a dedicated music venue.