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If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

A Brief Description Of Buda Districts

Budapest Districts - Budapest Property Prices - District Amenities

Below you will find a very brief description about some of the main attractions and amenities within each district of Budapest. I have not gone into great detail about tourist attractions, shopping centres, universities and so on, although I have given links to them where possible, simply because this web page is all about familiarising yourself and spotting potential selling points within a district; perhaps as a property buyer and/or property landlord.

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I have given property prices based on a 65 Square Metre property (family apartment), taken from the property prices on the Ingatlannet Property Prices & Statistics Web PageIngatlannet Property Prices & Statistics web page. I recommend you use that web page yourself to get a better history of previous property prices in a certain district.


Budapest Wiki PageBudapest is actually made up of two parts, Buda and Pest, with the river Danube Wiki PageDanube separating them. On top of this, Budapest has been devided into Budapest Districts Wiki Page23 Districts (techically: boroughs) with each district having its own mayor. Districts are shown on maps in Roman Numerals.

Buda - Buda, on the west side of the river, is known as the 'Hilly' part of Budapest. It consists of districts I (1), II (2), III (3), XI (11), XII (12) and XXII (22).

Pest - Pest, on the east side of the river, consists of districts IV (4), V (5), VI (6), VII (7), VIII (8), IX (9), X (10), XIII (13), XIV (14), XV (15), XVI (16), XVII (17), XVIII (18), XIX (19), XX (20) and XXIII (23) with districts 5 (V), 6 (VI), 7 (VII), 8 (VIII), 9 (IX) and 13 (XIII) making up the City Centre ('Downtown Budapest') and tourist areas of Budapest; although it is fair to say only districts 5 (V), 6 (VI) and 7 (VII) are really central.

The 3 Islands - Csepel, which is a large island just within South Budapest, is known as District XXI (21). Margaret Island (Margitsziget), which used to be a part of District XIII (8), is now classed as a recreational park. And Óbuda Island (Óbudai-sziget), which forms parts of District III (3), is host to the Sziget Festival.

Budapest Districts

The above diagram shows the connections between districts (district numbers)

The above diagram shows the Budapest districts, using decimal numbers, to make it more clear where the districts actually are in relation to one another and how they connect to one another. The faded rectangle in the diagram pin points the city centre ('downtown Budapest) and tourist areas - districts 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13.

Budapest Rents By District

The BP districts heat map shows BUDA to be more expensive property-wise

The 'Budapest Districts' heat map above, from the Ingatlannet Statistics Web PageIngatlannet Rental Statistics web page, shows where the most expensive property districts are in Budapest. Like any capital city, properties in its city centre will be more expensive to rent or buy than those properties in the outer-centre. For more information visit the Ingatlannet website and click on a specific District Name to get an idea of its particular town/village property prices and rents.


District 1 (I) is known as the Castle District (Várnegyed) because of its historical royal castle/palace (palota); now the number one tourist attraction/area in Budapest. Great news for a property buyer. There is also a nice chinese resturant and bar, after Chain Bridge, going up to the castle.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Buda Castle Wiki PageBuda Castle, Hungarian National Gallery Wiki PageHungarian National Gallery, Matthias_Church Wiki PageMatthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion Wiki PageFisherman's Bastion.

Areas - Gellérthegy, Krisztinaváros, Naphegy, Tabán, Vár (Buda Castle), Vároldal, Vérmező and Víziváros.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 45,000,000 HUF (£120,000) and 56,000,000 HUF (£149,000) for a 65 Square Meter property (family sized house) for example.

District 2 (II), known as Víziváros Wiki PageVíziváros (Water Town), is a green residential area on the slope of Castle Hill, built with many narrow alleyways and steps, that lead up to the Buda hills with Mansfeld Péter park at his heart. With the town's main street (Fő Utca) running to/from its north/south sides, and parallel to the river, the hills give a stunning panaramic view of Pest and the parliament building.

Main Attractions/Amenities - The Mammut WebsiteMammut Shopping Centre, Millenáris WebsiteMillenáris (Park, Playground, Lake, Cafés and Playhouse near the shopping centre), Veli Bej Baths WebsiteVeli Bej Baths (one of the oldest thermal baths in Budapest) and Petneházy Club Hotel WebsitePetneházy Club Hotel (Hotel, Swimming, Tennis, Golf Course and Horse Riding School).

Areas - Adyliget, Budakeszierdő, Budaliget, Csatárka, Erzsébetliget, Erzsébettelek, Felhévíz, Gercse, Hársakalja, Hárshegy, Hűvösvölgy, Kővár, Kurucles, Lipótmező, Máriaremete, Nyék, Országút, Pálvölgy, Pasarét, Pesthidegkút-Ófalu, Petneházyrét, Remetekertváros, Rézmál, Rózsadomb, Szemlőhegy, Széphalom, Szépilona, Szépjuhászné, Szépvölgy, Törökvész, Újlak, Vérhalom, Víziváros and Zöldmál.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 22,000,000 HUF (£58,000) and 36,000,000 HUF (£96,000). Noteable area: Rose Hill (luxurious properties). You will find this district quiet and popular with families, but at the same time fashionable to live on a Buda hill. If you can buy a property here, you can command a higher tourist rent.

District 3 (III), known as Óbuda WebsiteÓbuda-Békásmegyer, is a residential area whereby Hotels cover its long riverside (coastline).

Main Attractions/Amenities - Aquincum Múzeum WebsiteAquincum Múzeum.

Areas - Aquincum, Aranyhegy, Békásmegyer, Békásmegyer Hegyoldali Rész, Békásmegyer-Ófalu, Csillaghegy, Csúcshegy, Filatorigát, Hármashatárhegy, Kaszásdűlő, Mátyáshegy, Mocsárosdűlő, Óbuda, Óbudaisziget, Pünkösdfürdő, Remetehegy, Rómaifürdő, Római Lakótelep, Római-part, Solymárvölgy, Táborhegy, Testvérhegy, TörökkőÚjlak and Ürömhegy.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 20,000,000 HUF (£53,000) and 30,000,000 HUF (£80,000).

District 11 (XI), known as Újbuda (New Buda), is basically Móricz Zsigmond Körtér Wiki PageMóricz Zsigmond Körtér (a circus with shopping area that acts as a terminus and meeting point).

Main Attractions/Amenities - Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME WebsiteBME), the Eötvös Loránd University's (ELTE WebsiteELTE's) sports centre, Gellért Thermal Bath WebsiteGellért Thermal Bath and Liberty Statue Wiki PageSzabadság-Szobor (Liberty Statue).

Areas - Albertfalva, Dobogó, Gazdagrét, Gellérthegy, Hosszúrét, Kamaraerdő, Kelenföld, Kelenvölgy, Kőérberek, Lágymányos, Madárhegy, Nádorliget, Őrmező, Örsöd, Péterhegy, Pösingermajor, Sasad, Sashegy, Spanyolrét, Szentimreváros and Tabán.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 24,000,000 HUF (£64,000) and 35,000,000 HUF (£93,000). Noteable areas: Sashegy and Sasad.

District 12 (XII), known as Hegyvidék WebsiteHegyvidék (Highlands/Mountain-Land), is full of green areas (trees, forests, parks and hills) where you can see cyclists, runners, walkers, skateboarders, dog walkers and family using the main park and pathway areas. As the district is very hilly, difficult to reach areas limit public transport; so you may need a car.

Main Attractions/Amenities - The Cogwheel Railway Wiki PageCogwheel Railway (tram line 60), which gives a nice view of the Buda Hills, the Budapest Chairlift WebsiteChairlift (Zugligeti Libegő), János-Hegy Kilátó Wiki PageJános-Hegy Kilátó (John Hill Viewpoint), Farkasréti Temető Wiki PageFarkasréti Temető (a famous cemetery) and Erzsébet-Kilátó Wiki PageErzsébet-Kilátó (Elizabeth Viewpoint).

Areas - Budakeszierdő, Csillebérc, Farkasrét, Farkasvölgy, Istenhegy, Jánoshegy, Kissvábhegy, Krisztinaváros, Kútvölgy, Magasút, Mártonhegy, Németvölgy, Orbánhegy, Sashegy, Svábhegy, Széchenyihegy, Virányos and Zugliget.

65 Square Meter property - With very expensive houses in this district, expect to pay between 31,000,000 HUF (£82,000) and 52,000,000 HUF (£138,000).

District 22 (XXII), known as Budafok-Tétény WebsiteBudafok-Tétény (Cape Tétény), is home to major wine and champagne manufacturers and numerous restaurants. It is also a place favoured by artists and musicians aparently.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Memento Park Wiki PageMemento Park, the Campona Shopping Centre WebsiteCampona Shopping Centre and Tropicarium WebsiteTropicarium (Shark Zoo).

Areas - Baross Gábor-Telep, Budafok, Budatétény, Nagytétény, Rózsakert Lakótelep and Rózsavölgy.

65 Square Meter property - With excellent views of the city, expect to pay between 15,000,000 HUF (£40,000) and 24,000,000 HUF (£64,000). Noteable area: Rózsavölgy.


District 5 (V), known as Belváros-Lipótváros Wiki PageBelváros-Lipótváros (Inner City-Leopold City), is the downtown district (city centre) of Budapest. It is financial/banking hub, tourism hub and government hub.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Budapest Parliament Official WebsiteParliament Building, Szent István Bazilika WebsiteSzent István Bazilika (St. Stephen's Basilica) and Pesti Szinház WebsitePesti Színház (Pesti Theatre for comedy and music).

Areas - Homoktövis Lakókert, Istvántelek, Káposztásmegyer, Megyer, Népsziget, Székesdűlő, ÚjpestÚjpest-Kertváros and Újpest-Központ.

65 Square Meter property - When considering a property purchase in this naturally expensive district, expect to pay between 38,000,000 HUF (£101,000) and 53,000,000 HUF (£141,000).

District 6 (VI), known as Terézváros Wiki PageTerézváros (Theresa Town), is the cultural part of Budapest where its long boulevard (Andrássy Út) runs from Heroes Square (Hősök Tér) to the inner-city; just past the Opera House.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Liszt School Of Music WebsiteLiszt School Of Music concert hall, Budapest Opera House WebsiteBudapest Opera House, House Of Terror WebsiteHouse Of Terror and Miniversum WebsiteMiniversum (model of Budapest sights and landmarks).

Areas - Diplomatanegyed and Terézváros.

65 Square Meter property - As parts of this district can become quite noisy with nightlife activities, going on until the early hours, expect to pay between 9,000,000 HUF (£24,000) and 12,000,000 HUF (£32,000) only.

Property prices in February 2015 were up to 60,000,000 HUF (£160,000), so to come down to a maximum of 12,000,000 HUF (£32,000) 19 months later must mean something bad has happened in the area to bring property prices falling.

District 7 (VII), known as Erzsébetváros Wiki PageErzsébetváros (Elizabeth Town), used to be home to the Jewish community. Even though that community barely exists these days, the Great Synagogue is still a huge tourist attraction. This district is mainly for medical and veterinary students using its trendy bars, shops and cafés.

Main Attractions/Amenities - The The Great Synagogue WebsiteGreat Synagogue and Simpla Kert WebsiteSimpla Kert (Simple Garden).

Areas - Erzsébetváros, Istvánmező and Ligetváros.

65 Square Meter property - With property prices beginning to rise, expect to pay between 24,000,000 HUF (£64,000) and 49,000,000 HUF (£130,000) in this up-and-coming district.

District 8 (VIII), known as Józsefváros Wiki PageJózsefváros (Joseph Town), is one of the largest central Pest districts. Although it has not always been the best district to live in, because of it being an area where gypsies, drunks and prostitutes live, parts of it are becoming middle-class; so consider it an 'up-and-coming' district.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Botanical Garden WebsiteBotanical Garden, National Museum WebsiteNational Museum, Hungarian Natural History Museum WebsiteHungarian Natural History Museum, Erkel Theatre Wiki PageErkel Theatre, Kerepesi Cemetery Wiki PageKerepesi Cemetery, Arena Shopping Centre WebsiteArena Shopping Centre, Corvin Plaza WebsiteCorvin Plaza, Madách Színház WebsiteMadách Színház and Budapest Airport WebsiteBudapest Airport .

Areas - Corvin Negyed, Istvánmező, Józsefváros, Kerepesdűlő, Népszínháznegyed, Palotanegyed and Századosnegyed.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 20,000,000 HUF (£53,000) and 27,000,000 HUF (£72,000). Noteable area: Józsefváros.

District 9 (IX), known as Ferencváros WebsiteFerencváros (Francis Town), was once an industrial place. However, since the collapse of its industry/factories it has undergone regeneration. Raday Utca for example is now popular with tourists and nightlife lovers because of its many bars, cafés and restaurants.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Great Market Hall Wiki PageNagy Vásárcsarnok (Great Market Hall), Grouparama Arena WebsiteGrouparama Arena (Multi-Purpose Stadium), Palace Of Art WebsitePalace Of Art and National Theatre WebsiteNational Theatre (Official Website) / National Theatre Wiki PageNational Theatre (Wiki Page).

Areas - Alsórákos, Herminamező, Istvánmező, Kiszugló, Nagyzugló, Rákosfalva, Törökőr and Városliget.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 14,000,000 HUF (£37,000) and 25,000,000 HUF (£66,000).

District 10 (X), known as Kőbánya Wiki PageKőbánya (Quarry), used to be a limestone quarry and clay mining district. The tunnels created over the centuries have given many land foundation problems, such as properties sinking, whereby over the 20th century landfill schemes were implimented. However, there are still problems today. So before buying a property in this district, check its land foundation with a surveyor.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Hungarian Exhibition Centre WebsiteHungExpo and (Hungarian Exhibition/Fair Centre) and Népliget Wiki PageNépliget (People's Park).

Areas - Felsőrákos, Gyárdűlő, Keresztúridűlő, Kőbánya, Kőbánya-Kertváros, Kőbánya-Városközpont, Kúttó, Laposdűlő, Ligettelek, Népliget, Óhegy, Téglagyárdűlő and Újhegy.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 13,000,000 HUF (£34,000) and 19,000,000 HUF (£50,000).

District 13 (XIII), which has no official name, is another 'up-and-coming' residential district. Close to the buisness area (on the other side of the river), this district has a few malls and shopping centres. More importantly it is being developed with newly built properties.

Main Attractions/Amenities - RaM Dance Troupe WebsiteRaM Dance Troupe.

Areas - Angyalföld, Lőportárdűlő, Margitsziget, Népsziget, Újlipótváros, Vizafogó and Vizafogó Marinapart.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 28,000,000 HUF (£74,000) and 39,000,000 HUF (£104,000).

District 14 (XIV), known as Zugló Wiki PageZugló, is a residential area with a mixture of middle class and working class people. Public transport and and City Park are two of its best amenities.

Main Attractions/Amenities - Budapest Zoo WebsiteBudapest Zoo, Heroes Square Wiki PageHeroes Square, Museum Of Fine Arts WebsiteMuseum Of Fine Arts, Hall Of Art WebsiteHall Of Art and City Park Wiki PageVárosliget (City Park).

Areas - Alsórákos, Herminamező, Istvánmező, Kiszugló, Nagyzugló, Rákosfalva, Törökőr and Városliget.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 16,000,000 HUF (£42,000) and 25,000,000 HUF (£66,000).

District 15 (XV), known as Rákospalota-Pestújhely-Újpalota WebsiteRákospalota-Pestújhely-Újpalota, is a residential district with old brick (village farmhouse) properties.

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Pestújhely, Rákospalota, Szilas Parki Lakótelep and Újpalota.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 14,000,000 HUF (£37,000) and 20,000,000 HUF (£53,000).

District 16 (XVI), known as Wiki Page

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Árpádföld, Cinkota, Kisszentmihály, Mátyásföld, Rákosszentmihály and Sashalom.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 16,000,000 HUF (£42,000) and 25,000,000 HUF (£66,000).

District 17 (XVII), known as Rákosmente District PageRákosmente is the largest district that comprises of four villages that were joined in 1950.

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Akadémiaújtelep, Alsó-Rákoshegy, Felső-Rákoshegy, Helikopter Lakópark, Madárdomb, Pesti Úti Lakópark, Rákoscsaba, Rákoscsaba-Újtelep, Rákoshegy, Rákoskeresztúr, Rákoskert, Rákosliget, Régiakadémiatelep, Strázsahegy and Szárazhegy.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 13,000,000 HUF (£34,000) and 19,000,000 HUF (£50,000).

District 18 (XVIII), known as Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre Wiki PagePestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre is where Ferihegy (Budapest International) Airport is located.

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Alacskai Úti Lakótelep, Almáskert, Bélatelep, Belsőmajor, Bókaytelep, Erdőskert, Erzsébettelep, Ferihegy, Ganzkertváros, Ganztelep, Gloriett-Telep, Halmierdő, Havanna-Telep, Kis Szemere, Kossuth Ferenc-Telep, Lakatostelep, Liptáktelep, Lónyaytelep, Miklóstelep, Pestszentimre, Pestszentlőrinc, Rendessytelep, Szemeretelep, Szent Imre-Kertváros, Szent Lőrinc-Telep and Újpéteritelep.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 13,000,000 HUF (£34,000) and 20,000,000 HUF (£53,000).

District 19 (XIX), known as Kispest Wiki PageKispest is

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Kispest and Wekerletelep.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 13,000,000 HUF (£34,000) and 20,000,000 HUF (£53,000).

District 20 (XX), known as Pesterzsébet WebpagePesterzsébet is an urban district.

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Gubacsipuszta, Kossuthfalva, Pacsirtatelep, Pesterzsébet and Pesterzsébet-Szabótelep.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 11,000,000 HUF (£29,000) and 16,000,000 HUF (£42,000).

District 22 (XXII), known as

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Baross Gábor-Telep, Budafok, Budatétény, Nagytétény, Rózsakert Lakótelep and Rózsavölgy.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 15,000,000 HUF (£40,000) and 24,000,000 HUF (£64,000).

District 23 (XXIII), known as District WebsiteSoroksár is

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Millenniumtelep, Molnársziget, Soroksár and Soroksár-Újtelep

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 11,000,000 HUF (£29,000) and 16,000,000 HUF (£42,000).

Csepel District - MORE INFORMATION

District 21 (XXI), known as Csepel WebpageCsepel, is part of an island that sits between Buda and Pest. It is also the name of their bicycle company.

Main Attractions/Amenities - None.

Areas - Csepel-Belváros, Csepel-Kertváros, Csepel-Ófalu, Csepel-Rózsadomb, Csepel-Szabótelep, Csillagtelep, Erdőalja, Erdősor, Gyártelep, Háros, Királyerdő, Királymajor and Szigetcsúcs.

65 Square Meter property - Expect to pay between 12,000,000 HUF (£32,000) and 20,000,000 HUF (£53,000).