Bicycle Hire

Bikebase is a bicycle shop in District VI (6) of Budapest that has very reasonable rates and great reviews on the internet.

Bikebase Budapest

Bikebase are open from 1st April to 31st October, weather permitting. Besides hiring, they also do bicycle tours around Budapest.


The MOL BUBI App is available on iOS 5+ and Android Android.


EuroVelo Route

EuroVelo Route 6 is the european cycle route that runs from Nantes to Constanta via Budapest.

EuroVelo Route 6

Routes 9 and 11 run through Szeged, in the Southeast of Hungary, making Hungary a very good cycling country.

Get Segway

Not quite a bicycle! but a nice alternative way to see Budapest attractions and sights, perhaps with friends, is to take a tour with Get Segway.

Budapest Segway

They do BP tours that last 90 Minutes, 2 Hours or 3 Hours, starting from €48 per person.

BP Cycle Lanes

In Budapest there are plenty of cycle lanes that take you across the city in safety.....

Budapest Cycle Lanes

.....because they are next to, or on, the pavement; away from the traffic.

Touring The City Of Budapest By Bicycle

Budapest Bicycle Hire Scheme - Bicycle Routes - Bicycle Tours

Below you will find information about the Bicycle Pass and the MOL BUBI Bicycle Hire Scheme, both run by BKK (the Public Transport office), as well general information about and links to Bicycle Tours.

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Just as you need a travel pass to travel on Budapest's wide range of transport, you also need an additional bicycle pass (in the form of a 540 HUF monthly pass sticker) when transporting your personal bicycle and/or hire bicyle on public transport that is suitable for your bicycle's size and weight. This means both a travel pass for yourself and an additional monthly bicycle pass (sticker) must be valid for your entire public transport journey.

NOTE: Bicycles are normally transported (stored) inside a special bicycle carriage when travelling by train. Either way, look out for the "Bike" pictogram.

NOTE: If you are travelling on a national train, such as on a MÁV START train (from Budapest to Pécs or Szeged for example), your monthly bicycle pass (sticker) will not be valid. You will need to pay for a separate bicycle ticket for travel on national trains.

Where Is The Monthly Bicycle Pass (Sticker) Valid?

The monthly bicycle pass (sticker) allows you to transport your personal bicycle and/or hire bicyle on the following forms of public transport:

  1. HÉV (Suburban Railway) Train Lines H5, H6, H7, H8 and H9
  2. Tram Line 60 (The Cogwheel Railway)
  3. Bus Routes 65, 65A and 165
  4. Boat Lines D11, D12 And D14 (Workdays Only)
  5. Tram Lines 59, 59A And 59B (between Szent János Kórház–Márton Áron tér only)
  6. Trolley Bus 77
  7. Suburban Railway Replacement Buses
  8. More Information

NOTE - You need to buy and validate a 350 HUF (93p) Single Ticket for your bicycle if you do not have a monthly bicycle pass (sticker).

NOTE - The monthly bicycle pass (sticker) is valid for the whole journey even if that journey crosses the administrative boundaries of Budapest City.


The MOL BUBI bicycle rental scheme in Budapest, currently run by BKK Public Transport, is more or less the same as the bicycle rental scheme in London (UK); currently run by TFL in partnership with Barclays bank.

Bicycle Hire Budapest

The MOL BUBI bicycle rental scheme in Budapest offers 30 Minutes free

To hire a bicycle you first need to decide whether you are a casual user only or a regular user whereby as a casual user you should purchase a 24 Hour ticket for example, but as a regular user you should first Register An Account With BKK, collect your MOL BUBI Card from your designated BKK Customer Service Center and then purchase a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pass for it.

NOTE - During the registration process you will receive a unique PIN Number via a text message sent to your registered mobile phone. Look after it because you have to use it in combination with your MOL BUBI Card to unlock each rental bicycle you use on any given day. A unique PIN Code is also sent when you purchase a casual user day ticket.

You can purchase a 24 Hour, 72 Hour or Weekly Ticket using a credit/debit card at the touchscreen terminals found at the bicycle docking stations, online or via the MOL BUBI App.

NOTE - When purchasing a ticket, a deposit of 25,000 HUF (£66.66) per bike is frozen from your bank account until the ticket validity period expires (after 24 hours, 72 hours or 1 week). Payment for each 30 minutes of bicycle usage, minus the initial free 30 minutes, is then deducted from your deposit, leaving you with the remainder; which can take your bank 4-15 banking days to unfreeze from your bank account.

Example Pricing For A 24 HOUR TICKET

You pay a deposit of 25,000 HUF and a one-off fee of 500 HUF for the 24 Hour ticket whereby you can then use a rental bicyle for as long as you like within a 24 Hour period. If you can afford to of course, with each 30 minutes of usage on a rental bicycle costing 500 HUF; for up to 180 minutes - Each 30 minutes thereafter costs 1,000 HUF.

This means if you only use a rental bicycle for 1 Hour, within a 24 Hour period, you are only deducted 500 HUF from your 25,000 HUF deposit. That is payment for the second 30 minutes only, because the first 30 minutes was free, thereby leaving you with a refund of 24,500 HUF. But if you use one rental bicycle for 3 Hours, within a 24 Hour period, 2,500 HUF is deducted from your 25,000 HUF deposit instead (payment for 5 x 30 minutes), leaving you with a refund of 22,500 HUF.

What many people (cheap-skates) do is use one rental bicycle for 25 minutes only for example, have lunch or visit a tourist attraction, and then use another rental bicycle for 25 minutes before ending their day. That way they only pay 500 HUF for the actual 24 Hour ticket, but nothing for using the two rental bicycles. This is because, in this case, each 25 minute ride on a separate rental bicycle is classed as a new bicycle hire and is therefore entitled to 30 minutes of free cycling. This is allowable under the rules.