Apartment Szeged

£20,500 (7,995,000 Ft) for a completely renovated, 48 Sq. Meter, apartment in Szeged is.....

Apartment Szeged

.....much cheaper than a small flat in London (UK) costing an avarage £100,000 (39,000,000 Ft).

John Cairns

John was born in Nottingham, UK and speaks English only. Why would it be any other way!

John Cairns

His talents are knowledge of The PC (Windows and OS X), The Net and London (its Streets, Transport and Sights).

Tünde Cairns

Tünde was born in Szeged, Hungary and speaks Hungarian and fluent English, because she's clever!

Tünde Cairns

Her talents are knowledge of Events, Timetables, Transport Routes, Discounts, Hungary and other useful information.

BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Daily Travel Pass

This 24 Hour travel pass is valid on the metro, tram, trolley bus, bus and boat in and around Budapest city centre.

Daily Travel PassBudapest Daily Travel Pass

It is ideal for visiting residential areas as well as tourist areas.

Emergency - 112

104 is the telephone number of the HU http://www.mentok.hu/home/Ambulance service. The Fire/Rescue WebsiteFire Brigade use 105 and http://www.police.hu/Police 107. These services might not speak and/or understand English though.

EU 112 Emergency ServiceEU 112 Emergency Service

The EU has provided 112 for you to dial in an emergency. It works anywhere within Europe and is free to call.

Student Help

If you need info about studying in Hungary together with student resources and info about Hungary, visit
Study In Hungary WebsiteStudy In Hungary.

Study In Hungary

Living In Hungary - Central Europe

Property - Bills - Monthly Costs - Transport - Leisure - Lifestyle

Welcome to Living In Hungary - A 'Free Information' website for potential property owners, landlords, workers and students coming from another EU country to Hungary that explains the following and much more:

Click Here - Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian

As well as the above, this website also explains the way of life in Hungary in terms of its Citizens, Cost Of Living, Public Transport, Leisure Activities, Cultural Festivals and Tourist Sights.

NOTE - This website is NOT A TOURIST WEBSITE and NOT ALL ABOUT BUDAPEST, even though you might find its linked tourist websites and information useful. The tourist web pages are meant for potential property landlords only, to give their tenants some idea as to what to do in a certain city/town/village.

NOTE - This website is MANUALLY UPDATED WHENEVER POSSIBLE, BUT AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR to ensure website links, workmen labor fees, tourist attraction fees, cost of living prices, transport fees and general information remain up-to-date; many of which take time, need more research and/or need up-to-date photos.


This website concentrates on Budapest (as it is the capital city) and Szeged (for its rural life and the place I bought an apartment). Regardless of where you buy a property in Hungary though, the buying, renovation and immigration processes will be the same (nationwide). Property prices, renovation costs and the cost of living will vary slightly between cities, towns and villages, but not by that much.


The information on this website comes directly from my own experiences of living in Hungary (buying a property, renovating it, setting up and paying its bills and visiting government offices) and from contacting other utility companies and government offices around Hungary in terms of enquiring about setting up an account, clarifying situations where there is no meter (gas/electric) installed, asking about refunds, asking hypothetical questions and so on. This is so that the information on this website comes straight from the horses mouth and therefore is NOT a Copy & Paste of others, inaccurate, information.


On top of the above said: I had Hungarians around me, helping me, with the buying, renovation and government processes in Szeged in terms of Hungarian paperwork, interpretation, translation and visiting the necessary offices/companies. Processes that are the same wherever you want to live in Hungary. The backbone of this appreciated help came from my Hungarian girlfriend (now wife) Tünde and her family members. People who still help me in many ways to this very day.

Apartment In SZEGED

As this website is based on an actual apartment I purchased in Szeged, with tremendous help from my Hungarian wife (then girlfriend) Tünde who is from Szeged and speaks fluent English, you will be gaining valuable knowledge and experience from the exact procedures we had to follow; together with insights of their pros and cons. Real costs, real photographs and real experiences from the perspectives of an English man and Hungarian woman.

This Website is dedicated to my Hungarian wife Tünde (then girlfriend), who was at my side every step of the way. Through the good times, frustrating times, disappointing times, "I'm giving up" times, "I hate your f**king Hungarian system" times and "It's not going my way" times. I could not of bought the apartment without her help, advice and support. It's that simple - THANK YOU TÜNDE.

Affordable APARTMENT

I actually bought the apartment by accident. Tünde and me were walking to her rented apartment, on my first trip to Szeged, when I asked her about the apartment blocks we just passed. I thought they were council flats because of their appearance, but she told me "Most, if not all of them, are privately owned" which lead me to ask about rent prices.

When she told me she was paying 39,000 Ft (£100) per month for her apartment the first thing that entered my head was "That's Cheap". Living in England (UK), earning British Pounds, where the average rent is £1,000 (390,000 Ft) per month. I then asked her about apartment prices. I was amazed when she said "Between 4,560,000 Ft (£11,692) and 7,600,000 Ft (£19,487)" - For once in my life I now knew I could afford a property, even if it was to be in Hungary.

This scenario is the total opposite of living in the UK where it is difficult to get a mortgage even when you have a 10% deposit. I have currently been with the Santander Bank (formerly Abbey National) for more than 28 Years and not once have I been offered a mortgage in that time, even when I have had the money to put down a 25% deposit. With property in Hungary being so low and affordable it was not difficult for me to make a decision.

Szeged Apartment

All UK Citizens can afford to buy an apartment (flat), but just not in the UK!

In the end I purchased my Szeged apartment for £11,025 (4,300,000 Ft), £12,500 (4,875,000 Ft) after lawyer's fee and stamp-duty, with a complete renovation of approximately £8,000 (3,120,000 Ft). I think you will agree that £20,500 (7,995,000 Ft) for a 48 square meter apartment is much cheaper than an averaged priced apartment (flat) in London (UK) of £100,000 (39,000,000 Ft).


As you read through this website I will be showing you EXACT figures in terms of renovation costs, including materials, so that you are aware of the realities involved when buying, renovating and possibly renting out an apartment in Hungary. I will also tell you about the shops and companies I used in Szeged and where to go for the best options/deals. I have also scouted Budapest to give you a contrast in prices for example.

Moving Expenses / LIVING EXPENSES

With the same token I will be showing you the cost of living in Szeged (and Hungary in general) in terms of its Transport, Travel/Tour, Food & Drink, and Leisure Activities and the cost of moving between two countries in terms of flights, money transfer and house removal. With these insights and the other information on this website, you will have a better idea of general costs between Hungarian cities and between the UK and Hungary.

Hungarian Supermarkets

Hungarian food may taste different, but that doesn't mean it's "Foreign Muck"

With Hungary having so many supermarkets I suggest you compare them all in terms of trying new Hungarian products and identifying supermarkets that sell the products you normally buy in the UK.

You should find prices between each supermarket do not really vary that much, with UK associated products being sold at a slightly higher price (i.e. 50p to £1 more). Although Hungarian food has its cake, bread and meat specialties you will not fail to notice Hungarians also eat chicken, beef, potato, pasta and fruit and veg as eaten in the UK.


The main cities where expats settle down in Hungary tend to be Budapest (in the North, because it is the capital city), Szeged (in the South, known for its university), Balaton (in the West, known for its lake), Pécs (in the South-West, known for its university) and Debrecen (in the East, known as a cultural hub). Many places in Hungary are known for their university, cultural festivals, leisure activities and particular way of life.

Properties in smaller towns and villages tend to be bought by "Foreigners" who have some sort of relationship with a Hungarian (usually a girlfriend or boyfriend) and/or like the countryside (farmhouse) lifestyle. Grow your own fruit and vegetable, look after the animals and so on.

Hopefully you will gain enough valuable knowledge from this website to make a decision on whether or not Hungary is the right place for you, your family, your friends, your tenants and/or your tourists. I really liked Szeged (and Hungary) from day one. It really is a very beautiful place and buying my apartment there was worth it; on so many levels.