Train Platforms

When you are at Szeged train station you need to watch the timetables for delays and platform changes.

Szeged Train StationSzeged Train Station

Make sure you are on the correct platform. The train to Ferihegy Airport and Budapest normally leaves from Platform 5, but on rare ocassions from Platform 4.

The Bus Station

The ticket office is on the right-hand side of the front of the bus station in Mars Tér, Szeged.

Mars Tér Bus StationMars Tér Bus Station

Mars Tér bus station is the main starting point and coach terminal for many journeys/routes across Hungary.

Szeged Taxis

Taxi companies in Szeged charge more or less the same price per km/mile and can normally be found in the city centre and near Szeged train station.

Radio Taxi SzegedRadio Taxi Szeged

Radio Taxis and Tempo Taxis are the two well known firms.

Tempo Taxi SzegedTempo Taxi Szeged

Tempo's website is in English, details its prices and tells you the whereabouts of its taxi stands. All very important info for the "Foreigner".

Szeged - Budapest

An adult, single, 2nd class ticket from Szeged to Budapest currently costs 3,705 HUF.

Szeged Budapest Train Ticket

Make sure you are in the correct carriage, otherwise you may be fined; if you are not asked to upgrade your ticket.

How To Travel Around Hungary From Szeged

Máv Start Trains - Volan/Dakk Buses - Matrica/Vignette Tickets

On this web page you will find various routes and various forms of transport leaving from Szeged, Hungary to other parts of Hungary; such as Budapest, Kecskemét, Pécs, Lake Balaton and Hódmezővásárhely as well as small villages such as Forrásküt, Sándorfalva, Algyő and Szatymaz; among others.

These routes are of particular interest to those who work/travel within Hungary, have friends in Hungary and/or enjoying touring Hungary.

The information below should only be used as guidance simply because the number of different car routes (motorways versus standard roads), train timetables, journey times, travelling speeds and petrol prices all make a 'standard journey time and its cost' impossible to predict; even at a particular time of day, week, month or year. Saying this, all prices and costs mentioned below are actual prices and costs taken at the time of writing this web page. Exchange was 363 Ft to £1 due to Brexit.


Mileage And Bus Fares - Bus fares in Hungary are based on mileage. A bus journey of up to 10 Kilometers for example is currently 250 HUF whereas a bus journey between 10.1 and 15 Kilometers is 310 HUF. A bus journey between 15.1 and 20 Kilometers is 370 HUF and a bus journey between 20.1 and 25 Kilometers is 465 HUF. More information can be found on the Volán Bus WebsiteVolan Bus Fares.

Scroll down the Volán Bus Website to section 2 - Look at the 3rd column for full bus fares, the 4th column for children bus fares (50% discount) and the 5th column for 'people with special needs' bus fares (90% discount).

Below is a list of routes whose destinations can be reached via Szeged Bus/Coach Websitelocal bus and/or national coach services; all of which leave from Szeged, Hungary. Local bus and national coach services normally leave from inside the Mars Tér bus/coach station, but can leave from the main road in front of it (called Mars Tér). Either way, I have given you their Bay (Stand) Numbers.

Destination Bus/Coach Bay Bus/Coach Route Journey Time HUF GBP Comments
Algyő 5005/399 15 Mins 310 Ft 85p
Bordány 4/5/6/7 5050/343 35 Mins 370 Ft £1.01
Budapest 5 1100/104 2 Hr 55 Mins 3,395 Ft £9.35
Debrecen 1/2 1441/140 5 Hr 3,950 Ft £10.88
Forráskút 7 5055/287 40 Mins 465 Ft £1.28
Hódmezővásárhely 5004/115 33 Mins 560 Ft £1.54
Kecskemét 5 1100/202 1 Hr 40 Mins 1,830 Ft £5.04
Kistelek 5 5070/163 40 Mins 560 Ft £1.54
Kiskunfélegyháza 5 1100/202 1 Hr 7 Mins 1,270 Ft £3.49
Pécs 3/4 1503/11 3 Hr 15 Mins 3,410 Ft £9.39
Sándorfalva 9/15 5001/233 25 Mins 310 Ft 85p
Szatymaz 9/10/11 5060/205 30 Mins 310 Ft 85p

You can use the Menetrendek website (linked above) to get timetable information. I've also given you an example of An example of 'how to use the menetrendek website'How To Use The Menetrendek Website.

If you are buying a ticket from Mars Tér in Szeged, the waiting room has a ticket office and information about the bus bay numbers. Meaning, you can wait at your bus bay number, get on the bus and pay the driver directly.

Although Szeged does not have an Oyster Card system yet, you can still buy a monthly bus pass (even though it is only valid between two permanent towns, cities or villages - i.e. only valid for trips between Szeged and Forráskút). This is because the monthly bus pass is meant for workers only and not really for tourists or "Foreign" residents.

Kecskemét Bus Station

Kecskemét Bus Station - The Ticket Hall, Information Point And Bus Bays.

In Kecskemét bus station: Bay 12 is for buses to Szeged and Makó and Bay 13 is for Budapest. Szeged and Budapest are both 90Km away from Kecskemét, which means both bus fares are 1,680 HUF (£4.74) each.


Below is a list of routes whose destinations can be reached via Szeged Train Websitenational rail services, all of which leave from Szeged train station; usually from platform 4 or 5. Either way, I have given you their Platform Numbers.

Destination Platform Number Line/Carriage Number Journey Time HUF GBP Comments
Algyő 2 7732 SZEMÉLY 20 Mins 370 Ft £1.01
Baja 4 727 KODÁLY 2 Hr 57 Mins 3,560 Ft £9.80 *
Budapest 5 715 PAPRIKA 2 Hr 22 Mins 3,705 Ft £10.20
Cegléd 4 727 KODÁLY 1 Hr 27 Mins 2,375 Ft £6.54 **
Debrecen 4 727 KODÁLY 3 Hr 7 Mins 5,200 Ft £14.32 ***
Hódmezővásárhely 2 7722 SZEMÉLY 37 Mins 650 Ft £1.79
Kecskemét 4 727 KODÁLY 1 Hr 2 Mins 1,830 Ft £5.04
Kistelek 4 727 KODÁLY 25 Mins 800 Ft £2.20
Kiskunfélegyháza 4 727 KODÁLY 45 Mins 1,270 Ft £3.49
Pécs 4 727 KODÁLY 5 Hr 55 Mins 8,190 Ft £22.56 **
Szatymaz 4 727 KODÁLY 13 Mins 700 Ft £1.92 ****

NOTE: If you buy a single train ticket online it can only be used at the specified time, on the specified day, whereas if you buy a single train ticket at the train station it can be used any time on the specified day. A return train ticket is normally valid for 3 days after the 'date of purchase'.

* Change at Kiskunfélegyháza. BAJA - When at Kiskunfélegyháza, go to platform 5 for the 7897 InterRégió train going from Kecskemét to Baja.

** Change at Budapest. PÉCS - When at Budapest, go to platform 8 for the 804 BARANYA train to Pécs.

*** Change at Cegléd. DEBRECEN - When at Cegléd, catch the 612 SZABOLCS train to Debrecen.

**** - You can get a cheaper priced ticket, if you do not need certain services such as wifi, seat reservation and so on.


Below is a list of routes whose destinations can be reached via road vehicle (car, taxi, motorbike, van and so on), all of which leave from Szeged.

Destination Vehicle Journey Time HUF GBP
Algyő Taxi 25 Mins 4,000 Ft £11.01
Forrásküt Car 30 Minutes
Kecskemét Car 1 Hr - 1 Hr 10 Mins 2,000 Ft - 2,500 Ft £5.50 - £6.88
Budapest Airport Transfer Taxi 1 Hr 30 Mins 7,260 Ft - 9,075 Ft £20 - £25
Budapest Car 1 Hr 50 Mins 8,751 Ft £24.10
Pécs Car 3 Hr 45 Mins 10,402 Ft £28.65
Lake Balaton Car 4 Hr 12,518 Ft £34.48
Miskolc (via Budapest) Car 3 Hr 30 Mins