Get Foreign Diplomas, Degrees And Certificates UK Recognised

Foreign Qualifications UK Recognised - Statement Of Comparability

If you are coming to England (UK) from a country outside of the EU with "Foreign" Qualifications, and more precisely "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates, do NOT assume they will automatically be recognised by UK universities and work places for example; especially if they are written in a "Foreign" language only. In contrast, most degrees from EU universities are normally recognised without question; partly due to the Bologna Process, which allows for more direct comparability between UK and EU qualifications.

You could try your luck and present your "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates to a university or work place in the hope that they will be accepted for what that are, but in reality you may need them authorised/notarised with a Naric - Statement of ComparabilityStatement of Comparability document from Naric - Statement of ComparabilityNARIC to have them officially acknowledged/recognised in England (UK).

NARIC is the UK government assigned national agency for the 'recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills' - It guides universities, colleges, employers and professional bodies on how your qualifications (including professional qualifications) relate to UK qualifications and certificates. Their 'Statement of Comparability' is a document that can be used in support of your international qualifications.

NOTE - Depending on the UK university or work place you are applying a position/course in, you may be required to pass an English test (such as EFL test - English as a Foreign Language test); when apply for a certain position/course in healthcare for example. Then again, you might just need to know enough of the English language. It really depends on the position/course you are applying for. Either way, you must meet the university's or work place's own entry requirements.


If you need a 'Statement of Comparability' (check with your potential university or work place first), you can order one from NARIC for £55.20, which normally takes 10-15 working days but allow up to 28 days in total (the UK average waiting time for any post). Their process is explained below.


If your "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates are already in the English language, you do NOT need to pay the extra £36 for the NARIC Translation Waiver (English translation service for your "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates); especially if they come with a EuroPass WebsiteEuroPass, which means your skill levels and qualifications are normally documented in English as well as in your own language.

If your "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates are in your own language only, such as in Hungarian only, you will need to have them translated into English first before presenting a photocopy of them to NARIC for the 'Statement of Comparability'. NARIC currently translate from the following languages only - Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish.

NOTE - NARIC do NOT translate from Hungarian, at this current time, so you will need a certified translation from elsewhere. Saying that, the University of Szeged for example normally supply your qualifications with the Euro Pass version (Hungarian and English copy); so no need for English translation of course.

NOTE - The NARIC Translation Waiver does NOT provide you with a translation of your "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates as part of its service. The service is designed to give you a 'Statement of Comparability' only, in English, without the need for a separate certified translation of your "Foreign" Diplomas, Degrees and/or Certificates.

You can order a 'Statement of Comparability' by post or Naric - Apply OnlineApply Online for a 'Statement of Comparability', as follows: NOTE: A 'Statement of Comparability' is NOT a compulsory document, but it can be specifically requested by an organisation. In general, the document can be of great help when applying for work or study in the UK. Here is a Naric - Sample DocumentSample Document.