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Power Of Attorney Letter Template

Power Of Attorney - Permission Granted - Letter Template

In Hungary if you want to grant someone permission to act upon your behalf, while away in the UK for example, you can write out (or print) a Permission Letter (Power Of Attorney). You might want to create a permission letter for your property solicitor, giving them the right to set up utility accounts in your name. You might also create one for your Hungarian friend who is acting as your renovation project manager, giving them permission to hire builders and so on. Permission letters are widely used in Hungary.

A permission letter, which does NOT need to be notarised or signed by a solicitor, needs to be signed by you (the owner of the property), your agent (i.e. your Hungarian representative) and two witnesses to become legal. Once signed, it will be valid for 3 months from the date of being signed.


Below is an actual Permission Letter (Power Of Attorney) template I use when I am in the UK whereby I need to grant someone in Hungary permission to act upon my behalf.

The template, made by Tünde, has been used for renovation jobs (i.e. granting builder's permission to do certain jobs and getting the caretaker to switch off the apartment block's water supply), sorting out the utility contracts (i.e. arranging for radiators to be fitted, the electric meter to be fitted, gas and electricity contracts to be signed on my behalf) and much more without problems.


Én, Mr John Paul Smith, (Születési Hely: Leicester, UK. Születési Datum: 12.03.1965. Anyja Neve: Brown Fiona Mary. London Cím: 83 Chigwick House, Chigwick Grove, Mayfair, London SW7 2RX) alatti lakos – meghatalmazom Szanto József László (Születési Hely: Budapest, Hungary. Születési Datum: 1978.07.24. Anyja Neve: Ferenc Szu. London Cím: 14 St Peter's Drive, Whitechapel, London E5 1XN) alatti lakost, hogy az altalam megvasarolt ingatlanhoz kapcsolodo ugyekben (kivetel: eladas es berleti jogviszony letesites) - 6723 Budapest, József Attila 1/B VI/29 - a nevemben teljeskoruen eljarjon.


I, Mr John Paul Smith, (Birth Place: Leicester, UK. D.O.B: 12.03.1965. Mother’s Maiden Name: Fiona Mary Brown. London Address: 83 Chigwick House, Chigwick Grove, Mayfair, London SW7 2RX) hereby give Mr László József Szanto (Birth Place: Budapest, Hungary. D.O.B: 24.07.1978. Mother’s Maiden Name: Ferenc Szu. London Address: 14 St Peter's Drive, Whitechapel, London E5 1XN) permission to act upon my behalf with matters relating to my property (excluding any rights to sell or rent the property) at address: 6723 Budapest, József Attila 1/B VI/29.

Tartozkodasi Cím (Residence Address): 6723 Budapest, József Attila 1/B VI/29.

Mr John Paul Smith
Meghatalmazo (Authoriser)
Útlevél szám (Passport No.):

Tanu 1 (Witness #1)

Mr Szanto József László
Meghatalmazott (Agent)
Útlevél szám (Passport No.):

Tanu 2 (Witness #2)

Keszult (Created In): Budapest, Hungary - 27.08.2018

DISCLAIMER - My own personal Permission Letter (Power Of Attorney) template and the information on it has been presented to and used by many companies, associations and small businesses without problems to get the above-mentioned jobs and actions executed.

The above version, which is an exact copy of my own personal Permission Letter (Power Of Attorney) with the personal details 'purposely faked' for obvious reasons, is free to use (i.e. COPY & PASTE and Permission Letter MS Word Filedownload) for your own usage with the acceptance that if you do use it, you use it AS IS.

In other words: Get a Hungarian/English interpreter/translator, Hungarian solicitor and/or Hungarian friend to check your own version, for your own piece of mind before presenting it to a big company, housing association and/or small business, for example, for execution. The worst that could happen is that the Permission Letter (Power Of Attorney) is not accepted, for whatever reason(s).