Daily Travel Pass

The Daily Travel Pass is great for visiting tourist locations and other places of interest.

Daily Travel Pass

It is valid on the trams, trolley buses and local buses in and around Szeged city centre.

Bureau De Change

The Correct Change Bureau De Change, located at Tisza Lajos Körút 57 (Szeged city centre), has excellent exchange rates. They have branches in Budapest too.

Correct Change

It's worth taking a tram/bus into the city centre because you will still receive more money than outside the city centre.

How To Pay Démász Electric Bill In Szeged, Hungary

Pay Démász Electricity Bill Online Or At The Post Office

The information on this web page assumes you have already set up an Démász Contract via your solicitor or by visiting the Démász office in person, hopefully with a Hungarian by your side as interpreter/translator, whereby you then went to the Démász office to set up an Online Démász Account. If so, you would of been given a set of account numbers and registration/id numbers that you need to enter on the Démász website.

I have not shown the online process for entering your Démász account/registration numbers in order to set up an online Démász account simply because those straight forward instructions are provided by Démász when you visit their office. On this web page I will be showing you how to pay off an Démász electricity bill, which is great when you are outside of Hungary when the Démász bill needs paying.

Démász Office Szeged

You can also pay your Démász electricity bill inside the Démász office

Although you can pay your Démász electricity bill inside the Démász office using a credit/debit card, and at the post office, if you are not in Hungary when the bill arrives your best option may be to pay it online.


If you use a solicitor in the process of buying a property whereby they have offered to set up your utility bills, in your name of course, they will visit the Démász office to set up your Démász Accoount whereby nothing appears to have happened. However, once the Démász account is fully activate (i.e. the electricity is on in your property) and you start using the electricity, you will get a bill approximately one month later; which may include connection charges.


Once this process has happened you need to visit the Démász office with your Démász electricity bill, and a Hungarian by your side for interpretation/translation work, in order to set up an Démász Online Account. Démász will give you verbal instructions and documentation with your online account details on it whereby you later need to go online and create an Démász Online Account; which is very straight forward. Use your Hungarian friend and/or Google Translate if you get stuck with wording.


To pay your first bill, and further bills, login to your Démász Online Account by visiting https://www.nkmaram.hu//pages/index.jsp?lang=en and then click on the LOGIN drop-down menu. It will ask you for your login details as provided by EDF Démász. This could be your e-mail address and password or account number and password, depeding when your account was set up.

Szeged EDF Démász Login

Enter your EDF Démász account login details and then click on the LOGIN button

NOTE - The Hungarian government has since made this newer NKM national payment website for utility companies, probably to make it easier for customers to pay all their bills and make everything digital/online in the future?

After logging in, your current balance of owed/unpaid bills will be displayed in HUF whereby you need to click on the KIFIZETEM (PAY) button to continue. In this example I owe EDF 3,321 HUF, but I will not know for what month(s) until I click on the KIFIZETEM (PAY) button.

Szeged EDF Démász Pay Now

To view more details about this unpaid bill I need to cick on the KIFIZETEM (PAY) button

After clicking on the KIFIZETEM (PAY) button you will see your personal details at the top of the page (i.e. your name, address and other account details) followed by details of paid and unpaid bills.

Szeged EDF Démász Unpaid Bills

Tick each unpaid bill you want to pay, then click on the BANKKÁRTYÁS FIZETÉS button.

Once you have identified your unpaid bills, denoted by a red circle marker (above), put a tick next to each unpaid bill you want to pay and then click on the BANKKÁRTYÁS FIZETÉS (BANK CARD PAYMENT) button. The other buttons are Átutalás (MONEY TRANSFER) and CSOPORTOS BESZEDÉS (DIRECT DEBIT). In this example I only have one bill which is for 3,321 HUF (my February bill).

NOTE - My January bill was big because I was not able to pay two months due to me travelling around Europe and not having access to the internet. Luckily EDF did not worry too much about it at that time, hence why I was billed in January for those missing payments; which means the Hungarian EDF are considerate.

After clicking on the BANKKÁRTYÁS FIZETÉS (BANK CARD PAYMENT) button (above) you will see the start of the actual payment process (below). Simply click on the FIZETÉS (PAYMENT) button to continue.

Szeged EDF Démász Pay Bills

Click on the FIZETÉS (PAYMENT) button to begin the actual payment process

After clicking on the FIZETÉS (PAYMENT) button you will then need to fill in your debit/credit card payment details (below) before clicking on the TOVÁBB (NEXT) button.

Szeged EDF Démász Debit Card

Fill in your debit/credit card details and then click on the TOVÁBB (NEXT) button

After clicking on the TOVÁBB (NEXT) button (not shown here) the next page will ask you to confirm your entered debit/credit card details (not shown here) whereby you just need to click on its FIZETÉS (PAYMENT) button. From there, wait for the payment screen to process your payment.

Szeged EDF Démász Payment Process

DO NOT TOUCH THE KEYBOARD OR MOUSE while the payment process is under way

If all went well with the payment process, you should see the Payment Confirmation page; which allows you to return to the homepage.

Szeged EDF Démász Payment Paid

The bank payment process was successful - Payment Accepted

Navigating out of the Payment Confirmation page will allow you to view the status of your recently paid bill(s). In this case you should see a yellow triangle next to each recently paid bill to denote it has been paid, but is still being processed.

Szeged EDF Démász Payment Accepted

The yellow triangle means payment accepted and bill being processed

Although certain pages were not shown for security reasons, you should find the Démász website easy enough to navigate. With the aid of Google Translate you might also find special offers and other benefitial options to explore.